Myth or truth. Is it really worth buying air tickets after midnight or traveling during the early hours? We've separated some tips and explained the airlines' pricing criteria.

How many nights of sleep have you lost looking for an airline ticket? Or have you already bought night flights because they were cheaper? Saving is one of the priorities of many travelers who try different tricks to save, among them, book early morning flights, or go hunting for deals after midnight. This is a common and even old tip, but does it work? 

First of all, it is necessary to understand how the price of air tickets is defined, there are several factors, but there are two that are worth mentioning that help to better understand the scenario. 

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Supply and demand 

Early morning ticket promotion. Photo: reproduction

As in many everyday situations, what determines the price of a certain item or service is the law of supply and demand, in other words, the more people search, the greater the value. For example, suppose that at a certain time of year many people are looking for flights to Salvador, then it is natural that prices are higher.

Another factor is related to the day of the week, usually the one-way tickets on Friday are usually more expensive, since most of the population does not work on weekends. The same logic also applies to flights that return on Sunday, the values go up. The tip is: avoid these dates whenever possible, if you want to save on this segment, such as traveling from Tuesday to Thursday. It could be an alternative. 

Thinking with this logic, traveling in months when most people are on vacation, such as January and July, also makes airfare more expensive. As well as thinking about going to popular destinations in the summer, such as beach towns and in winter, mountain or snow destinations. 

How do airlines calculate ticket prices? 

Early morning ticket promotion

Early morning ticket promotion. Photo: reproduction

Understanding the companies' tariff system is also important to assess the best time to travel. The seats are divided into groups and each one has a price that changes according to the reservations that are made and as the departure date approaches. Another point is competition, which also interferes with ticket prices. 

Is shopping at dawn worth it? 

turn the night into search for cheapest tickets is not the best solution. This is a myth that was created, because internet traffic is usually lower at dawn, but that doesn't guarantee prices will drop. The main criteria that define the variation of values are seasonality and supply and demand, so if the company wants to sell remaining seats, running promotions at a time with low active users is not a good alternative. 

Is traveling at dawn the solution to save money? 

Early morning ticket promotion

Early morning ticket promotion. Photo: reproduction

Now, this can be a way to reduce airfare expenses. First, because traveling between 11pm and 5am, for example, is a way to reach the airports' lowest peak hours, which can generate savings of almost 50% of the original flight price and the quality of service is the same. However, arriving at certain destinations at dawn can entail some extra costs, such as a higher value taxi due to the time and even difficulty in getting to the accommodation.

Remembering that also arriving at a hotel, rented house or hostel will possibly result in the purchase of an extra night, as you will need to spend the night there. So one more cost to consider. 

Researching the destination, airport location and transfers beforehand is always the best way to avoid inconvenience, after all, traveling is a way to disconnect from the world and forget about everyday problems for a few moments.

Tips to save on airfare 

Early morning ticket promotion

Early morning ticket promotion. Photo: reproduction

There are some sites that monitor the variation of air ticket prices that are good allies in the economy mission. See some options to plan your next trips. 


The darling of travelers who like to plan all stages of a trip, it is a tool that notifies users when a flight has changed in value. You can create an alert with the date and destination you want to know about, and the site automatically sends you emails when the price goes down or goes up. It's a great option that helps with organization and gives users a sense of when is the best time to buy an airline ticket. 

If you have flexibility of dates, the skyscanner it also points out the cheapest months to travel and even on which days the values are more economical. And if you have that total low cost traveler profile, who chooses the destination by price, it is also possible to filter a date and in the field where to go, select the option for anywhere. Thus, you will have access to a ranking of the cheapest tickets to the most expensive ones. Try it (or not), because it's addictive!  


Another alternative to searching for the best prices on airline tickets is Voopter. It offers the traveler the possibility to choose up to four outbound and four inbound dates and presents the best combinations based on these options. It is a great tool for those who have greater flexibility with dates, as they are able to organize themselves better financially to obtain the best cost benefit. 


Many travelers choose to be part of miles programs, which are usually linked to the credit card. All purchases made by the person turn into points, which can be exchanged for miles, which entitle them to airline tickets. Thus, it is also possible to save, since the traveler in these situations only pays for the fees stipulated by the airline. 


Finally, but super important, getting organized to take a trip is the best way not only to save money, but also to make that dream come true. Always consult itineraries and websites specialized in the subject that gather reliable tips on the desired destination. In pandemic times, being aware of new travel rules, security protocols required by airlines is also essential, even more so because they are constantly changing. Always check before boarding or cbuy an air ticket

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