The airlines intend to recover, in the first half of 2022, all the existing air network in the Brazil before the health crisis. For this, they expect an increase in demand for domestic flights, since the majority of the population will be vaccinated.

According to Eduardo Sanovicz, president of Abear (Brazilian Association of Airlines), in September departures will reach 75% of the pre-pandemic level. “We expect to reach 85% by the end of the year, but reach 100% only in the first half of 2022”, he explains.

In this scenario, the FOHB – Forum of Hotel Operators in Brazil, in partnership with Mercado&Consumo, holds on Wednesday the 29th, from 9:30 am to 10:30 am, the webinar “The time has come: how airlines and agencies strengthen the resumption of hospitality.” The event brings together industry experts to discuss the main strategies and actions needed to reinvigorate the segment.

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For this, it counts on the participation of Sylvio Ferraz, Executive Director of International Products at CVC CORP, who brings company data on the resumption of capitals and secondary cities. In addition, the executive also addresses the capillarity of sales by B2B organizations, growing hotel segments and actions that the group is developing to support leisure and corporate travel. Next, Eduardo Sanovicz presents the impacts of the crisis on the air sector, measures to deal with it, the current scenario and the challenges and opportunities for the post-pandemic period.

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The webinar will also be attended by the executive president of FOHB, Orlando de Souza, and will be mediated by journalist Aiana Freitas, editor-in-chief of Mercado&Consumo. For Orlando de Souza, the worst is behind him. “That's why it's essential to share market data and think together about a common strategy that shortens the period for recovering the huge losses that our industry has suffered”, he reinforces.

The program is part of the sixth edition of the series of digital meetings “Tracks of Knowledge”, whose objective is to address the new digital business models and their forms of distribution in the sector in the face of the post-pandemic.

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THE Forum of Hotel Operators in Brazil (FOHB) is a non-profit associative entity that brings together some of the most important hotel chains operating in the country. Founded in 2002, today it has 20 associated networks, both national and international. There are 657 hotels of chains associated with the FOHB, which together total more than 101 thousand housing units (HUs). They are present in 201 municipalities in the 5 regions of Brazil, generating more than 130 thousand direct and indirect jobs.

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