After the pandemic declaration published by the WHO, borders can be closed in dozens of countries to avoid further global contamination

The latest news about the transmutation of the virus that appeared in China in December last year (Covid-19), has already impacted thousands of people around the world, generating a global alert. In all, more than 110 countries have counted the contagion, demanding a break from the whole world.

Even dozens of borders can be closed. If no containment is done, in a short time all regions of the world could suffer a major impact on health and the economy. As a result, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic because of the coronavirus. Avoid going out unnecessarily to reduce the risks of contagion.

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So far, after the quarantine decree demanded by the Italian government, other authorities around the world have closed their borders and this number may increase in the coming days. One of the factors is the international pressure for new security measures to be urgently reassessed. So far, in addition to Italy, other countries are rethinking practical solutions.

Countries close borders to avoid global collapse

Germany, Poland, Austria, Morocco, Mongolia, Argentina, Canada, Peru, Honduras, Chile, Colombia, Poland and the US have already confirmed stricter containment, closing borders to travelers from other countries. a few days ago the U.S closed the country's doors to foreigners who were in Europe and after this confirmation other countries are moving towards the same decision.

Today (16/03) Europe also informed that the borders will be closed for 30 days, being a measure to contain the advance of the coronavirus around the world. With the major world powers reaffirming the importance of ensuring the reduction of the contagion, it will be a matter of time before other countries adopt the same measure.

how to prevent coronavirus

Doctors and entities meet to talk about coronavirus and prevention. Photo: Zoheir Seidanloo

Borders can be closed to minimize contamination

The world has already experienced some major global pandemics that have influenced medicine and international relations. The last one took place 10 years ago, in 2009, when the global outbreak of swine flu caused irreversible damage in several regions of the world. In these moments, communication between world leaders becomes essential to minimize contagion numbers around the world.

Some other pandemics in the world, even older, were immensely catastrophic and still mark today. THE Spanish flu, in 1918, for example, decimated more than 50 million people worldwide alone. Cases like this remind us of the importance of quick actions, with the aim of guaranteeing the security of humanity and some countries are choosing to close their borders.

To avoid other episodes like these, some measures need to be taken urgently. Even more so in a globalized world like the one we live in today – never before in history has it been so accessible to travel – and despite all the benefits that tourism provides, some moments require caution and understanding. With the increase in the flow of flights around the world, the transmission of diseases like this has become even easier, deserving all the alert that the moment demands.

Can you imagine the amount of air travel that are performed per day? To give you an idea, in 2018 more than 202,000 flights were registered in a single day, a record for aviation. Despite the number outside the curve, a globalized and extremely technological world can become a fertile ground for the transmission of new diseases, generating worldwide problems.

borders closed because of coronavirus

Photo: Nick Fewings / Unsplash

Scheduled travel and coronavirus 

We did a story interviewing some health experts and created a complete guide to how to protect yourself from coronavirus in case you need to return to Brazil at that time. As recommended by the World Health Organization itself, it has become more than necessary to rethink your travel plan.

In this way, avoiding trips that are not urgent can be a way to contain the spread of the virus around the world. In addition to ensuring your safety, as no one wants to spend a moment of decision while on vacation.

Borders can be closed 

Despite the moment being covered by a fog of tension, a global crisis can worsen and be another big problem to be solved. As a measure of different countries, closing the border became a solution to control the volume of cases. Some companies are already starting to adopt a home office work regime, with the aim of ensuring greater security for professionals and customers.

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