Secret places in RJ: To escape the mainstream, we have selected destinations that are almost unknown or little known in Rio de Janeiro that will help you enjoy your trip even more  

We know what the Rio de Janeiro is known worldwide: Christ the Redeemer, Copacabana, Paraty, Búzios and many other points that attract tourists. It is undeniable that all these places mentioned are worth a visit, but what if you want to take a different tour of the region? Where to go? What to do?

Therefore, we have prepared a guide that will help you organize this trip. We only mentioned secret places in RJ, little known by ordinary tourists, but which do not fall short in terms of natural beauty. Want to know which are the unknown destinations in Rio de Janeiro? Just continue reading!

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check out 10 destinations little known in Rio de Janeiro



Photo: Press Office Mangaratiba City Hall

Between the places to visit in Rio de Janeiro it is Mangaratiba, an environment that is home to more than 30 islands and 100 beaches. The place has green and very transparent waters, connecting the other famous destinations in Rio, such as Ilha Grande. But there you can discover the day to day of fishermen and enjoy both urbanized and deserted beaches.



Photo: via VamosTrilhar

in your to-do list unknown destinations to visit in Rio de Janeiro must be Itacuruçá, a city full of islands around that enchants for its boat trips. If you are looking for environments that are more structured but at the same time far from commercial centers, this is the ideal destination for you, a perfect intermediary for beaches.

Martins de Sa


Photo: Disclosure

Located in Paraty, Martins de Sá is one of the secret places in Rio de Janeiro. With calm waters and an environment conducive to relaxing, there you can get in touch with nature and respect it above all. If you wanted to experience a little more of this calm, why not try staying at a campsite?

Japanese island


Photo: Disclosure

Want to discover an almost untouched paradise? the Japanese Island is one of the lplaces to visit in Rio de Janeiro, since the waters are literally transparent and the waves are very calm. The environment is very wooded, but to get there the crossing can be done by boat or even on foot, when the tide is low.

Tijucas Islands


Photo: via Desbravando o Rio

The Tijucas Islands, little known destinations in Rio de Janeiro, are an archipelago and are divided into three: the middle, the pointy and the Alfavaca. Each one has its own particularities, but in general, the environment is great for diving and stand up practices. Anyone can take advantage of best places to travel in Brazil.

Cajaíba Landing


Photo: Fred Schinke / Flickr

one more of secret places in Rio de Janeiro is the beach of Pouso da Cajaíba. The place is inhabited by a fishing village and has restricted access, only by boat. This is precisely why it becomes special, almost deserted at certain times of the year. The beach is a few meters long but offers infrastructure and is a great option for those who want to camp.

Serrinha do Alambari

Photo: Germanoviegas / Wikimedia Commons

One of the places to visit in Rio de Janeiro and the Serrinha do Alambari. The place has as main attractions the waterfalls of Poço do Céu and Poço do Dinosauro. Both with very blue waters and good space for swimming and taking pictures. The environment is all surrounded by woods, so the trails are also part of the tours.


Photo: Felipe Fernandes / Flickr

Who doesn't love visiting historic cities? brooms is another one of places to visit in Brazil, because it is a totally preserved city, with a central church in its historic center and a train station that harks back to ancient times. In addition, you can also visit the coffee farms and the famous Hera Museum, a large mansion that preserves the history of a family of coffee growers.

São Pedro da Aldeia


Photo: Disclosure

One of the RJ's secret places which is perfect for water sports is São Pedro da Aldeia. There you can practice activities such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and yachting, due to the strong winds and calm waters on its beaches. In addition, the region is also an Atlantic Forest preservation area and has museums and a historic center in the city.

Barra da Guaratiba


Photo: Gian Cornachini / Flickr

Trails plus beaches: perfect combination. THE Barra da Guaratiba is the last on our list of secret places in RJ, despite being a more remote region, it has great attractions such as the central beach Barra de Guaratiba, with calm waters and great for Stand Up practices. However, if you want to visit wild beaches, be prepared to face some tiles. In the end, all the paths are worth it because of the panoramic views.

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