Check out a list of incredible destinations to visit in Brazil and get inspired for your next trips

To get an unforgettable vacation it is not always necessary to go abroad. It is possible to find must-see destinations in Brazil, in small and medium-sized cities that, for one reason or another, ended up being popular with visitors and supporters of national tourism.

Get ready to meet ten destinations in Brazil based on extensive research with numerous customers from all over the country who have been at least once and who have rated these true hidden gems. Some are known without being famous, while others are appreciated precisely because they do not attract so many tourists. But all are a guarantee of a good and unforgettable trip.

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Bonito – Mato Grosso do Sul

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Photo: Caio Vilela / Wikimedia Commons

This small town is approximately 300 kilometers from Campo Grande. It is an eco-destination much sought after by those looking for contact with nature in an isolated location.

The city is close to Serra da Bodoquena and also to the border with Paraguay. It is influenced by customs imported from the neighbor. It is also close to the Pantanal and has transitional vegetation with areas of Atlantic Forest and Cerrado.

The place stands out for its crystal clear rivers and attracts those interested in diving and watching fish. There is also Abismo Anhumas, a cave covered with stalactites, a setting for rappelling; and the Buraco das Araras, where flocks of these birds create their nests.

Pirenopolis – Goiás

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The small town, listed as a National Heritage Site, has an old and bucolic appearance and is surrounded by hills and waterfalls. It has an architectural, urban, landscape and historic complex protected by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (IPHAN) since 1989.

The Historic Center features mansions and churches from the 18th century, such as the Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Rosário, built by the Irmandade do Santíssimo Sacramento (1728 - 1732), the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo (1750 -1754) and the Igreja de Nosso Senhor do Bonfim (1750-1754), both from the Parish of Rosário, in addition to buildings of relevant architectural beauty such as the Teatro de Pirenópolis, in a hybrid style between colonial and neoclassical, from 1899, and the Cine Teatro Pireneus, in an art-style Deco, 1919.

The preservation of nature is also present at the foot of Serra dos Pireneus. Records point to the city as having the most conservation units (eight in total), such as the Serra dos Pireneus State Park, the Cidade de Pedra Natural Monument, the Arruda Farm, the Vargem Grande Ecological Reserve, the Vagafog Farm, the Sanctuary Flower of the Waters and the Gabriel Sanctuary.

Fernando de Noronha – Pernambuco

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Photo: Disclosure

Famous destination in several tourist agencies, it is very popular for vacations and honeymoon trips. One more point that highlights the natural beauty of the country,

The place is actually an archipelago formed by 21 islands, islets and rocks of volcanic origin, in a total area of 26 square kilometers, of which 17 belong to the main island, which is located 545 kilometers from Recife. Its commercial center is the urban center of Vila dos Remédios.

It is recognized as one of the best places in the country for surfing, with tubular and crystalline waves that draw surfers to beaches such as Cacimba do Padre, Boldró, Cachorro, among others. In addition, there are always sports competitions such as soccer, volleyball, indoor soccer and beach soccer.

São Miguel do Gostoso – Rio Grande do Norte

amazing destinations brazil

Photo: DFN_Jardins

Small town little explored by tourist agencies, but very popular for those who want a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. It is on the edge of the sea and has beaches with long stretches of empty sand.

Even located on the coast, it has a semi-arid climate, with rains concentrated in the period from March to June and high water deficit. Its relief is included in the coastal plain, with terrains marked by the presence of mobile dunes formed by the constant action of the winds.

Pipal Beach – Rio Grande do Norte

Photo: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen / Wikimedia Commons

Tibau do Sul is a municipality located on the southern coast of the state. It is 77 kilometers south of Natal. It is internationally known for housing Praia da Pipa.

It is one of the main resorts in the state and an important tourist hub, started in the 1970s, with groups of surfers going there to visit the beaches. This made it attract more and more people from all over the world.

Praia da Pipa is formed by nine beaches that form the resort itself: Praia de Tibau do Sul (where Lagoa Guaraíras flows), Praia do Giz, Cacimbinhas, Madeiro, Baia do Golfinhos, Praia do Centro, Amor, Minas, Cancela and Sibauma.

Lencois Maranhenses – Maranhão

Photo: Carlos Souto / Wikimedia Commons

250 kilometers away from São Luiz, the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park attracts tourists who will observe the phenomenon of interdune lagoons, formed between the white and fine sands of the place.

The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park occupies 155 thousand hectares and is the largest dune park in the country. The Lençóis Maranhenses region is larger than the National Park and offers tours such as the Lagoa Azul Circuit, the Lagoa Bonita Circuit, the visit to Lagoa das Emendadas and Canto de Atins.

Those who visit the region can spend a few days at Caburé beach and Atins, on walks along the Rio Preguiças and Rio Formiga and dedicate themselves to kitesurfing (a water sport that uses a kite and a board with or without handles) in courses made with 4×4 vehicles. Tired of walking? You always have the option of seeing everything from above in an unforgettable flight.

Morro de Sao Paulo – Bahia

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Photo: Marcos Dias / Wikimedia Commons

The village is located on the northeast end of the island of Tinharé in Brazil, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. There are no cars there, so it is not advisable for anyone with any kind of mobility problem.

It has attractive beaches, located just 60 kilometers from Salvador. It features beaches with palm trees, such as Primeira Praia, known for its strong surf, and Segunda Praia, full of restaurants. It is also possible to visit some ruins such as the Fortress of Tapirandu, built in the 17th century overlooking the sea.

It is worth remembering that Morro de São Paulo is one of the islands that make up the municipality of Cairu, one of the few archipelago municipalities in Brazil.

Jalapão – Tocantins

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Photo: Adribeiro2020 / Wikimedia Commons

Another destination that fell into the graces of ecotourists. Waterfalls with crystal clear water and sand dunes complete the scenery of this destination that is increasingly appreciated by Brazilians.

Jalapão is located in the extreme east of the state of Tocantins, about 350 km from Palmas, our capital.

Far from being a city, as some people think, Jalapão is a vast region, with about 34 thousand square kilometers, larger than the states of Sergipe and Alagoas. It encompasses five conservation areas, including a state park.

Cachoeira da Velha, Prainha do Rio Novo, Mateiros, Novo Accord, São Félix do Tocantins: the attractions are many and conquer the public for being simple and very friendly. Lovers of extreme sports, more specifically rafting, love to spend their afternoons there feeling the contact with nature in an extreme way.

Inhotim, Brumadinho – Minas Gerais

Photo: Vinicius Depizzol / Wikimedia Commons

The Inhotim Institute occupies 140 hectares of visitation area, including a forest and a botanical garden. I have an art collection that is recognized worldwide.

The institution was created in 2004 to house the collection of Bernardo Paz, an entrepreneur in the mining and steel industry, married to the artist from Rio de Janeiro, Adriana Varejão, who disposed of his valuable collection of modernist art, which included works by Portinari, Guignard and Di Cavalcanti.

Brumadinho is 60 kilometers from Belo Horizonte. The institute is within the domain of the Atlantic Forest, at an altitude that varies between 700 and 1,300 meters above sea level. The botanical garden has 4,300 species in cultivation, with 30% of the entire collection on display for the public.

Monte Verde – Minas Gerais

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/ flickr

City located in the extreme southwest of the state, in Serra da Mantiqueira, 484 kilometers from Belo Horizonte, sought after by trails carried out on foot.

Three of the best known are: Pedra Redonda, one of the most popular trails; Pedra Partida, which goes a little further than the previous one and is accessed in the same place; and Platô, which goes in the opposite direction to Pedra Partida, a little longer than Pedra Redonda, but without very steep parts.

Its access is difficult for those coming from the northern states or from Rio de Janeiro, as there is no direct road to the district.

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