There are so many wonderful destinations and incredible hotels to stay in the mountains of Brazil that it's hard to choose. Check out our tips and plan your trip now

The mild climate and the beautiful landscapes of the mountains of Brazil are an invitation to rest and moments of contemplation. There is nothing better than seeking refuge in the various mountains of Brazil to recharge your energies and disconnect from the hustle of everyday life.

For relaxation to be complete, it is necessary that the accommodation knows how to value all that is best in these regions and provides comfort and leisure.

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The good news is that the best mountain destinations in Brazil they also have excellent accommodations, for the most varied types of tastes and pockets.

There are many amazing hotels to stay in the mountains of Brazil, from the most rustic to the most sophisticated. But all equally comfortable and beautiful.

So, if you are looking for a place to travel and relax, give preference to these places. You will live amazing days, you can be sure.

Where to stay in the mountains of Brazil

The task of choosing where to stay in the mountains of Brazil it might not be very easy. Not because there is a lack of options, but because there are many stunning scenarios and incredible hotels that know how to privilege the beauty of the landscapes.

To help you on this journey, we have prepared this list of 8 amazing hotels to stay in the Brazilian mountains.

Hotel Parador da Montanha – Alto Cedros (SC)

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Surrounded by exuberant nature and with the charming climate of the Santa Catarina mountains, the Hotel Parador da Montanha offers all the comfort to enjoy the beautiful view.

The rustic environments – with lots of wood – help to compose a stunning setting. The accommodations are extremely comfortable and privileged by an incredible landscape.

There are three types of suites – Standard, Luxury and Master Luxury – and three cabin options – Cabana Arquitetura, Cabana da Árvore and Cabana do Lago – for those who want more privacy. 

Swimming pool, a beautiful lake and Jacuzzis to relax and enjoy the best of the mountain climate. 

Hotel Parador da Montanha is 35 km from the center of Rio dos Cedros and 500 meters from the Lago Pinhal dam.

Villa Rhústica Pousada – Santo Antônio do Pinhal (SP)

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all the beauty of Serra da Mantiqueira, in São Paulo, can be contemplated by the comfortable chalets of Villa Rústica Pousada, in Santo Antônio do Pinhal.

Located 2 km from the city center, the inn has five chalets, equipped with fireplace and balcony. 

The leisure areas are very pleasant and there is also a beautiful natural pool. 

Hotel Botanique – Campos do Jordão (SP)

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Large suites with beautiful environments, lots of comfort and sophistication. 

Grandiose windows and glazing make the beautiful landscape of Serra Mantiqueira real pictures for the rooms.

This is the Hotel botanique, in Campos do Jordão, in São Paulo. A place to stay in the mountains of Brazil with luxury.

The place was designed to integrate the accommodation with the incredible nature of the region. To give you an idea, all the water offered by the hotel is mineral, coming from the seven springs that exist on the property.

Hotel Saint Andrews – Gramado (RS)

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Among the incredible hotels to stay in the mountains of Brazil, the Saint Andrews stands out for its grandeur and beautiful architecture. Those who stay there have the feeling of being in a European castle.

Member of the select hotel seal Relais et Châteaux, the Hotel Saint Andrews offers refinement, comfort and excellent service.

The place has 19 suites, beautiful gardens, swimming pool, spa and two restaurants that bring the best of gastronomy, with personalized menus to make the experience even better.

Cantos e Contos – Monte Verde (MG)

where to stay in the mountains of brazil

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Monte Verde is a charming town in Serra da Mantiqueira, in Minas Gerais. Following this welcoming atmosphere, the Pousada Cantos e Contos offers a very special accommodation.

Located within a forest of native forest, the inn is perfect for those who seek tranquility, but do not give up comfort and leisure options.

Accommodations are chalets and cabins. In the common area, there is a heated pool, gym, jacuzzi, hot tub, reading room and bar. To complete, a stunning private forest.

Pousada Villas da Serra – Serra de São Bento (RN)

where to stay in the mountains of brazil

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The view of the mountains, in Rio Grande do Norte, is the main attraction of Pousada Villas da Serra

So much so that its suites were built on top of rocks, with balconies with glass floors to offer the best angle of the beautiful landscape.

There are nine chalets carefully decorated to ensure comfort and refinement. The inn also has a swimming pool, sports courts and a beautiful leisure area. 

In addition, it is located close to the main attractions of the region, such as Pedra do Sapo, Pedra da Mata, Pedra das Pinturas, Pedra do Cruzeiro, Tanque Boi and Mirante and Corredeiras do Paraíso. 

Pousada Pé no Mato - Chapada Diamantina (BA)

where to stay in the mountains of brazil

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THE Pousada Pé no Mato is another great option of place to stay in the Brazilian mountains. 

The great natural wall that surrounds Vale do Capão is the main view of the inn, which is located in a privileged area of Chapada Diamantina, in Bahia.

Even very close to the commercial center of Vila do Capão, Pousada Pé no Mato offers a lot of tranquility, accompanied by the beautiful song of birds. The land has many fruit trees and the inn works to preserve the nature of the region. 

The accommodations are beautiful chalets with Swiss architecture, set in beautiful gardens. All have full private kitchens and balconies.

Hotel Pousada Shangri-La – Serra Negra (SP)

brazilian mountains

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A place to stay and do nothing. This is the proposal of Hotel Pousada Shangri-La, in Serra Negra, São Paulo.

The entire ambiance of the place invites relaxation and contemplation. Located in Serra da Mantiqueira, the place offers an incredible view of the region's mountains.

The main attraction there is rest, so much so that the inn preaches nothingness – a type of tourism aimed at doing nothing but contemplating.  

Accommodations are suites, chalets and bungalows, all very comfortable. The leisure area has an outdoor pool, indoor heated pool, sauna and gazebos – for swimming.  

There are so many wonderful destinations and incredible hotels to stay in the mountains of Brazil that it's hard to choose.

If you can afford it, it's worth getting to know each one of them. What do you think? 

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