Looking for the perfect setting to take photos and rock Instagram? This list of amazing places near São Paulo will help you!

With advances in technology and the popularization of smartphones, traveling is no longer limited to just visiting new places, but also photographing them. Who has never come across an amazing place on Instagram and then found a way to visit it too? Social networks, nowadays, are a source of inspiration for those who are looking for new destinations to discover. 

And, in fact, the search for “Instagrammable” places, that is, those that yield good photos for online platforms, only increases. Charming cities, with a lot of nature, playful or even unusual elements, draw people's attention and, when published, conquer many "likes". 

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For those who live or are passing through the city of Sao Paulo, know that there are several amazing places close to the capital that are perfect for taking photos and getting on Instagram. They are easily accessible destinations, ideal for programming a hit and come back to do by car during a weekend. 

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Tips for taking travel photos and rocking Instagram

Amazing places close to São Paulo to take photos and rock Instagram

Photo: Unsplash

Before discovering the amazing places close to São Paulo to take photos and rock Instagram, it’s worth checking out some basic photography tips:

  • Avoid taking pictures with the cell phone positioned vertically. Unless the intention is to make stories, which allows this format, the horizontal position is the most indicated. 
  • Don't forget to clean your smartphone lens. Many photos end up looking blurry and unclear because of some dirt on the camera. But be careful: use appropriate material to clean it. 
  • Light is another important point when shooting. Therefore, the ideal is to photograph very early, first thing in the morning, or early in the afternoon. 
  • Install image editing apps. With these apps, you can change the variation of light, shadow and contrast – and even apply filters that bring out the beauty of landscapes.

Amazing places near São Paulo to take pictures 

Now, let's go to places close to São Paulo to rock Instagram. We select spaces that have a great visual appeal, full of colors, interesting elements and that will form the perfect composition for a successful click. Check it out: 

Laundry - Cunha

Amazing places close to São Paulo to take photos and rock Instagram

Photo: Rosanetur/Flickr

Lavandário de Cunha's cinema-worthy setting is reminiscent of the enchanting landscapes of Provence, in the south of France. However, it is just a few hours from the capital of São Paulo. They are huge fields of lavender surrounded by surreal mountains that form one of the most incredible places to take photos and rock Instagram. The space is highly sought after by those who want more romantic travel photos, as the atmosphere taken by the lilac flowers is conducive. The best thing is that, because of the climate, lavenders bloom all year round!

Grotto of the Angels – Socorro

Photo: Disclosure

For those looking for a different place to take pictures and rock Instagram, our tip is Gruta do Anjo. Located in Socorro, the space operated until the 90s as a mining company. Nowadays, the tunnels opened next to the springs in the region formed a natural pool of blue waters with several interesting rock formations. A huge crevice, which is the entrance to the venue, is perfect for an innovative angle. You can rent one of the pedal boats available for a ride and take pictures also floating under the water. 

Sunflower Fields – Holambra

Amazing places close to São Paulo to take photos and rock Instagram

Photo: Pixabay

Anyone looking for a colorful setting to take good photos will certainly find it in Holambra. The well-known “city of flowers” is taken by the most diverse shades that occupy greenhouses and even fields of sunflowers, found along the roads that surround the municipality. It is worth paying attention to the time when the huge yellow plants bloom, from May to August. In addition, because it was colonized by the Dutch, the city is home to colorful houses, such as those in Amsterdam, and the largest mill in Latin America, scenarios that also yield good clicks. 

Pedra Grande – Atibaia

Photo: Paulo César Prezoto/Flickr

Not only those looking for adventure should plan a trip to Pedra Grande, in Atibaia. The site, a huge rock formation and located on top of a mountain over 1,400 meters high, is very popular with paragliders or paragliders. But the incredible natural monument is also the perfect setting for taking perfect panoramic photos, with one of the most breathtaking views of the countryside as a backdrop. Try to visit the place in the early morning or during sunset, when the light illuminates the entire landscape and leaves it with dazzling tones. 

Sand that Sings – Brotas 

Amazing places close to São Paulo to take photos and rock Instagram

Photo: Disclosure

You don't have to go to Jalapão, in Tocantins, to take amazing photos inside a natural fervedouro. Just take the car and drive to Brotas, in the interior of São Paulo, to come across a scenario very similar to the famous springs in Tocantins. Areia Que Canta is a complex that houses a hotel, restaurant, park and also offers nature walks. A small trail takes visitors to the crystal clear lake surrounded by native forest. The photos are surreal, whether you are floating in the water hole, which squirts more than seventy thousand liters of water per hour, or posing on the wooden deck that surrounds it. 

Vila don Patto – Sao Roque

Photo: Playback/Facebook

A street in the city of Águeda, in Portugal, became famous for its decoration full of colorful umbrellas, an artistic installation that conquered tourists around the world. Those who don't want to go that far can check out a replica inspired by the Portuguese work, which is installed in Vila Don Patto, in São Roque. The space is a complex that houses a winery, park, restaurants and bistros, ideal for a family outing. In addition to charming landscapes, which also yield good photos, umbrellas are the darlings of those who want to rock Instagram. 

Zu Lai Temple – Cotia

Photo: Webysther Nunes/ Wikimedia Commons

For those who want to take photos with a more zen and reflective approach, but still quite colorful, you can take the road towards the Zu Lai Temple, in Cotia. The space has an area of more than 150 thousand square meters housing an imposing Buddhist temple, the largest in South America, as well as a garden full of statues and oriental figures, worshiped by the religion. The space is perfect to recharge and contemplate the peaceful atmosphere, but also ideal for taking good photos full of serenity and, of course, beauty. It is worth remembering that photography is allowed in all areas of the temple, except those dedicated to religious celebrations and meditations. 

Amantikir Garden – Campos do Jordão

Amazing places close to São Paulo to take photos and rock Instagram

Photo: Disclosure

Have you ever imagined walking through a Celtic labyrinth full of zigzags formed by plants? It is not necessary to travel to a European destination to see one of these, as Jardim Amantikir, in Campos do Jordão, offers a similar proposal. But that's not all: the space has recreated 28 gardens inspired by the world. Therefore, there will be no shortage of scenarios to take good photos full of flowers, ponds, bridges and other charming landscapes. You can still enjoy other spaces around the city, which offers an infinity of photogenic places.

Paranapiacaba – São Bernardo do Campo

Photo: E! Barros/ Wikimedia Commons

How about taking pictures that look like they came out of an old movie? Paranapiacaba is the ideal setting for those looking for retro-looking shots, as the picturesque village has spaces that resemble a small English village. All this makes sense, since the district, which belongs to São Bernardo do Campo, was built in 1865 to house engineers and workers from the British Railway company during the inauguration of the first railway in the state. The small town is still surrounded by the exuberance of the Serra do Mar and has several ecological trails.

So, did you like our tips for amazing places near São Paulo to take photos and rock Instagram? After these tips, your social media profiles will gain many likes, comments and shares. Call your friends and schedule your next trip. 

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