the capital of amazon brings together a wide variety of cultural and ecological attractions. Gateway to the largest tropical forest in the world, Manaus, is the largest metropolis in the northern forest, being the starting point for numerous itineraries that contemplate the forest. Contrary to what one might imagine, the entire immensity of the forest does not live in isolation. In its rivers, streams and streams, different riverside communities live scattered throughout the Amazon, enjoying the benefits of the forest in communion.

Desired by visitors from all over the world, in manaus it is common to come across taxi drivers paying for their services in dollars or euros. The flow of foreigners is frequent and quite common throughout the year. In addition to students and researchers, many tourists seek in the Amazon Forest unforgettable experiences in days of leisure and rest, in one of the most exotic destinations in Brazil.

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Nature at its most majestic impresses visitors. The wide variety of wildlife can be observed throughout the trip. One of the maxims, the small expeditions in boats from Manauara, also called Amazonian Cruises. Jungle hotels, ecological parks, wild camping, safari, visit to the city of waterfalls and many other activities are attractions coveted by travelers.

In this article, we from Guia Viajar Melhor have separated some suggestions for tours for those who seek scripts exclusive to enjoy the immensity of the Amazon. All these tours are accompanied by local receptionists, ensuring greater comfort and safety for travelers, including transfers to pick you up at the hotel you are in and itineraries with bilingual guides for foreigners.

#Dia1 – Jungle Adventure

With daily departures for those who have little time in the city, some quick itineraries of just one day such as Adventure in the Jungle, allow a short but complete experience, making it possible to know the main points in a day trip through the forest with approximately 6 hours of duration. On these tours there are some options that leave around 9:00 am and return at 3:00 pm.

In the itinerary, the traveler spends a good part of the day getting to know the surroundings of Manaus, including a visit to the Encontro das Águas phenomenon, a visit to the indigenous tribe and the long-awaited swimming with the dolphins.

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#Dia2 – City Tour and Alligator Watching

For those who chose to stay in the capital as a starting point for the tours, some other activities can also be added to your itinerary. The rich historical variety of Manaus is a full plate for history buffs. Formerly known as Brazilian Paris, the capital of Manaus concentrated great wealth during the rubber era when it exported latex to different countries.

The patrimonies built at the time are still preserved, and it is possible to visit some of them during a city tour. Depending on the time of your trip, if you're lucky, it's still possible to enjoy a show at Teatro Amazonas. At night, some agencies offer observation of alligators, a night tour known in the region as Alligator Focus, and you can also see other species of animals in their natural habitat. Recommended for the bravest, at night some canoes search for caimans that are very common in the region. The tour also guarantees a photo with a puppy found during canoeing. For those staying in Manaus, the alligator watching tours start at 4:00 pm and go until 8:00 pm, leaving the Port of Manaus. The opportunity is also perfect to enjoy an Amazonian sunset sailing along the rivers.

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#Dia3 – Anavilhanas Archipelago

The second largest archipelago in the world, it brings together about 400 islands amidst the vastness of the forest. Correderas, monkeys, sloths and other wild animals make the landscape of the Anavilhanas Archipelago. On a walk through the forest, visitors can see the rich variety of fauna and flora typical of the Amazon, the tour also has explanations from the guides showing the curiosities of the forest and Brazilian indigenous culture.

An enriching experience that allows the traveler to spend a full day in the forest, even if he has not chosen a jungle hotel as a lodging option. The itinerary starts at 7:30 am, departing from the Port of Manaus or from the Pier do Tropical Hotel. Agencies offer transfers and advise the place of departure at the time of booking.


#Dia4 – Jungle and Fishing Hotel

For those who stay 3 or more days visiting Manaus, another option to make the most of it is to stay in jungle hotels. With varied structures for all budgets, the jungle lodges are true retreats in the midst of preserved nature, allowing another enchantment with the forest. There are numerous options available in different parts of the state. Usually the accommodation companies themselves also offer some of these tours described here, and it is advisable to check each availability at the time of booking.

Another very common attraction in the state are the Sport Fishing made at specific points in the Amazon. Made at certain times, it allows the fishing of flat fish, peacock bass, piranha among other species. For these tours, the visitor has the option of staying on luxury yachts, jungle hotels or to make your fishing even more lively, include the wild camp in your itinerary.


#Dia5 – Tree climbing, Stand Up and Safari

If the proposal is to enjoy different adventures through the forest, some options provide unusual experiences in the North of Brazil. Some sports like Tree climbing, located 35km from Manaus, allows the practice in trees up to 70 meters high. This and some other tours have become one of the new local attractions. And for those who want to explore the forest in another way, another option is to enjoy a stand up by the Tarumã River, very close to the city.

Another activity that has drawn attention is the Safari in the Jungle, another way to discover the beauties of the destination in a wild camp, sleeping in a hammock, with trails and observation of wild animals lasting 5 days. Some of these experiences in the forest allow you to learn more about the regional culture without great luxuries, but that will guarantee many stories to tell.


#Dia6 – Presidente Figueiredo Waterfalls

In another scenario, 107km from Manaus, caves, large waterfalls and rapids cut through much of the municipality in a virgin jungle. President Figueiredo is known in Amazonas as the city of waterfalls, with Amazonian proportions, the landscape becomes surprising throughout the complex. Let there be water! The region brings together different falls that run through much of the destination with colossal dimensions.

Most of these waterfalls are located on private land, and fees are charged to facilitate the maintenance of the areas. In this tour the visitor passes by at least 3 different waterfalls, namely: Cachoeira do Santuário, Urubuí and their caves. Great potions, rapids and lots of diving in waterfalls await you in the middle of the Amazon jungle.

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#Dia7 – Amazon Cruise

Boats are the most common means of transport in much of the state. As most regions are surrounded by extensive rivers, nautical transport often ends up being the main alternative for large routes in and out of the Amazon. You Amazon cruises as they are called, they offer overnight stays in hammocks or private cabins on typical manauara boats, exploring different tours on the high river.

The routes are offered with short, medium and long duration options. In spite of being rustic, the boat trips in Amazonas have a good structure allowing comfort and safety to visitors, including a restaurant on board with daily meals and breakfast. Some of the routes reach the neighboring state of Belém, in cities such as Santarém, Porto Velho and Tabatinga, with different stops for leisure and visits to riverside communities.


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