With an immensity of green and fantastic attractions, the Amazon is a giant that deserves to be known on a trip. Know what to do at the destination!

Cradle of ecotourism, the amazon is the largest state in Brazil and occupies 18% of the national territory. What to expect from this immensity of 1.5 million square kilometers?

Without a doubt, a lot of nature and an abundance of river riches. Its name comes from the Amazon River, the main one in the state, but it is also bathed by the Rio Negro and Solimões and the Amazon watershed, which concentrates 20% of all fresh water on the planet. I could understand why it is a place sought after by people looking to get to know the lungs of the world, which still holds folkloric stories and legends that make this experience even more exotic.

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Attractions in the Amazon


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Most tourists look for the place to get to know the forest amazon and find a real expedition, where they have the privilege of learning and getting to know up close what a tropical forest is and how the inhabitants who live in it contribute to its survival. This adventure can be faced in different ways, according to the level of adrenaline and desired comfort.

There are people who are content to sail along the rivers in the middle of the forest, while others prefer to stay in a hotel in the middle of the jungle, for the more creative, there is even a floating inn and for those who do not want a rustic experience, there is nothing like camping or even overnight in an indigenous village. 

If you think that the ecotourism options end there, expect more to come. President Figueiredo, has been standing out every day on the route of adventure destinations, just 130 km from the capital, Manaus, is a refuge in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, with waterfalls, caves, caves, extreme sports and breathtaking landscapes. 

Leaving the forest circuit, travelers arriving from other regions usually disembark in Manaus, the capital that is home to half the population of the entire state. It is possible to discover the historic part that gave rise to the city that exists today, full of museums, mansions, markets, squares, palaces and even the beach! Exactly, Ponta Negra Beach is a river beach, located on the banks of the Rio Negro, with several viewpoints, kiosks and luxury hotels along its length. 

There are other interesting tours that can be taken from the capital, such as the meeting between the Rio Negro and Solimões, which were the Amazon River. This is an international tourist attraction, as the waters don't really mix for many kilometers, which can be seen with the naked eye: the black waters of the Rio Negro meeting the muddy waters of the Rio Solimões. It's surprising. 

Folklore is very present in Amazonian culture, so one of the most important events that take place in the region is the Parintins Folklore Festival, with the duel of the bumbás. The city of Parintins is the second largest in the state and is the stage for performances marked by indigenous-influenced dances.

This show is based on characters and floats that tell the story of the boi-bumbá, mixing it with the daily facts of the region's inhabitants. It is a show of diversity, as well as the experience that this trip provides, who swims through the Amazonian rivers, returns home transformed. 


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