The event includes leisure, business and the experience of getting to know the backstage of large companies 

An innovative and pioneering project in Brazil, it promises to revolutionize, promote profound experiences and present an extraordinary vision of the world of business and entrepreneurship to Brazilians.

THE Yes7 Trip Business, an American company that operates in the segment of Bleisure Travel (business and leisure trips), will take Brazilians to the United States to acquire knowledge and live experiences in loco in companies that are a reference in the business world. Have you ever thought about the backstage of the biggest successful cases in the world?

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On the occasion, travelers will have the opportunity to live experiences with companies that inspire, motivate and are examples of business management. The event takes place in March 2018 in the city of Orlando, closing in Miami. Both cities are in the state of Florida.

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Curious? Even your projects will get off the ground when you see yourself as a participant in this program. The opening will be in Orlando, the city synonymous with action, fun and imagination. Initially, the participants will have a moment of fraternization and get to know more about everything that will happen. The best way to learn is to learn from those who know. Therefore, in Business Program Yes7, all lectures, workshops and other learning moments will be with the CEOs of the cases and people who are references in the Business world. Every event will have simultaneous translation.

Participants will be able to organize projects and learn about business in action at the American Entrepreneurship Center. Highlight for the lecture “internationalization of products and services”, which will help the participant to expand his own vision of the world.

The next stop will be Orlando City Soccer, the football team that keeps on growing, thanks to the work of carioca Flávio Augusto. The businessman bought 87% from the club's shares, created a new stadium that is a tourist route in the city of theme parks, and achieved all the requirements that guaranteed the club in the MLS, the main soccer (soccer) league in the United States. Brazilians will be able to learn about Branding (management of a company's brand and image), have lunch and visit the Orlando City Stadium, the club's new stadium.

NASA, the world's largest space agency, is also among the companies that will participate in the program. Exclusively, participants in the Business Program Yes7 will have the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship through the company's own clinical perspective. The training will also feature many incredible moments of interaction, among them, a tour of the universe through simulators, the experience will make you feel in space. In addition, the traveler can have lunch accompanied by an astronaut who will be able to reveal curiosities about space missions and other NASA matters.

In the personalized immersion moment, participants will learn about how to put their ideas into practice by making assertive decisions that enhance self-knowledge and self-leadership.

If you think that's all, the rest of the lineup is "breathtaking". How about a helicopter flight over Orlando's main theme parks? It will be sensational! In the medieval experience, Brazilians will be able to go back to the Middle Ages in a personalized show and get deep into a cultural and historical moment. Participants will be entitled to a VIP area and a medieval-style dinner.

The closing of the program will be in the magnificent and trendy Miami. On the occasion, Yes7 will provide a party on a luxury yacht with free tour, drinks and food. The party is a gift to those who will attend the event and will return with an extraordinary insight into the business world. who does the Business Program Yes7 and fulfill all the pre-established requirements in the program, will receive international certification. Get to know the Yes7 Bussines Program through the website:

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure

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