the tourists to amsterdam will no longer be able to take a tour through the windows of the famous red light district after the new tourism regulations proposed by the city's mayor.

Last April, the board of amsterdam banned red light tours of the medieval district, also called De Wallen, in an effort to solve its overtourism problem. Now he goes a step further with a plan to close the windows of the district's brothel and move the “erotic center” away from the city centre. Sex workers were advised to move their businesses away from the alleys and alleys of single and de Wallen, and for a new purpose-built center – the location of which has yet to be determined.

Amsterdam red light district

Photo: Anoek DeGroot / AFP / Getty

the mayor of amsterdam, Femke Halsema, said she wants to combat the “increase in human trafficking by providing a safe environment in which sex workers can run their businesses”. However, when the idea was first proposed, a lobby group known as Red Light United said that 90% (out of 170) of the sex workers interviewed wanted to continue working in their current location.

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"Relocating these workplaces is not an option, because then customers won't know where to find sex workers," activist and sex worker Foxxy told the newspaper Het Parool at the time.

Amsterdam red light district

Amsterdam plans to move the red light district away from the city. Photo: Hollandfoto/Getty Images

In other areas of the city, change is also coming. Soon tourists will be barred from the famous coffee shops in amsterdam, as Halsema limits stores to residents only. The city continues to reimagine Amsterdam and deal with the massive influx of tourism. Tourist room taxes have been increased this year and more restrictions have been imposed on renting homes by the Airbnb.

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