From Argentina to Colombia, the documentary “The Magic of the Andes”, available on Netflix, presents the most beautiful scenarios of the Andes Mountains

Get ready to discover some of the most surprising landscapes formed by the Andes mountain range. If you are passionate about the scenery and the culture of the people who live in Andes, for sure, this series with 6 episodes will hypnotize you.

From Argentina to Colombia, passing through Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, the documentary “The Magic of the Andes”, is available at Netflix and surprisingly follows five characters who share a deep connection to the most incredible mountains in South America.

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The Magic of the Andes

Photo: Disclosure

Andes mountain range

Photo: Disclosure

The Magic of the Andes

The series is a creation of Luis Ara and Alexandra Hardorf.

Finally, if you are a Netflix subscriber (or are going to “try it” for 30 days) you can watch the series on

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