Discover places you can't miss on a trip to Ankara, the capital of Turkey

who travels to Turkey does not usually include ankara, the capital of the country, in your itinerary. The Turkish city may not offer beautiful and imposing Ottoman palaces like the beautiful istanbul, but it is packed with attractions and has a unique atmosphere.

Located on the way between two tourist destinations that are Istanbul and Cappadocia, ankara becomes a great city to visit and discover its rich historical legacy concentrated in museums and archaeological sites full of relics.

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Currently the second largest city in the country, ankara it has a population of more than 4 million people in its urban center and more than 5 million in its province. The city was also the seat of Ataturk, the first president of the Republic of Turkey after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Indeed, ankara it was the scene of several empires, such as the Hittites, Phrygians, Hellenistic, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans, and so it is a city rich in history.

If you have a trip to the country scheduled, our tip is the agency guide in turkey, one of the most recommended hotels on TripAdvisor, and a specialist in welcoming Brazilians to the destination. The company carries out tours with great comfort and safety to the main tourist spots in the country, including Istanbul, Cappadocia and the incredible capital Ankara.

find out now places to visit in Ankara and prepare your trip.

What to do in Ankara

Photo: Bernard Gagnon / Wikimedia Commons

Ataturk Mausoleum

Known as the most famous tourist spot in Ancaka, the Mausoleum of Ataturk is a tribute to Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk), the “father of the Turks” and the first president of the Republic of Turkey. The imposing construction is located on top of a hill and, in addition to housing the president's tomb, it also houses several personal objects from his legacy in an attached museum. There, it is also possible to learn more about his life and achievements in the country through a rich and detailed exhibition.

Kocatepe Mosque

The Kocatepe Mosque can be seen from many points of the city, as it is the largest mosque in Ankara. Built between 1967 and 1987, it is located in the district of Kocatepe. Although its imposing exterior already impresses tourists, the interior of the mosque was built in marble and features a beautiful chandelier, in addition to details such as a red carpet and colorful stained glass windows. The mosque is a fine example of modern Islamic architecture and admission is free.

Ankara Citadel

Built on top of one of Ankara's many hills, the citadel (also known as the city's castle) is a fortress built between the 7th and 9th centuries with walls that reach 16 meters in height. One of the must-see places to visit in the Turkish capital, the citadel is the oldest part of the city and reveals some ruins built by the Galatians and later restored by the Romans and Byzantines. The place also houses some green areas to rest, as well as restaurants and bars.

roman baths

The Roman baths feature constructions from the time of Emperor Caracalla, dating from the 3rd century. On the site there are ruins of where, at the time, there were rooms for cold, hot and warm baths. The space was discovered in the 40's by excavations carried out in the region and later opened to the public, turning into a large and interesting open-air museum.

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

Considered one of the most complete and important museums in Turkey, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations was initially built as a market in the 15th century and occupies two Ottoman buildings. In the 1930s, it was transformed into a museum and currently houses an incredible collection of relics and artifacts from the Roman, Hellenistic, Ottoman, Byzantine, Seljuk periods, among others.

Atakule Tower

The Atakule Tower is 125 meters high and can be seen from different parts of the city. Built in 1989, it is one of Ankara's landmarks and has a terrace and a revolving restaurant on top. The tower also houses another restaurant in its dome with one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city. Next to the tower there is also a mall with several interesting stores.

Ankara Ethnographic Museum

The museum, built in 1928, although small, has a large collection of artifacts from the Seljuk and Ottoman times. In addition, there is also a permanent exhibition in the museum with wax figures dressed as they were in Ottoman-Turkish society. There are carpets, furniture, weapons of war and other objects from that time that can be appreciated. The place also has a charming coffee shop.

Temple of Emperor Augustus

The Temple of Augustus or “Monumentum Ancyranum” in Latin is a built monument that maintains preserved inscriptions on the legacy of Augustus, the first Roman emperor. The most impressive thing is that the history recorded in the temple, written in Greek and Latin, has been preserved for more than 2 thousand years and tells facts about the emperor's political legacy, details of his life and his heroic deeds.

Best time to visit Ankara

As in other parts of Turkey, the climate in Ankara is well defined, with the seasons very different from each other. The winter in Ankara is short, but quite cold, with snow sometimes. During the summer, the days are usually long, sunny and hot. July and August are the hottest months.

December and January are the coldest months in Turkey, when the days tend to be the rainiest. Summer is the time when Ankara receives the most tourists, so attractions and accommodation are usually a little more expensive and crowded. The months of April, May and October are also great for those visiting Ankara, with pleasant temperatures and fewer tourists.

How to get to Ankara

Photo: parxel / Pixabay

By airplane

From Brazil, Turkish Airlines offers flights from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to Ankara. There are also daily flights from Istanbul Atatürk Airport to Ankara Esenboğa International Airport. The journey takes approximately one hour.

By bus

There are several bus options that travel from Istanbul to Ankara. The journey takes, on average, seven hours. To shorten the route, there is also the option of trains that operate in the cities. In this case the trip lasts about 4 and a half hours.

By car

By car, the journey takes approximately six hours from Istanbul to Ankara. There are also transfer services from one city to another with a private driver who speaks Portuguese, such as those offered by Guia in Turkey. This is the best option for those who prioritize comfort and safety.

Best time to visit Ankara

Photo: kerimsarigul / Pixabay

The capital of Turkey is close to the central region of the country and has a drier climate than other regions. Temperatures are usually extremely hot during the day, but at night the thermometer usually plummets, reaching negative temperatures.

The best months to travel to Ankara are between April and October. The first month of the year is usually the coldest of the year and is marked by heavy showers, lasting until the month of May.

Where to stay in Ankara

Photo: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen / Wikimedia Commons

The advantage of staying in a hotel close to the center of Ankara is that you will spend much less time than other neighborhoods, to reach the main attractions of the city and where you will find the greatest infrastructure for tourists, such as restaurants, markets and stores in general. THE Latanya Hotel offers modern accommodations in the city center and has living spaces, such as a spa, sauna, bar and swimming pool.

Another cheaper option is the Enerji Otel, The SC Inn Hotel Ankara it's the The Ankara Hotel, which has easy access to other areas of the city, such as Maltepe Metro Station and Ankara Castle.

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