According to the project, the route will be 1,300 kilometers long and cross the region of Coquinbo, Chile, and the Argentine provinces of San Juan, La Rioja, Catamarca and Santiago del Estero.

Inprotur (National Institute for the Promotion of Tourism in Argentina) and Sernatur (National Tourism Service) in Chile have just launched an action to promote wine tourism. Together, the two countries aim to develop the longest wine route in the world.

The route evokes the path taken by the conquerors in 1553 when, after constituting the current Chilean city of La Serena, they crossed the San Juan, Catamarco and Riojan territories to finally found the mother city of Argentina, Santiago del Estero.

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The idea is that the route invites the world to live this story and get to know the wines produced in both countries.

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