The Better Travel Guide has listed some of the most popular cities for tourists traveling to England. The reason for high demand is the beautiful buildings that range from the best that modern architecture has to offer to the classic that fill the main pages of magazines and websites, which promote England as a powerful tourist destination: the medieval buildings and cultural attractions that the country offers.


The capital of England is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. When walking through the streets of London it is impossible not to notice the diversity of the inhabitants that live in the city.

The red double-decker buses, the famous telephone booths and the imposing Big Ben clock are the main postcards of the Queen's City, always bustling with people from all over the world passing through pubs, museums and Buckingham Palace.

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cities in england

Photo: Steven Kelley

What to do:

  • British Museum
  • Buckingham Palace
  • London Eye
  • Hyde Park
  • Natural History Museum
  • National Gallery
  • London Tower
  • St. Paul's Cathedral


The Beatles' city was once a quiet fishing village and had its moment of glory thanks to the extensive port area, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Liverpool is divided into three parts in terms of tourism. The first is the traditional center, similar to that of any European city, concentrating local commerce. Then there is the Mathews street region that forms Beatlelandia, and finally the port region, known as Albert Docks, next to which the main architectural symbol of the city, the Liver Building, is located.

cities in england

Photo: Carl Yeates

What to do:

  • Liverpool Cathedral
  • Liverpool Library
  • Merseyside Maritime Museum
  • LiverpoSpeke Hallol Museum
  • John Lennon's House
  • St. George's Hall
  • Beatles Museum
  • 20 Forthlin Road – Paul McCartney's House
  • Speke Hall
  • Albert Dock
  • Radio City Tower
  • Royal Liver Building


Located in the north of England, Leeds is quite different from the cities in the countryside of England, more developed and with more modern constructions. The city offers a vibrant nightlife and a central area with plenty of restaurants and shops.

cities in england

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What to do:

  • Leeds Town Hall
  • city square
  • Leeds Art Gallery
  • The Arcades
  • Millennium Square
  • Roundhay Park
  • St Anne's Cathedral
  • Old Post Office Building
  • Leeds City Hall building
  • Leeds Civic Hall
  • Kirkstall Abbey (medieval monastery)


Another English city famous for its universities is Cambridge, the city of bicycles is located in the heart of East Anglia, 80 km from London and breathes culture. In addition to the University of Cambridge faculties, attractions include museums, river boat rides, many pubs and lovely scenery.

cities in england

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What to do:

  • St. John's College
  • Trinity College
  • King's College
  • Great St. Mary's Church Tower
  • Fitzwilliam Museum
  • The Eagle Pub
  • Cambridge University Botanical Garden
  • Cambridgeshir Fens
  • River Cam
  • The Cambridge Corn Exchange


Known as the city of colleges, Oxford is home to some of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the country. Its well-preserved architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries transforms a stroll through the city's streets into a true interactive history lesson.

The city that is relatively close to London, also receives many tourists who want to know a quieter side of England, in cities that still maintain the air of the daily routines of the English. In Oxford, many scenes of the blockbuster Harry Potter were also filmed.

england cities

Photo: David Hallett

What to do:

  • Ashmolean Archeology Museum
  • Oxford University
  • oxford castle
  • Christ Church
  • Magdalen College
  • Oxford University Parks
  • Bodleian library
  • Pitt Rivers Museum
  • Oxford Botanical Gardens
  • Sheldonian Theater


Excellent for shopping, Chester is one of the most beautiful and visited cities in England. The Norman-style buildings are one of the city's trademarks, made of wood and painted in black and white, the buildings preserve to this day the same style adopted by the former conquerors of the United Kingdom.

Bathed by the River Dee, Chester was founded in the year 79 AD by the Romans, who built a protective wall around the city, as was customary at that time, to defend against possible invasions by other peoples. This wall, well preserved until today, was listed as a historical heritage. There are 3.2 kilometers of wall, which incorporate four gates.


photo: Stephen

What to do:

  • wall of chester
  • Chester Cathedral
  • River Dee
  • Chester Rows
  • Grosvenor Park
  • Eastgate clock
  • Chester Roman Gardens
  • St John the Baptist's Church
  • Chester Canal
  • Chester Roman Amphitheater


The city of Robbin Hood is famous for the stories of the man who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Repairing the city's architecture is magical! Be sure to visit Sherwood Forest.

Nottingham is also home to a secret world. Underneath the modern city is a network of over 500 caves that date back to the Dark Ages.

cities in england

Photo: Hans Splinter

What to do:

  • Wollaton Hall and Park
  • Rushcliffe Country Park
  • Theater Royal & Royal Concert Hall
  • Motorpoint Arena Nottingham
  • cave city
  • Nottingham Castle
  • Old Market Square
  • Nottingham Gallery of Contemporary Art
  • Green's Windmill

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