With an eye on the post-pandemic market heating, Bagaggio has invested heavily in technology to offer the best shopping experience and make life easier for travelers

Up to date with trends post-pandemic, the traditional bags and backpacks brand bagaggio prepared a series of news for the resumption of travel. For this, it invested heavily in technology and opened sales channels on the main online platforms, all to make life easier for travelers who, after a long period of isolation, are returning to strolling.

On the market since 1942, the bagaggio followed countless changes and knew how to adapt well to different scenarios. And it couldn't be different now. The luggage and backpack manufacturer carried out an internal overhaul during the pandemic and was able to see opportunities to reinvent itself.

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To begin with, it implemented several projects to increase online revenue and reformulated the architectural pattern of its stores to prioritize a better shopping experience for the customer, combining technology and accessibility.

And the result could not be different: Bagaggio saw online sales increase considerably in the pandemic and opened three stores with the new architectural format. As a goal, the luggage and backpack brand expects to leverage online sales at 62% in 2022 and, by 2025, to have all 150 stores in the chain with the new architectural format.

Bagaggio e-commerce makes life easier for travelers

bagaggio website

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pioneer in suitcase sales, backpacks and bags over the internet, Bagaggio has had a website since 2000. However, until the beginning of the pandemic, online sales represented only 2% of the company's total revenue.

With the investment in technology and the reformulation of marketing and e-commerce, Bagaggio managed to change this scenario quickly. Among the strategies used, the brand started to work with the Omnichannel methodology, integrating all its sales channels, which made the life of travelers much easier.

In this process, Bagaggio implemented sales via Whatsapp and delivery apps and started to carry out more assertive campaigns, mainly on social networks. As a result, online sales quadrupled to represent 10% of the company's total revenue.

“Our company's digital transformation began during the pandemic. We reformulated marketing and e-commerce in 3 months, reaping almost immediate results”, says Filipe Barbosa, CEO of Bagaggio.

For customers and travelers, all this redesign carried out by the brand during the pandemic also brought many benefits. Now, in addition to the more than 150 stores spread across the country, it is possible to buy Bagaggio bags and backpacks from anywhere in Brazil and receive them at home, with all the comfort.

Notebook backpack: essential for your trip

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If you travel for work or do not give up, even for leisure, being always connected, having a Backpack for notebook It's essential, isn't it? And, for the equipment to be really safe during the entire trip, it is necessary that this backpack is suitable for this type of transport.

With this in mind and attuned to the new post-pandemic trends, Bagaggio has developed an exclusive line of notebook backpacks, capable of meeting precisely this new traveler profile, who will be able to combine travel and work in the same trip, mainly due to the amenities brought through the home office.

Notebook backpacks can be found in an exclusive section on the Bagaggio website. There are several options: men's, women's and unisex backpacks, those in synthetic materials, fabrics, leather and even thermals, and also in various sizes.

At the Bagaggio website, you can also find travel bags – on board, small, medium and large -, adult and children's backpacks, bags, wallets and accessories.

Bagaggio and its 79 years in the market

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In the Brazilian market since 1942, Bagaggio started with a family store in downtown Rio de Janeiro. Currently, the brand has 150 stores in the main capitals and in several Brazilian cities, consolidating itself as the largest franchise network in the segment in the country.

You can find Bagaggio stores in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Federal District, Bahia, Alagoas, Pernambuco, Ceará, Maranhão, Pará, Amazonas, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul, Goiás and Paraná.

And now, you can also buy bags, backpacks, bags and accessories on the main online platforms – the company's website, social networks, Whatsapp and delivery apps -, with various forms of payment and being able to receive the products anywhere.

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