One of the most popular winter tours for tourists, the tour to Cerro López is a must-see for anyone visiting Bariloche.  

If you are thinking of visiting bariloche soon you cannot fail to include in your itinerary the tour to the Cerro López, one of the most incredible icy mountains in the region. Located just 25 kilometers from the city center, Cerro López is more than 2000 meters above sea level. Nearby are attractions such as the beautiful lakes Moreno expert and Nahuel Huapi, both must-see sights.

There are several possibilities of attractions to do in Cerro López, but without a doubt the place is well known for the various possibilities of trails and hikes. One of the most popular tours for tourists in winter is the ascent with rackets up the mountain.

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The rackets are accessories suitable for snow, allowing a greater displacement with comfort and speed in a snowy or frozen terrain, giving a sensation of being floating on the surface. In addition, the rackets are very safe, as they fix the feet in the soft snow, preventing slips or other accidents.

The first stage of the ascent to the Cerro Lopez is carried out with a 4×4 vehicle and the adventure starts there. The climb is full of curves and already shows the exciting scenarios to come. The continuation is carried out on foot, with rackets, and the path through the forest is charming. Gradually, the path gains altitude, allowing you to observe the huge blue lakes of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, the magnitude of the icy mountain and an impressive scenery of bariloche.

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On the way, the guide who accompanies the visitors reports interesting facts about the place, explaining more about the wildlife found there and the characteristics of the Patagonian vegetation. You will be impressed by the geology of the Cerro López and learn to identify the signs of glaciers that disappeared millions of years ago there. With luck, it is possible to see woodpeckers hitting the Lengas, giant trees often found in the Cerro López.  

A few breaks along the trail will be ideal moments to taste a good hot chocolate and appreciate every detail that the mountain reveals. the walk to Cerro López is a must for anyone visiting bariloche and one of those moments that will stay in the memory forever.

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