Check out a complete guide with all the beaches to visit in Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte

Marked by beautiful imposing cliffs in orange tones, the south coast of Rio Grande do Norte reserves surprising scenarios that attract tourists from all over the world. the village of Kite is among the main attractions of the state and is home to some of the beaches most beautiful in the country.

Those who stay in the village have access to more than 10 beaches with different scenarios and beauties. Praia do Curral is famous for harboring shoals of dolphins that come close to the sand strip, to the delight of tourists. Praia de Cacimbinha is surrounded by cliffs and attracts surfers thanks to the perfect waves that form in the region. Check the best beaches to visit in Pipa:

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Pipa beach

Photo: Gustavo Albano

The main Pipa beach it is the point of tourists and locals. The beach is the busiest in the destination and has countless tents and restaurants spread across the entire stretch of sand. THE kite beach it also serves as a starting point for boats that promote trips along the coast. During low tide, the strip of sand is filled with natural pools.

downtown beach

Photo: Gustavo Albano

The beach has a small wooden edge and offers a few options of restaurants, bars and beach clubs, which cater to tourists arriving at the attraction. As it is the closest beach to the center, it is common that the movement is always constant.

Love Beach

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Protected by an immense wall covered by Atlantic Forest, the Love Beach easy access from the center of village of Kite. The beach is very busy with surfers during high tide, due to the strong waves that form in this part of the coast. During low tide, natural pools emerge between the stones scattered along the strip of sand, creating relaxing baths in calm and warm waters.

THE Love Beach They have two viewpoints where it is possible to contemplate a panoramic view of the place. On one side, the stairs that lead tourists to the sand, allow for great photos between the cliffs. On the other the incredible Chapadão, is accessed by a light trail to the natural viewpoint, which offers an incredible view of Praia das Minas and Amor.

Praia do Curral (Dolphin Bay)

Shelter for dozens of marine species, the Curral Beach, also known as Dolphin Bay, and is among the favorites of tourists who visit the village, for the ease of watching dolphins along the coast.

The beach is part of a protected area and is not accessible by car, which makes the attraction a deserted beach, with no structure of tents and protected by large cliffs. You can reach the beach by boat, or by walking along Praia de Pipa and the Praia do Madeiro during the ebb tide period.

Praia do Madeiro

Photo: Disclosure

The beach is just 3 km from the center of Pipa and has an extensive stretch of sand framed by coconut trees and cliffs. With a rustic entrance, the Praia do Madeiro it is accessed by a steep staircase with 160 steps installed between the cliffs.

A great place for those who like to surf and practice water sports, the Praia do Madeiro offers several options of restaurants and rustic bars on the sand. To get to Praia do Madeiro from the center of Pipa, you can take public transport, taxi or walk to the end of Praia do Curral.

Cacimbinha beach

Photo- Gustavo Albano

Located between the village of Pipa and the municipality of Tibau do Sul, Praia de Cacimbinhas has the strongest waves in the region, and its access is made at the top of its cliffs that vary in shades of brown and red.
Praia de Cacimbinhas presents a paradisiacal and desert setting, and receives many groups of kite surfers who enjoy the great winds of the Tibau do Sul coast.

Praia das Minas

Photo: M.Maselli / Flickr

The beach is ideal for those seeking peace and privacy. The place does not have any bar or restaurant structure, and it is the least crowded beach in Pipa. Praia das Minas has a short strip of sand, strong waves, and access is via the natural viewpoint of Chapadão.

Praia das Minas is one of the main nesting areas for sea turtles in Brazil, and its area is protected by the Tamar Project.

Sibauma beach

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Protected by an immense stone wall that forms several natural pools during low tide, Praia de Sibaúma has a calm climate and little movement of tourists. The coast is demarcated by cliffs that make it possible to see sea turtles at high tide, and the meeting of the Catu River with the sea.

To get to the beach, you need to take a bus from the center of Pipa to the village of Sibaúma. For those who like to walk, it is possible to reach the place through Praia das Minas, in a route of 10 km.

Formosa Bay

Photo: Disclosure

It is not for nothing that Baía Formosa received its name, the magnificent cove in shades of blue is approximately 26 km long with beautiful cliffs and imposing dunes. The beach offers basic infrastructure to tourists, with few options of inns, restaurants and kiosks on the shore.

Barra do Cunhau

Photo: Canindé Soares

Barra do Cunhaú is right after the village of Sibaúma, after the Catú River. Praia da Barra do Cunhaú has calm and extremely clear waters, which meet a strip of fine, white and deserted sand. The beach is between the rivers Catú and Curimataú, where there is the possibility of taking a boat trip and discovering other beauties of the friendly village.

Sagi Beach

Photo: Disclosure

Praia do Sagi marks the border of the states of Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba, and to this day preserves the atmosphere of tranquility of a traditional fishing village. Framed by dunes, rivers and coconut trees, the beach is full of lush landscapes that can be explored on a fun buggy ride.

Despite the beach being little known, Sagi offers some simple inns and rustic restaurants with seafood dishes.

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