Cable camp It has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Lagos Region and in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Just 140 km away from the capital of Rio de Janeiro, the small town with 30,000 inhabitants has a coastline with such clear waters that it has been affectionately nicknamed the “Brazilian Caribbean”, and not least, its crystalline waters impress during most of the year. The city is also known as the diving capital, due to its intense marine life, which attracts divers from all over the world.

At Arraial do Cabo beaches really catch the attention of any tourist, there are 9 around the city, completing 35 km of beautiful scenery with different characteristics and landscapes, they are: Praia Grande, Praia dos Anjos, Praia do Forno, Praia Brava, Prainha, Praia do Farol, As Prainhas and Praia do Pontal.

The beaches of Arraial do Cabo out of season are always quiet, ideal if you are escaping from the busiest and most hectic places. Unlike the high season (July/December/January and February), a period when the city receives almost 10 times the number of people who inhabit the municipality.

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Farol Beach

Photo: Plínio Bordin

considered the beach most beautiful of Cable camp, Praia do Farol is located on Ilha do Farol and can only be accessed by boat. To get to the beach you need an authorization from the Instituto de Estudos do Mar Almirante Paulo Moreiram, many tour boats have this document and carry out this journey every day taking dozens of tourists through the city's port.

The beach is in front of the famous Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia, known for the wonderful view. For those who like to walk, get ready to take your breath away with some of the most amazing scenery in Rio.

From afar it is possible to see a centenary fig tree on top of the dunes that surround Farol beach, a little further down there is a protected area with a centenary cemetery of an indigenous tribe that inhabited the place. The beach has just over 700 meters with waters in various shades of blue, since the large “natural pool” that forms between Ilha do Farol and Pontal do Atalaia, has several white sandbanks that make the landscape even more beautiful. attractive.

Big beach

Photo: Carolina Maciel

Praia Grande is the largest in the city and has 43 km of extension that goes to the municipality of Saquarema.

The extensive coastline is coveted by surfers who take advantage of the region's strong winds that form great waves. The beach is also a meeting point for tourists and locals during all late afternoons, where you have the best view of the sunset, with luck you can see some whales passing on the horizon. Arraial do Cabo is a path, and tourists and locals often see whales passing through the region, while traveling towards Abrolhos, in Bahia.

Praia Brava

Photo: Igor Pimentel

Right next to Praia Grande, on the outside of Morro do Pontal do Atalaia, is Praia Brava, just 200 meters long. The beach is completely wild and only appears during low tide. Take advantage of the way through Pontal do Atalaia to take some pictures, the color of the sea is impressive seen from up there. 

Forno Beach

Photo: Rodrigo Herhtel

Access to Praia do Forno is via a small trail near the city pier. The path captivates visitors with its natural viewpoints found during the walk. The beach has few bars and a famous floating restaurant a few meters out to sea, which can only be accessed by boat. During the day it is possible to see some very lively tourist boats that anchor in front of the place so that tourists can enjoy the immense natural pool formed by the calm and clear waters. A great destination for those who are traveling with children or for those who want to discover another itinerary in Rio.

Pontal do Atalaia beaches

Photo: Alexandre Liberato

Prainhas is actually just a beach located in Pontal do Atalaia which is divided by a rock, becoming a single inlet when the tide is high. Prainhas has 300 meters of white sand and does not have any structure such as restaurants and bars, just a few street vendors. Access can be made by car to the beginning of the steps that take the tourist to the beach, on foot or on excursion boats that depart daily from the city's port. The scenery is even more beautiful with the immense Ilha do Farol covering the horizon with the beautiful Praia do Farol.

Praia dos Anjos

Photo: Alexandre Liberato

Praia dos Anjos is the closest to the city center, despite also having the Caribbean color, the beach is a little less crowded by bathers because it contains the port on its left. Throughout the day you can see people exercising on the beach, in activities that range from walking on the boardwalk to the famous beach soccer.

little beach

Photo: Arraial VIP Turismo

Prainha has a wide variety of kiosks, which provide chairs, tables and sun tents with direct service on the beach. It is one of the busiest and most sought after beaches for its ease of access and for being right at the entrance to the city. Its sands are fine and white and crystal clear water not so cold.

Pontal beach

Pontal beach

Photo: Disclosure / Mtur

Pontal beach is 4 km from the city center, between Praia do Foguete (Cabo Frio) and Morro do Mirante. It is the perfect place for those who appreciate more tranquility and even privacy, out of season. It is a beach suitable for trawler fishing, there are some artisanal fishing sheds very typical of the region and few canoes that help to give the atmosphere of a lost paradise.

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