the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha houses some of the beaches most beautiful in Brazil and in the world. The small island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean has its beaches divided into two parts: the beaches of the Mar de Dentro, facing the continent, and the Mar de Fora, opposite side, facing Africa.

In Mar de Dentro, the coastal waters are considered a little calmer, it is in this region that some of the main postcards of Noronha are located, such as Baía de Sancho and Baía dos Porcos, right next to Morro dos Dois Irmãos.

Already the mar de Fora are the beaches wildest in the archipelago, a region with more rocks and strong waves, on this side are two beautiful beaches that always stand out among visitors to the island, Sueste beach, where the turtles feed, and Praia do Leão, where they spawn. of turtles.

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One thing is right, all beaches of Fernando de Noronha have excellent visibility and a gigantic marine fauna that can be observed in the 4 corners of the island with just a snorkel.

Inside Sea Beaches:

San Antonio Bay and Port

As the name suggests, Praia do Porto is the port region of the island. The beach, also known as Santo Antônio, is home to a shipwreck from the 1930s very close to the sand strip, a fact that arouses the curiosity of divers and snorkelers to the region to discover the intense marine life that shelters in the wreckage of the vessel.

porto love noronha

Dog Beach

It is the closest to Vila dos Remédios and has easy access through a bar with the same name. The beach has calmer waves when the tide is low and has an imposing view of Morro do Pico on its left side, on the opposite side visitors can cool off in the charming natural pool known as Buraco do Galego that forms on the rocks below the Fort. of Remedies.

dog beach

Boldró Beach

In the summer, Praia do Boldró stands out with waves that reach up to 5m high and the movement is intense, when the tide is lower, visitors can enjoy the natural pools amidst the rocks scattered along the coast. On the cliffs that surround the beach is the old Forte de Boldró, a popular place at dusk, in the sand of the beach you can see two other postcards of the island: Morro dos Dois Irmãos and Morro do Pico.

boldro - love noronha

Americano beach

Praia do Americano is the least frequented in Mar de Dentro, due to its exclusivity, this part of the coast has soft sand and weaker waves and is sought after by people who want privacy and a quieter place on the island. In the past, the beach was used by the Americans at the Teleguiados Observation Post, in neighboring Praia do Boldró, and access was prohibited during the military period.

american - noronha

Cacimba do Padre

Praia da Cacimba do Padre is the favorite of surfers thanks to the perfect waves that form next to Morro dos Dois Irmãos. The extensive strip of sand surrounded by hills covered with native forest gives the appearance of a wild paradise.

At the beginning of the beach there are some very rustic restaurant options and on the beach we offer more typical dishes of the region such as the traditional fish wrapped in banana leaves.

Cacimba do Padre - I love noronha

Praia do Bode

The beach is very small and little frequented, the name of the beach comes from a huge rock that serves as a lookout and gives access to the beaches next door.

goat - love noronha

Quixambinha beach

Great for bathing, Praia da Quixambinha is between Praia do Bode and Cacimba do Padre, a quiet and privileged place with a primitive nature.

Quixambinha - I love noronha

Praia do Meio

Located between Praia do Cachorro and Conceição, Praia do Meio is not very extensive and has a lot of rocks. At the limit with the beach and the islet of Conceição is the “Pião”, a large stone, balanced on smaller stones.

middle beach - noronha

Praia da Conceição

One of the most frequented due to its easy access, Praia da Conceição is at the foot of Morro do Pico and is always popular with groups that take advantage of the extensive stretch of sand to play ball, people who take advantage of the privileged location to enjoy a sunset. sun and surfers who enjoy the stronger waves, which are frequent from December to March.

Conceição - I love noronha

bay of pigs

Access to Baía dos Porcos is via a small trail on the left side of Cacimba do Padre. The beach is surrounded by a high wall and has Morro Dois Irmãos as a background. Indispensable place for snorkeling.

pigs - noronha

Sancho Bay

The most beautiful beach in Brazil is also the most popular on the island, its crystal clear and calm waters are considered one of the best spots in Brazil for free diving. Access is via a suspended trail built of wood to a crevice embedded in the rock with two stairs that lead to the white sand of Praia do Sancho.

sancho - noronha

Mar de Fora beaches

Southeast Bay

It is the main feeding beach for sea turtles, the easiest place to find the animals. The Sueste Bay is also busy with other animals such as stingrays, lobsters, fish, moray eels and sharks.

southeast - noronha

Atalaia beach

With a narrow strip of sand, the beach has limited access for groups of up to 30 people, the reason being the immense natural pool called the natural nursery, with several species of small fish in front of Morro do Frade.

watchtower - love noronha

Praia do Leão

Its name comes from a large rock that resembles a sea lion lying down. The beach has clear sand and rough seas, this is the beach where turtles spawn the most, with strict control, and during spawning period no one can access the beach after 18:00.

lion - noronha

Caieras beach

It draws attention for the play of colors that the intense blue forms in the strong and busy waters of the beach. It is close to Praia do Porto and has a rough terrain, which requires care when walking around the region.

caieras - love noronha

Ponta das Caracas

Squeezed between Praia do Leão and Baía do Sueste, Ponta das Caracas serves as a shelter for several species and there are many natural pools at its rocky tip, with colorful fish, stingrays and dogfish. However, due to the danger of the descent, bathing is prohibited.

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