Another one of the beauties that only Bahia has, find out which are the best beaches to relax and have a good time in Trancoso 

Have you ever thought about bringing together beautiful beaches and a hint of luxury? If the answer is yes, trancoso cannot be left out of this list. Porto Seguro District, 47 km away (via ferry) and 77 km (via road), is one of the most coveted options among tourists in the coast of Bahia. With beautiful landscapes and beaches, it offers an infinity of tours in the midst of its natural and enchanting beauties. 

Start with a leisurely walk through the square of Trancoso, enjoying the view and all the colorful houses that are pure charm and a postcard of the region, as well as the Square Church and museums that marked the history of Brazil Now, in terms of beaches, it is possible to make a list of options, ranging from the most urban, located close to the center, to the most rustic and almost deserted. Discover the seven hottest ones that can't be left out of your itinerary! 

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Mirror Beach 

beaches of trancoso

Photo: Thomasilhabela

One of main attractions in Trancoso, a Mirror Beach It is that place for those looking for tranquility and a rustic landscape. The great attraction of this beach is the sea, which looks like a mirror, it's so bright, when the weather and the sun help, it's impressive! In addition, its natural pools are also worth mentioning, as they make the tour even more special, amidst cliffs of different colors. Impossible not to take a thousand pictures!

Be careful if you are going to spend the day, because there are not many options of kiosks and restaurants. 

taipe beach 

best beaches in Trancoso

Photo: Vilamir Azevedo / Wikimedia Commons

An enchanting setting with large colorful cliffs, surrounded by coconut trees, this is much more than you can expect from Taipe Beach, located on the border between Arraial d'Ajuda and trancoso. Its long stretch of sand with few tents makes the climate even more special, leaving a feeling of a deserted beach and a sea in shades of green and blue. It's a great place to relax and enjoy nature, but for adrenaline lovers, you can also find paragliding tours to enjoy Taipe's beauty from above. 

Rio Verde beach 

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon / Wikimedia Commons

Another good option for travelers who want to escape the hustle of the more central and busy beaches, Praia do Rio Verde will provide pleasant moments of calm. Even with options of kiosks and restaurants, it is less frequented than its neighbor, Praia dos Coqueiros, that is, it is perfect to enjoy that cold beer while enjoying the sea. In fact, there are few waves on this beach and in some stretches, when the tide is low, it is possible to see some natural pools forming. And the best news is that its access is very easy, as it is just 2 km from the Quadrado de Trancoso.

Coqueiros Beach 

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon / Wikimedia Commons

If you want some excitement, Praia dos Coqueiros is the best place to provide it, as it is the best known among tourists, as it is located just a 10-minute walk from the center. In it you will find many options of kiosks and famous restaurants for a quiet meal by the sea, with great structures and dishes of delicious Bahian cuisine. It is also a good option for a dip, as at certain times it is shallow and calm, depending on the tide, sometimes it even turns into a large pool. 

Praia dos Nativos

Photo: Edwiges Lopes Tavares / Wikimedia Commons

Very close to the village of Trancoso, Praia de Nativos is another option for a tour that is much sought after by travelers, due to its easy access. In addition, it also offers several inns on the sand for those who want to enjoy this paradise with great comfort. Surrounded by coconut trees that make up the scenery, making it even more beautiful together with the wide strip of white sand and its crystal clear and calm waters. In addition, it is possible to take a fresh water bath, as the Trancoso River flows into it, forming a lagoon near a mangrove. 

Ponta de Itaquena Beach

Trancoso beach

Photo: Porto Seguro Tur

Ponta de Itaquena Beach is located in the Rio Frades Wildlife Reserve and is considered an area of environmental protection. In other words, expect a rustic nature, full of plants and lots of beauty. There is also no kiosk structure to spend the day, so be prepared to disconnect even and take long walks on the sand. When the tide is low it is possible to see some natural pools and corals. It's a show apart! 

Rio da Barra beach

Trancoso beach

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

To access Praia do Rio da Barra, it is necessary to enter through restaurants, inns and condominiums, since it is a very restricted area. It is located between Praia dos Nativos and Praia de Taípe, further from the center (5 km), but worth a visit, as it is surrounded by cliffs in shades of beige, pink, red and ocher. With a long and almost deserted strip of sand, it provides a unique experience in Trancoso, which still has the mouth of the Rio da Barra, providing tourists with a fresh water bath. 

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