savior It is the city that most represents Bahia's diversity. It has a rich culture and a happy people, the result of the mixture of creeds and ethnicities that can only be found in the Bahia.

But in addition to the historic center and the beautiful Pelourinho, the city and its surroundings are full of qualities of a tropical country, that is, there is a lot of white sand and blue sea.

If you have the Bahian spirit and also just need sun and fresh water to be happy, get to know these beaches that cannot be left out of your script in savior.

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Porto da Barra

Photo: Alessandro Iglesias

It is one of the closest beaches to the center. The reefs around make the clear and blue sea not form waves, being an agglomeration of natural pools.

Weekends and holidays are very busy, even at night because of the good lighting at night, although there is only one tent and a few vendors selling food and drinks. The beach is also part of the carnival circuit.

Bathed by the calm waters of Baía de Todos os Santos, Porto da Barra also attracts many windsurf fans. And in the 600 meters of beach it is also possible to practice volleyball and racquetball.

Praia do Rio Vermelho

Photo: Maurício Almeida

Praia do Rio Vermelho is not the destination for those looking for a swim in the sea because, unfortunately, it is very polluted. But despite the regrets, it is one of the busiest points in Salvador.

There are several bars, restaurants and hotels. In Praça Caramuru, the former “Fish Market”, there are 11 restaurants and 8 kiosks with a varied menu, some even open 24 hours a day.

The beach is mainly used as a harbor for local fishermen, from where the offerings to Iemanjá depart on February 2nd, with, of course, a lot of partying.

Praia do Forte

Photo: Patrick Ferrera

At road that connects Bahia to Sergipe we find a preserved refuge, with white sand, coconut trees and a sea of crystalline waters that shelter reefs of schools of colorful fish.

The great attraction in Praia do Forte It is the headquarters of Projeto Tamar, responsible for studying and protecting sea turtles. The space has breeding tanks, aquariums and offers guided tours by biologists on duty.

Between the months of December and February, the visit becomes more special because it is when the process of releasing the newborn sea turtles into the sea takes place. Between the months of July and October, the focus is different. The beach is the place chosen by humpback whales during this period to breed and nurse their young.

The beach also has the ruins of the first Portuguese fortification in Brazilian lands, the Garcia D'Ávila Castle, which, together with the little white church by the sea, the dirt streets, the caiçara houses and the colorful fishing boats, make up the atmosphere. simple and rustic place.

Itaparica Island

Photo: Sec Tur Bahia

Largest island in the Bay of All Saints, the Itaparica Island it houses the municipalities of Itaparica, which has some colonial buildings, and Vera Cruz, where the most frequented beaches are.

Not much used for bathing, the Praia do Forte It houses the São Lourenço Fort and the Historic Center, with the Bica fountain, built in 1842. At Praia da Penha, the clear waters with few waves are full of speedboats, jet skis and windsurfers and kitesurfers.

The calm sea and the barrier reef of Barra do Gil make it easy to fish for octopus and lobsters, the dishes with seafood are the most popular in the region. There it is also possible to practice diving to observe the marine fauna.
Another option is to take a boat tour through the region of the so-called “Pantanal Baiano” passing through mangroves on the Jaguaripe River, deserted beaches and freshwater sources.

Sao Paulo hill

Photo: Anderson Barbieri

THE Sao Paulo hill is a village located in Tinharé Island and one of the most coveted destinations in those parts. To access it only by catamaran or plane from the capital of Bahia. Cars do not circulate on the few streets of the village, making walking the best way to explore the 7 beaches of Morro.

A peculiar feature of the village is that the beaches are named according to their proximity to the center. Primeira Praia is the closest and busiest, perfect for trying typical Bahian food and venturing out on the 57-meter-high, 340-meter-long zipline. The Quarta, on the other hand, seems to want all the tranquility for itself, the most deserted of the beaches on the hill and also the most extensive with 4 km of shoreline.

In addition to the beaches, Morro de São Paulo also offers a lively nightlife in the village's bars and tours to the fort and the lighthouse, which are a meeting point during sunset, one of the most spectacular views.


Photo: Sec Tur Bahia

THE Guarajuba Beach has gained notability among tourists. No wonder, there is no one who can resist the white sands and the crystal blue sea of the shore, surrounded by coconut trees.

And the beach is really a good destination for everyone. The sea welcomes surfers and other sportsmen in the open sea places where the waves have room to reign. Those looking for a peaceful dip are satisfied with the natural pools formed by the reefs. And for those looking to relax on a walk or bike ride, the tree-lined promenade is available.

On the left side of the beach there are stalls that serve fresh and delicious seafood snacks. And there is no shortage of accommodation for all tastes, from super luxurious to more intimate and simple.


The beaches of the village of arembepe they do not open the discussion to the fact of being beautiful or not. The paradisiacal beauty of the beaches, whose landscape is composed of golden sand dunes, sandbanks, natural pools and crystalline water lagoons is already a consensus. What really should be taken into account when going there is the hippie village.

Photo: Cesar Nunes

The village, which is just 34 km from the bustling Praia do Forte, is home to the “peace and love” generation that still sells handicrafts and manioc to survive, preserves the vegetation and lives in mud and straw houses without electricity. The place has even housed international artists who were enchanted by the simplicity of the community, such as Mick Jagger and Janes Joplin.

Another attraction is a base for Projeto Tamar, which is located on the beach that gave the village its name. The baby turtle release show is repeated every year from December to January.

Barra do Jacuípe

Photo: Christian Knepper

The hallmark of Barra do Jacuípe is the meeting of the river with the sea, a beautiful natural phenomenon to appreciate. The paradisiacal landscape made up of dunes, coconut trees and reefs can be explored in salty or fresh waters.

Kayaks can be rented to stroll through the calm and clear waters, which also invite for a peaceful swim. During the high season it is very busy and is just an hour from the Bahian capital, perfect for a day trip.

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