Floating in crystal clear waters, diving and ecotourism activities make the visit to Nascente Azul one of the most incredible in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul

The tour to blue spring is one of the most sought after by tourists traveling to Beautiful (MS), not Mato Grosso do Sul. But why does this place attract so many visitors? A forest rich in fauna and flora, a crystalline spring full of colorful fish and an excellent infrastructure make this one of the best options to include in your itinerary.

THE blue spring It is an ecotourism complex that emerged more recently, in 2012. The area, which used to be used for raising fish and cattle, was completely degraded and was later recovered, quickly becoming one of the most visited attractions in the city.

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At activities are separated into four stages: floating, Nascente Azul resort, Nascente Azul Adventure and scuba diving in the lake. That is, there is fun for all tastes, ages and levels of experience, as some are quite easy even for beginners.

Still not convinced? In partnership with Agência São Jorge, which offers several tours in Bonito and region, including Nascente Azul, we will explain step by step how the tour of this incredible complex works.

How is the floating down the Nascente Azul in Bonito?

Blue Spring in Bonito

Photo: Flávio André / MTUR

THE blue spring it is approximately 29 kilometers from the center of Bonito. Upon arriving at the site, the tour begins with a 300-meter trail through the riparian forest, a very contemplative moment. At the end of this first part of the route, visitors are taken to a room, where they are instructed on how to carry out the activity and receive safety instructions, as well as clothing and equipment.

The walk continues for another 1500 meters through the Bacuri Forest, passing by other beautiful examples of fauna and flora in the region. Soon you reach the source of the Rio Bonito, a place with turquoise waters decorated with plants and small fish that swim there. There begins one of the best fluctuations of Bonito, with an advantage: the tourist can perform free diving, without using vests. Its 7 meters deep also allows visitors to play and contemplate the exuberant nature.

At the end of the float, which lasts approximately 40 minutes, visitors return to enjoy the incredible structure of Balneário da Nascente Azul, also known as Balneário Lago da Capela, which has numerous activities to ensure a fun-filled day.

Activities at the Nascente Azul Bathhouse (Lago da Capela)

Blue Spring in Bonito

Photo: Flávio André / MTUR

Capela Lake is formed by the water that emanates from the source of the Rio Bonito, forming a great natural swimming pool, full of fish, and a natural freshwater beach. The place is ideal for children, as the waters are safe, shallow and calm enough for playing.

The main attraction of the place, which makes the fun of tourists, is known as Aqualokko, a circuit that features several suspension bridges that cross the lake. In addition, the complex also offers a wet zipline, sports courts, hammocks, as well as a bar and restaurant.

Rising Blue Adventure


Photo: Flávio André / MTUR

For the more adventurous and courageous, there is the Nascente Azul Adventure, which brings together more radical attractions amidst the nature of the complex. One of them is the zip line, which allows the visitor to fly over the region in 450 meters of distance. Depending on the weight, the zipline can be performed by up to three people at the same time.

Another more radical attraction of the complex is the human pendulum, where steel cables make the visitor the base of the pendulum, making them feel the sensation of flying and being enchanted by the scenery of Serra do Bodoquena. In Quick Jump, the visitor can make a 20-meter high jump at the top of a tower, giving the impression of free fall.

Scuba diving at Nascente Azul

blue spring

Photo: Flávio André / MTUR

As Capela Lake has a depth of 5 meters, it is also possible to go scuba diving to view the incredible underwater life of the place, with fish of the most varied species. The activity can be practiced by everyone, as trained monitors accompany the dive and every step of each visitor.

Our tip for those who want to book tours is the São Jorge agency, which also offers hotels in Bonito.

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