Check out this list of the most beautiful cities in Argentina and start planning your trip to the most beautiful places in the country

Many Brazilians already know the wonders of their neighbors brothers. However, most tend to visit only Buenos Aires or bariloche and ends up not enjoying the other experiences that the Argentina has to offer. With all its geography and exuberant dimension, the country offers a series of memorable landscapes.

The Argentine territory is really big and has diverse landscapes, being the second largest country in South America. So don't stick to just one destination on your trip, there are many possibilities that will surprise you and convince you that visiting the country just once will not be enough.

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For this, we have specially separated 12 most beautiful cities that cannot be missing from your travel list. Argentina. Each place has unique characteristics and offers a rich background in landscapes, culture, gastronomy, art and diversity.

Most beautiful cities in Argentina

Buenos Aires

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The capital of Argentina, known as the birthplace of tango, it is considered the “European city” of Latin America, thanks to its still well-preserved architecture. Among its tourist attractions, you can visit the Casa Rosada, seat of the government; the La Boca neighborhood, where the Argentine team Boca Juniors is located; and Caminito, one of the most visited tourist spots, famous for its alleys of colorful houses and handicraft fairs. The Obelisk is a landmark located on Av. 9 de Julio, the main street in the center, also known as the widest street in the world. These and countless other tours make the city a great stop to start your trip through Argentina.

Buenos Aires It has renowned museums, gigantic squares and parks, historical monuments and great gastronomic quality recognized worldwide.


Photo: Mariamichelle / Pixabay

Known as the “end of the world”, Ushuaia It is the southernmost city on our planet, being the last one before Antarctica. It is a perfect city for those who like the cold weather, with the thermometers pointing to 10ºC even in summer. Due to its climatic characteristics, it is recommended to visit the city at this time of year, since winter is on the list of the most rigorous. The cold climate makes up the landscapes that are not to be missed, with snowy mountains, lakes and glaciers. Despite being small, the city offers good options for accommodation, restaurants, banks and shops.


Photo: / Wikimedia Commons

If you like hiking, extreme sports and ski resorts, you can't miss visiting Mendoza. The city owns one of the highest mountains in America, the famous Aconcagua. But don't think that only the incredible landscapes attract tourists to this city. Mendoza is also known as the Argentine capital of wine. The best time to visit Mendoza is at the end of summer, with milder temperatures and loaded wineries. In winter the landscape changes, it usually snows frequently, providing a very romantic atmosphere in the city.

El Calafate

Photo: JDubya59 / Pixabay

If you are looking for a destination even more connected with nature, we recommend El Calafate, in southern Argentina. The city is ideal for those who want to explore Patagonia. Located 80 km from the glaciers of Los Glaciares National Park, it is made up of 47 huge glaciers that result in a surprising landscape even for the most experienced tourists. It's no wonder that city is on our list of beautiful cities to visit in Argentina. When visiting it, it is essential to experience the famous morcillas, chorizo, rustic porridge, lamb, fish and the typical breaded dish, gastronomic highlights of the city.

La Plata


Photo: Gustavo Marcelo Farias / Wikimedia Commons

La Plata is known as the City of Diagonals, every four streets has a diagonal due to its particular planned composition. Located approximately 70 km from Buenos Aires, it has an interior climate, despite its nearly 800,000 inhabitants. If you pass through the city, be sure to visit the La Plata Railway Station, as well as the Museum of Natural Sciences, Museum of Contemporary Latin American Art, Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, Astronomical Observatory of La Plata, Teatro Coliseo Podestá, Teatro Argentino de La Plata, among others.



Photo: Pxhere / Creative Commons CC0

Neuquén is a city that is on the move, both day and night, so it offers several possibilities for activities such as theaters, museums and nature walks, as in the reserves and national parks. Without a doubt, if you like snow, going to Neuquén is a good bet, especially during winter. Those who visit the city are faced with impressive images of nature, with a calm and at the same time wild scenery.

San Carlos de Bariloche


photol; Boscos / Wikimedia Commons

Like Buenos Aires, this is another tourist spot loved by Brazilians. But those who think that it is worth visiting it only in the low temperature season are wrong. In the summer bariloche it can also be memorable. Considered among the cities most beautiful in Argentina, It has beautiful landscapes, lakes and programming for extreme sports. The mountains that surround Lake Nahuel Huapi make up one of the most enchanting landscapes in the eyes of tourists. An experience of a lifetime!

San Miguel de Tucuman

cities in Argentina

Photo: Sunoro / Wikimedia Commons

Unlike other cities from Argentina already presented here, Tucumán is a great agricultural center, with an extremely hot climate. Its historic landmark is undeniable: it is the city where the country's independence was declared. Tourism is so important in Tucumán that five circuits were developed for visitors to get to know the entire city, they are: Circuit Valles Calchaquíes,  Choromoro Valley Circuit, Çsouth circuit, Las Yungas Circuit and Historic Circuit of the City. tucuman offers a range of landscapes, from towering mountains, depressed plains, jungles, forests and deserts. You will be surprised.  

El Chalten

cities in Argentina

Photo: 12019 / Wikimedia Commons

Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Argentina. Located inside a national park in the heart of Argentine Patagonia, the small village of El Chalten attracts lovers trekking, mountaineering, nature and those who like to camp. The main attraction of El Chaltén are the trails, natural landscapes and activities outdoors. That's why it's recommended to visit this city in December and January, when the temperature is higher and the days are longer. El Chaltén has recently become recognized as a good tourist destination thanks to its tranquility and scenic landscapes. Its distinctive beauty is enough to be on your bucket list. destinations in Argentina.  

Puerto Iguazu

cities in Argentina

Photo: Phillip Capper / Wikimedia Commons

Argentina shares with Brazil one of the continent's most acclaimed natural beauties: the famous Iguazu Falls. Considered among the Seven Wonders of the World, it is called Puerto Iguazú by Argentines. The place has more than 80 thousand inhabitants and annually receives dozens of curious tourists to get to know the natural show of the waterfalls of the Iguaçu River.


Most beautiful cities in Argentina

Photo: Gustavo Perretto / Flickr – Wikimedia Commons

Other The ideal destination for those who enjoy ecotourism and adventure is the city of Esquel. Located 2000 km southwest of Buenos Aires, it is one of the main cities to practice, in the summer, trekking, rafting, mountain biking, climbing and kayaking. already in winter the city is fully geared towards the ski and snowboarding season. And if you're a photography fan, you'll fall in love with the city's natural beauties. For adventurous spirits, this city cannot be missing from your travel itinerary to Argentina.


Most beautiful cities in Argentina

Photo: travelwayoflife / Flickr – Wikimedia Commons

Salta is known for being a pleasant city, with nature walks, good museums and dining options for all budgets. The characteristics of this city are quite different from the rest of Argentina. The aspects of Salta are very similar to the features of Bolivia, with mountains, snowy peaks, valleys, desert landscapes of the altiplano and lagoons with flamingos.

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