Discover the main tourist cities and see the places to visit in Panama that cannot be missed on a visit to the country

Located between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, Panama is one of the most developed countries in Central America and has a very rich biodiversity, its fauna and flora being one of the most important on the planet. It is a country of enormous economic and cultural relevance and with natural beauties that please tourists from all over the world.

When talking about Panama, the first thing that comes to mind for almost everyone is the famous canal, which connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. But those who think that their beauty ends there are wrong. This country has lovely beaches, large natural parks, museums, a wide range of attractions for tourists to enjoy during their stay, and much more. what is not missing are beautiful places to visit in Panama.

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To help tourists organize the itinerary, in partnership with PANAMA CONNECTION, an agency specialized in receiving Brazilians in the city, we selected the 8 most beautiful cities to visit in Panama. Check out our tips and enjoy your visit.

Panama City

Beautiful cities to visit in Panama

Beautiful cities to visit in Panama. Photo: Ron Reiring / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

For tourists who want to visit this country, Panama City definitely has to be on their itinerary as it surprises visitors with its modernity and the way it manages to maintain its tradition, despite being developing at a fast pace. Tree-lined, bustling, modern and, at the same time, historic: the capital of Panama is a box of surprises waiting to be opened.

The most important tourist spot in the city is the Panama Canal, but there are other attractions that cannot be left out, such as: going to Casco Viejo, riding a bike on Cinta Costeira, going to restaurants and shopping at the shops on Causeway Avenue in Amador. , enjoy the natural landscapes of San Blas Island, go shopping in the city's most famous malls, the Albrook Mall and Metromall, and not to mention that Panama City's nights are very lively. All this makes this city one of the destinations to visit in panama.


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The City of Colón is in the Province of Colón and is the main city of that Province. There you will find a big and important mixture of ethnicities and cultures, which makes the tourist trip even more interesting and informative. Colón is not a city very well known by people, but it offers attractions that are worth adding to your itinerary. places to visit in panama. There you will be able to enjoy its wealth of forest and ecotourism that the city offers. Other attractions are Black Christ Festival, Festival of the Diablos and Congos, visit the indigenous village Embera Want, The Sovereignty National Park it's the Rio Chagres National Park, these are some of the entertainments that exist there.

Bocas del Toro

Beautiful cities to visit in Panama

Photo: MM / Wikimedia Commons

Bocas del Toro is an archipelago of nine main islands and over 200 uninhabited islets. The Panamanian Caribbean reserves paradisiacal landscapes along with a rich ecological diversity, it really is a paradise. Tourists who like to enjoy beautiful landscapes, this is the place. Bocas del Toro is one of the destinations to visit in Panama, for its unique beauty and they still manage to maintain the charm and tranquility of a small village despite receiving a good amount of tourists from all over the world.

There are several attractions for tourists to occupy themselves during their stay, for travelers, look for the most beautiful beaches such as Playa de las Estrellas, Playa Buff, Paki Point, Isla de los Pájaros, Isla Carenero and Cayo Zapatilla There they found different types of fun.    


Beautiful cities to visit in Panama

Photo: Ayaita / Wikimedia Commons

For tourists who are looking for a wonderful sunrise over the mountains, waterfalls hidden in the middle of the green, to hear the birds singing, and to see the sun reflected in the waters, they look for Coclé. For those who love adventure this is one of the places to visit in panama.  This magical place offers a lot of experience in nature, so look for tourist stops like El Chorro Macho, La Piedra Pintada, Anton Valley and Nispero Zoo to see some of the wildlife there.


Photo: Mónica Mora / Wikimedia Commons

A great place to visit with friends and family, Chiriqui has unique landscapes and exquisite cuisine. Travelers to this city can prepare to wake up to natural music and the fascinating sound of birds. Among so many tourist attractions to be visited, one that cannot be mentioned in the itinerary is the Gulf of Chiriqui.


Beautiful cities to visit in Panama

Photo: Daniestrada01 / Wikimedia Commons

A province with a lot of history to tell, Herrera surprises with its festive attractions. People who want to travel to this province cannot miss the districts of Las Minas, Parita, Chitré, Ocú and Pesé, where the greatest number of tourist attractions are concentrated. There, until Carnival, tourists will find it, it's a delight.

Los Santos

Beautiful cities to visit in Panama

Photo: Inzay20 / Wikimedia Commons

Imagine waking up with the sun touching your window and enjoying spectacular waves. Well, in Los Santos all people are invited to venture into the natural beauties of this city, even those who are not adventurous will awaken their spirits. One of the most important parties is the celebration of “El Corpus Christi”. And from July to October they offer a wonderful show called “The sighting of ballenas”. Los Santos is a welcoming city, one of the places to visit in Panama that cannot be missed on any itinerary.


Beautiful cities to visit in Panama

Beautiful cities to visit in Panama. Photo: Aaron O'Dea / Wikimedia Commons

This wonderful province also offers spectacular mountain scenery, as here, in the Cordillera Central, its peaks are even higher than in the province of Chiriqui. The beautiful mountains, their fauna and flora surprise any tourist, as are their beautiful beaches and waterfalls. Don't forget to make a Tour through the “La Pearl between the Seas” this is its main tourist attraction, and it doesn't disappoint any tourist who passes by.

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