Cities in Uruguay: check out a list of 8 places to visit in Uruguay that you cannot miss on your itinerary across the country

It is no accident that the Uruguay has been a very popular country for tourists. The reasons are many: great restaurants, impressive architectural works, historic cities, a capital with progressive policies and beautiful landscapes.

Bordering Brazil and with easy access to the neighboring country, Brazilians do not need a visa to cross the borders, as well as natives of other countries that contemplate the agreement of the Mercosur.

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For these tourists it is possible to stay up to 90 days in the country and it is also not necessary to have a passport at the time of boarding. If you have an RG in perfect condition issued less than 10 years old, you can easily take your flight.

THE Uruguay is definitely entering the route of travelers looking to discover different places in South America. MMany people have discovered, on the Uruguayan coast, an organized country with different historical attractions to visit and live new experiences, whether getting to know the culture or tasting the Uruguayan gastronomy, this is a trip that fills anyone's eyes! 

In this article, we separate a list with 8 destinations to visit in Uruguay that cannot be missing from your itinerary across the country. THEDespite being a small country, Uruguay offers a wide variety of programs that appeal to all tastes, and some of these destinations will certainly surprise you.


cities in uruguay

Photo: hernansuarez28 / Pixabay

Of course, we'll start with the capital and most populous city in Uruguay. Montevideo It has a unique beauty, it is no wonder that it has been ranked several times as the city with the best quality of life in Latin America. Whether for its architecture, security, cleanliness, economic stability, cultural offer or for its beautiful beaches formed by the Rio del Plata, Montevideo need to be featured on your trip. 

This city certainly has the ability to provide tranquility and beauty around every corner with its elegant and ancient European architecture and, despite being the capital, it has a peaceful and very safe environment. Some of Montevideo's main landmarks include the city's old quarter, Puerta de la Ciudadela, Teatro Solis, and Parque Rodó.

The city also offers an excellent hotel structure, especially close to the waterfront. THE Hyatt Centric Montevideo is one of the most coveted for those who want a high standard accommodation, in a strategic location to get to know the city.

Punta del Este

most beautiful cities in uruguay

Beautiful cities to visit in Uruguay. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Famous for its casinos and glamour, with luxury hotels, exclusive restaurants, nightlife and beautiful beaches, Punta del Leste is indeed the most famous seaside town in Uruguay. It has recently gained a reputation for Saint Tropez from the mainland, thanks to its beautiful beaches, modern city and vibrant nightlife.

The city offers beautiful nature, La Mansa on the west side and La Brava on the east side are two beaches located in Punta. The first has gentle waves bathed by the Plate River and the second has more agitated waves from the Atlantic Ocean. This city is certainly one of the places to visit in uruguay.

Colonia del Sacramento

Photo: Philip Choi / Fickr Wikimedia Commons

Colonia del Sacramento is a popular destination, due to its proximity to Buenos Aires, located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, the place is highly charming – with its small houses and colonial streets. And what helps make this city so popular is its Historic center, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Colonia del Sacramento is considered the most charming and ancient Uruguayan city in the country, a stronghold for artists and bohemians.  

You can enjoy the waterfront with beautiful views of the Rio de la Plata, walk through the historic center or watch the sunset at Plaza de los Toros, both can be great walks. Colonia is one of the beautiful cities to visit in Uruguay, being a perfect place to relax, enjoy with family or on a romantic trip.


Photo: Pablo Castro / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

Known for being the first resort in Uruguay, it is also bathed by the waters of the Rio de la Plata, Piriapolis is often the summer vacation destination with its beaches, generally presenting white sands and calm waters, but mainly to the calm environment it offers.

One of the most famous attractions in Piriápolis is the Cerro Pan de Azucar, the third highest point in Uruguay. Nowadays the city has its economy focused on tourism, so it houses a wide range of services, including hotels, casinos, restaurants and a very lively nightlife. It is also worth visiting San Antonio Hill, where you can go up by cable car and enjoy the view from above.

Cabo Polonio

cities in uruguay

Beautiful cities to visit in Uruguay. Photo: Pixies / Pixabay

Cabo Polonio It is a small village by the sea on the Uruguayan coast. Its main attractions are a rustic farmhouse with sandy streets, wooden houses and a century-old lighthouse that allows you to enjoy the splendid surrounding landscape from the top.

Cabo Polonio is a protected area, wolf reserve marine and known as an ancient Uruguay's hippie retreat. Perfect destination for those who want to connect with nature somewhere other than Uruguay. 

Punta del Diablo

Photo: Max Pixel / Creative Commons Zero – CC0

Punta del Diablo has a relaxed atmosphere and “hippie chic” style places that enchant any tourist, the charming fishing village is about 300 km from the capital, Montevideo. Considered one of the best beaches for those who like to surf, Punta del Diablo has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Uruguay.

Your whimsical cuisine is a highlight of the region. The nightlife of this city is very lively, on the main avenue of Punta del Diablo there are several cool bars to start the night, but it is around 4:00 in the morning that the night/dawn of Punta del Diablo starts to boil in the nightclubs of the city.


cities in uruguay

Beautiful cities to visit in Uruguay. Photo: Carlo Biancardi / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

The city of jump it is not a popular tourist destination among foreigners visiting the country. Are just 2 hours from the border with Rio Grande do Sul. This friendly city in Uruguay is charming and has lots of green areas and historic buildings with beautiful architecture to be admired, such as Plaza Treinta y Tres and Teatro Larrañaga.

It is possible to do wine tourism and learn a little more about the region where the first seedlings of tannat, the country's flagship strain. The Daymán hot springs are a good option for those who want to escape the cold. Salto is 500 km from Montevideo, so you can't go on a day trip like many people do to Colonia or Punta. With its beautiful landscapes, Salto is undoubtedly one of the cities to visit in Uruguay


Photo: Rubem Porto Jr / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

Carmelo is another one of those small tourist towns in Uruguay that enchant. 70 km away from Colonia del Sacramento, it is a region that stands out for its wine production. The city is a romantic destination, luxury and dedicated to wine tourism. visit this peaceful city and enjoy walking in its beautiful and colorful parks or taking a dip in the river beaches. All this set makes Carmelo, on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, one of the most beautiful cities in Uruguay.

And to think that this wonderful country once belonged to Argentina and Brazil, but nowadays it is a free country with beautiful beaches and many tourist attractions. Discover and explore the places to visit in Uruguay are must-see.

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