The drop in pollution is one of the effects of social isolation around the world. Check out before and after pictures of some places: 

Last month, the quarantine in Italy and China reduces gas emissions to historic levels. Yet, for the first time in 30 years, the Himalayas became visible in India. In Italy, the Venice canals emerged with crystal clear waters that impressed everyone. Now, the effects of social isolation have also shown to be positive in relation to the drop in pollution elsewhere in the world.

Air pollution has reduced remarkably in recent days, which makes a lot of sense given that, according to CNN, a third of the world's population is at home with no cars on the road, and 96% of global destinations are maintaining flight restrictions. Measures are taken to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus around the world.

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Unfortunately, while the drop in pollution is noticeable in many destinations, experts believe these are only short-term effects and are unlikely to last after the pandemic. However, it is worth admiring before and after images that show the drop in pollution in different places around the world. Look:

fall pollution images world

The Yamuna River in New Delhi, India. photo: Reuters

Pollution drops on buildings in New Delhi, India. photo: Reuters

fall pollution images world

The Gateway of India monument in New Delhi. photo: Reuters

Pollution falling in the sky in New Delhi, India. photo: Reuters

fall pollution images world

Jakarta River, Indonesia. photo: Reuters

Milan, Italy. photo: Reuters

fall pollution images world

Canals in Venice, Italy. photo: Reuters

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