Train travel in Europe with cruise service: the newest luxury train operating in the country arrives in Ireland

Can you imagine being able to travel around Ireland in a completely different way and with all the comfort in the world? And when we say all the comfort in the world, we're not exaggerating: with the Belmond Grand Hibernian, from the legendary Belmond, every second of the trip can be enjoyed with the best in terms of gastronomy, comfort and exclusivity. Everything has been thought of down to the smallest detail to guarantee these unforgettable moments in the North Islands.

With an impeccable structure, the brand seeks to bring a service similar to that found in cruise trips. The luxury train welcomes passengers for a journey of up to six nights on board, passing through iconic landscapes of the country, such as the green hills, woods, viewpoints and the Irish coast. Belfast, Cork and Galway are just some of the cities visited on this itinerary.

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How much does it cost to travel in Ireland on the Belmond luxury train

Who wants to travel on the newest train in Belmond You will have to pay a minimum of 3,000 Euros, which can reach 10,000 Euros depending on the category and accommodation chosen. These values were researched on the date of publication of this text (Dec/2018) and that become justifiable when analyzing the benefits found on board.

THE Belmond Grand Hibernian has no less than 20 richly decorated suites, two dining cars, in which typically Irish meals are served based on seafood and other regional ingredients, and a team of 40 employees who are literally attentive throughout the day, aiming at the full comfort of guests. .

Starting from Dublin, the iconic luxury train is decorated with Georgian elements, as well as many others that reflect the fauna and flora of Ireland, and each car has a tribute to a local county.

The cozy mix of the old with the modern, watered with natural fabrics, slate and various elegant elements, can make the decision to leave the room difficult, but a glance through the car window will make you want to spend the whole day admiring the fields and all the landscapes that only Ireland has.

Belmond Grand Hibernian – Photo: Publicity

The journeys taken by the luxury train in Ireland

At the Belmond's official website it is possible to check all the information about the routes taken, such as departure date, duration time and values in Euro. It is also possible to book online in advance, which makes your trip even easier. Basically there are two defined paths, namely:

The path Taste of Ireland, for example, Northern Ireland is explored by rail in a unique itinerary, with emphasis on Belfast and the delights found in Waterford. The trip includes visits to interesting places such as The Titanic Experience museum.

Who chooses the path Legends and Loughs, in addition to the incredible train ride itself, the itinerary also includes visits to places such as Ashford Castle and an extra boat ride on Lough Leane Lake.

It is worth mentioning again that not all routes last six nights, but on all of them the amount paid already includes all meals and drinks consumed. In addition, another highlight of taking a train trip through Ireland is being able to count on the narration of local stories, spend time enjoying good live music performances, see works by local artists up close and still delight in the gastronomy. irish. A truly complete experience for anyone who wants to travel to Ireland and get to know it from a new angle.

Belmond Grand Hibernian – Photo: Publicity

about Belmond

Present in more than 20 countries, including Brazil, the giant Belmond, has an office in London and has in its collection more than 40 hotels, river cruises and trains, such as the Belmond Grand Hibernian.

And it doesn't matter if you plan to take a trip by land, along the rivers or simply choose a good hotel to stay: in all these contexts the promise of creating memorable experiences is taken seriously, with comfort and many memories for the return trip.

In addition to taking a trip through Ireland on one of the most luxurious trains in the world, with Belmond you can also, for example, stay in a room facing the Inca ruins in Peru, sleep next to the Iguazu Falls or have the neighboring Thailand's surreal landscapes.

Belmond Grand Hibernian – Photo: Publicity

Belmond Grand Hibernian – Photo: Publicity

Belmond Grand Hibernian – Photo: Publicity

Belmond Grand Hibernian – Photo: Publicity

Belmond Grand Hibernian – Photo: Publicity

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