Indispensable stop for wine lovers, Bento Gonçalves surprises with its delicious mountain atmosphere and enchanting routes that seem like a trip back in time. A member of the Serra Gaúcha, which brings together other cities in the Rio Grande do Sul, is the main wine-growing region of the Brazil, which houses the most renowned and awarded brands in the country of this almost magical drink. Not to mention that its landscapes are true jewels, much sought after by couples who want to enjoy romantic moments.

Bento Gonçalves


Bento Gonçalves

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With all this fame, you can already see that the great attractions revolve around the tours in wineries in the middle of the mountains, and among them, the TOP 1 is the Valley of the Vineyards, a Historical and Cultural Heritage of Rio Grande do Sul. Amidst the mountains and vines, some well-known wineries in Brazil are hidden, such as Miolo, Casa Valduga and Cooperativa Vinícola Aurora and Salton.

It's a waste to visit Bento Gonçalves and not book a tour to learn about the history of these very special places and, of course, enjoy good wines. For oenophiles, in January and February the grapes are harvested, that is, it is a good time to get to know the region and, who knows, help the farmers and live an even more magical experience.

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Another must-see is the route stone paths, also known as the Brazilian Tuscany. This fame is linked to its landscape and architecture composed of stone and wooden houses built by Italian immigrants, which were restored and today have become restaurants, craft houses and shops selling typical products from the region.

The most famous are: Casa da Ovelha, Casa do Tomate, Casa da Erva-Mate, Casa das Massas, Casa da Tecelagem. The route is only seven kilometers long, but it is mouth-watering. It is possible to taste sweets, beers, jams, fresh pasta, local delicacies and the traditional chimarrão. 

The city center, or Via del Vino, is a mandatory stop! And as is typical of the region, another tourist spot washed down with lots of wine. It is there that you can find the La Fontana fountain, which gushes wine (which is actually purple water). Once in the center, be sure to get lost in the charming and flowery streets, where there are churches, parks and museums to visit that keep the entire history of Bento Gonçalves

For those tourists who have time to spare, or even who wish to take a very different tour, it is worth taking the risk of boarding the Maria Fumaça Train, one of the great attractions of the Serra Gaúcha. She is a steam locomotive, reminiscent of old voyages. The route consists of 23 km between the city of Bento Gonçalves and Carlos Barbosa, which suffered interference from Italian immigration. However, this is not an ordinary trip, because during the journey, passengers watch artistic attractions, with lots of music, theater and dance. 

Bento Gonçalves and its Italian tradition guarantee an unusual gastronomic experience and enchanting landscapes, which mark the memory of every tourist who dares to discover this little piece of Serra Gaúcha. 

Bento Gonçalves

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