Discover all the beauties you can find in this privileged region of the northeast coast with our tips on the best beaches between Recife and João Pessoa

How about putting together a travel itinerary through the best beaches between Recife and João Pessoa? You can meet them through a road trip through the northeast coast or stay in one of the destinations and, from there, take trips to other beautiful places.

Extensive stretches of sand, surrounded by cliffs and many coconut trees, form beautiful beaches, bathed by crystalline and calm waters. In some of them it is possible to swim in natural pools or refresh yourself between the salt water of the sea and the fresh water of the rivers that flow into the shore.

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Therefore, we prepared this special post with tips on beaches to visit between Recife and João Pessoa. There are options for quieter places, perfect for those who just want to relax while enjoying the beach. As well as there are portions of sand with more structure and a lot of action, great for those traveling with friends.

The calm sea in this region favors the practice of water sports, such as diving, kayaking, windsurfing and stand-up paddle. In addition, some beaches have boardwalks that are great for walking, especially at dusk, when the sunset offers a wonderful spectacle. 

Discover the best beaches between Recife and João Pessoa

Want to know more? So, continue reading this post and discover everything you can find in the best beaches between Recife and João Pessoa.

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northeast coast

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Due to the proximity to the center of Olinda, Praia da Casa Caiada is one of the busiest in Pernambuco. 10 km away from Recife and 110 km from João Pessoa, this beach has thick, golden sands. The sea, in turn, has clear and calm waters, great for practicing sports, such as jet skiing and kayaking.

Its waterfront is full of large buildings and surrounded by a promenade that is usually full of people walking at dusk. Praia Casa Caiada is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy the sea with plenty of comfort and close to everything.

Maria Flour

best beaches between Recife and João Pessoa

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Located 30 km from Recife and 115 km from João Pessoa, Praia Maria Farinha is in the Pernambuco municipality of Paulista. With clear and calm waters, this peninsula is in a region where there is both salt and fresh water, where the Timbó River flows.

Surrounded by coconut trees, Praia Maria Farinha has white sand and is great for water sports, such as windsurf, kayaking, diving and jet-skiing. At low tide, boat trips take tourists to the caravels – small sandbars that emerge into the sea and reveal beautiful natural pools, full of fish.

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northeast coast

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An islet at the entrance of the Santa Cruz channel, in the municipality of Igarassu, Coroa do Avião is 560 meters long and 80 meters wide and is very close to the coast. It is located about 50 km from Recife and 103 km from João Pessoa.

Coroa do Avião has clear sand, some coconut trees, a little vegetation and a sea of calm and crystalline waters. And, despite being small, the islet has an excellent structure to receive tourists, with bars and kiosks.

To go there, you can hire a boat trip from the Nova Cruz pier, the Forte Orange beach or the Maria Farinha pier. Or, during low tide, when the sea recedes about 1000 meters at Praia da Gavoa, it is possible to walk to the islet.


northeast coast

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The city of Pitimbu is 65 km from João Pessoa and 93 km from Recife, and is considered the longest coastline on the entire coast of Paraíba, with 26 km of sand strips, 13 beaches and 4 estuaries. Currently, it is one of the highlights of tourism in the state and has gained recognition from travelers, who are enchanted by its natural beauties.

Among the attractions of Pitimbu, the natural pools of Farol stand out, located 1.5 km from the edge of the city's main beach. In addition, there it is possible to walk a trail in the mangrove or take quad bike rides along its beaches.


best beaches between Recife and João Pessoa

Photo: Ruy Carvalho / Wikimedia Commons

Another beautiful region of the coast of Paraíba, the Tamba Beach it is surrounded by colorful cliffs, corals and volcanic formations that form incredible natural pools. It is not for nothing that it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Paraíba. It is located in the municipality of Count, about 30 km from João Pessoa and 113.8 km from Recife.

In Tambaba, the sea has warm waters and the sands are clear. The atmosphere is quiet and there is not much movement of people, great for those who want to enjoy the beach in peace. And, so peaceful, Tambaba has an area reserved for the practice of naturism. In fact, it was the first beach of its kind in Brazil. The two environments are well separated and tourists who do not practice nudism can quietly enjoy the area open to the general public.

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Photo: Marinelson Almeida / Flickr

Neighboring Tambaba, Praia de Coqueirinho shares the same beauty, but with a little more hustle. More frequented by tourists, this beach can get very busy on weekends, but it is easy to understand why so many people seek it out.

With crystalline waters, in shades of green and blue, which contrast with the whiteness of the sands, surrounded by many coconut trees, Coqueirinho has an incredible view. To top it off, there are several freshwater sources and lots of rocks on the beach. Located in Conde, this beach in Paraíba is 30 km from João Pessoa and 116 km from Recife.


best beaches between Recife and João Pessoa

Northeastern coast: best beaches between Recife and João Pessoa. Photo: Marinelson Almeida / Flickr

With an idyllic view, Tabatinga Beach is another area of exuberant beauty in Conde, in the coast of Paraíba. It is next to Coqueirinho, 30 km from João Pessoa and 117 km from Recife, and is the perfect destination for those looking for tranquility.

Less frequented than the neighbor, Tabatinga has an extensive strip of sand, calm and crystalline sea and is surrounded by colorful cliffs and many coconut trees. There you can also choose between bathing in salty or fresh water, because there is a river that flows into the beach. 

Did you see how many amazing places to visit on this stretch of the northeast coast? At best beaches between Recife and João Pessoa guarantee an incredible itinerary to do next summer. What about?

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