Discover the charms of the Santa Catarina coast beaches

Considered as one of the most charming areas of the Brazilian coast, especially in the state of Santa Catarina, the city of firecrackers, with less than 20 thousand inhabitants, will surprise you with its oceanic beauty, which makes it considered the Capital of Ecological Diving. Travel to firecrackers is to let yourself be conquered with more than 30 beaches of crystalline waters, try different flavors in the local cuisine, in addition to being able to practice a series of water sports. The city is close to two airports, the closest being Navegantes and Florianopolis, in addition to having easy access to BR-101 and connection via intercity buses with several cities in the state.

Best beaches to visit in Bombinhas


The charming 1.5km from Bombinhas Beach, with white sand, crystal clear water and abundant gastronomy and commerce around, make it the busiest in the city. The place is a meeting point for youth, as there are several clubs and nightclubs in the city nearby. The hustle and bustle of the surroundings is a contrast to the serenity of the sea, which with few waves, ends up being a good choice for those who have small children or just want to relax in the water.

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Photo: via Flickr – zelivskeho

four islands

Much sought after by those who enjoy surfing, Quatro Ilhas Beach is considered one of the most paradisiacal on the coast of Brazil. From the shore it is possible to notice the geological constructions that gave the beach its name: the four islands of the city of firecrackers (Macuco Island, Galés Island, Deserta Island and Arvoredo Island). The white sand of the beach is adorned with small quartz crystals, making the scenery even more exuberant. The beach still carries a large concrete cross stuck in its sands and offers tourists the possibility of taking ecological trails on a hill with preserved vegetation, which is nearby. The gastronomy solves the problem of those who are hungry in the middle of the day, with the beach having some restaurants close to the shore.

Photo: Fernando Covatti

Sepultura Beach

As a refuge from the busiest beaches in firecrackers, especially in the height of summer, Praia da Sepultura is small and almost deserted. The softness of the sea at this point is such that it resembles a swimming pool. Much sought after by families with small children, by those who do not like crowded beaches and even by those who enjoy diving or practicing stand up paddle, Sepultura is a good option. The curious name comes from a legend from 1840, in which a slave would have died in a fight and his body was buried there.

Photo: Elaine Skowronski


Praia da Tainha is a perfect combination of tranquility and charm. With a viewpoint that allows visitors to see several Bombinhas beaches and some natural pools that form at low tide along the 200-meter length of the shore. For those who are with the family and looking to enjoy the day at sea, having fun with activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling. The sand has an exuberant golden hue and the shore is decorated with stones. Access is via a trail, starting from Praia da Conceição. As there is no infrastructure for tourism in the place, such as bars, it is legal to go prepared with water and food.

Photo: Osnildo Vieira Filho

Diving in Arvoredo Island

Among the numerous points recommended for the practice of diving in Bombinhas, perhaps the most worth your attention is Ilha do Arvoredo. It is part of a Marine Biological Reserve and access to the island is monitored by Ibama, to avoid degradation of the environment in the place. If you dare to discover this little gem on the coast of Santa Catarina, you won't regret it. But, be aware, only 20 people can go to the island per day, so you need to plan ahead. The visibility on the island, for diving, easily reaches 25 meters, due to its unparalleled transparency. Among the rich marine flora and fauna, tourists will be able to observe squid, fish, moray eels, crustaceans, groupers and other infinity of animals.

Photo: Ketty Altenhofen Tariga

Monkey Hill and 360° Eco Lookout

As a great alternative for those who are tired of the beach, Morro do Macaco combines several activities in one. Rising up to 191 meters above sea level, the hill demands from tourists a medium-intensity walk, lasting approximately 30 minutes. On the trail, it is possible to have contact with the well-preserved forest and even see the Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve. As the visitor goes up, the view of the coast, the sea and the islands becomes more and more beautiful. In the same region it is possible to take a trail that leads to the Mirante Eco 360° and enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the Bombinhas beaches and neighboring cities. Plus, attractions like a zip line and a small museum are worth a visit. The attractions are 6.5 km from the city center.

Photo: Fernando Covatti

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