the chime Lakes Region, at the Rio de Janeiro, It is also known as Costa Azul, the reason why the coastal waters stand out for their incredibly blue color.

In this article we indicate the best beaches of the three municipalities that are part of the Lagos Region: Arraial do Cabo, Cabo Frio and Búzios.

Praia das Pontal do Atalaia – Arraial do Cabo

Photo: Leonardo Shinagawa

This is without a doubt one of the great highlights of the region, elected as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia surprises tourists with its extremely clear waters and its paradisiacal scenery framed by Ilha do Farol in the background.

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Forno Beach – Arraial do Cabo

best beaches in the Lagos Region

Photo: Rodrigo Herhtel

Another highlight of Arraial do Cabo is Praia do Forno. Access to the attraction is only by trail or boat, which makes it a little more rustic. The attraction can also be explored with the two viewpoints that can be accessed at both ends of the beach.

Farol Beach – Arraial do Cabo

best beaches in the Lagos Region

Photo: Plínio Bordin

The attraction is located on Ilha do Farol, which is also an environmental reserve supervised by the navy, so it has a maximum number of visitors to enter the island, the calm and transparent waters refer to a Caribbean setting.

João Fernandes Beach – Buzios

best beaches in the Lagos Region

Photo: Hotel Casa Solar

The beach is surrounded by beautiful hotels, inns, resorts, Barra and restaurants, being perfect for those looking for a place with good infrastructure. Taking a small trail on the right side of the strip of sand, it is possible to access Praia de João Fernandinho.

Praia da Azeda and Azedinha – Búzios

best beaches in the Lagos Region

Photo: Leandro Macedo Gonçalves

With calm and relaxing waters, the beaches are easily accessible from the center of Búzios. There are no bars or restaurants at both attractions, just a few street vendors offering chairs and umbrella rental services.

Praia do Canto and Praia da Armação – Búzios

best beaches in the Lagos Region

Photo: Merci Rio

Both beaches are besieged on the shore that leads to the famous statue of the actress. Brigitte Bardot, on Rua das Pedras, where you can find some of the best bars, restaurants and shops in the city. Super suitable for a quiet walk and discover the charming streets of the city.

Praia das Conchas – Cabo Frio

Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Fábio Medeiros

The small beach with calm waters is very popular with residents of Cabo Frio and water sports practitioners. The beach takes its name because it has the exact shape of a shell when seen from above.

Japanese Island – Cabo Frio

best beaches in the Lagos Region

Photo: Marlen H

Another very famous attraction is Ilha do Japonês, a small sandbar covered with dense forest located in a paradisiacal area of the municipality. Access can be made by boat, swimming or on foot at low tide.

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