Paradises with white sand and a turquoise sea: find out which are the best beaches to enjoy in Panama 

You know that look of deserted and paradisiacal beaches that we see in the movies, with crystal clear water, palm trees swaying slightly and soft sand? It is possible to visit places like this in Panama, which concentrates some of the most amazing places you will be able to know. With scenic views and untouched nature, the country is still bathed by two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific.

In addition, Panamanian beaches offer an advantage: most of them still do not suffer from the massive tourism found in other famous Caribbean destinations. As they are quite preserved and, in some cases, difficult to access, the best way to visit these beaches is through transfer services in panama. The CONEXÃO PANAMÁ agency, for example, offers transportation with Portuguese-speaking guides departing from the country's capital.

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So, now that you know how to get there, get to know some of the best beaches to enjoy in Panama and include in your itinerary. 

Best beaches in Panama

Bastimentos Island

Der Red Frog Beach ist Teil des Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park.

Isla Bastimentos also belongs to the Bocas del Toro archipelago. The island is one of the largest in the region and also known for having one of the best beaches to enjoy in Panama, Red Frog Beach, one of the most frequented in the country. 

The beach offers accommodation options integrated with nature, perfect waves for surfing, native forest and friendly inhabitants: red frogs that inspired its name. In addition to Red Frog, Isla Bastimentos has many other preserved paradises such as Playa Larga, Cayman Beach, Turtle Beach, among others.

San Blas

Photo: lapping / Pixabay

THE San Blas Archipelago not just one beach to visit in Panama, but more than 360 paradise islands that seem to have come out of a painting. Bathed by the Caribbean Sea and located opposite Panama City, San Blas can be accessed aboard boats that carry out tours in the region. 

The islands are managed by the local indigenous people, the Kunas, so they are quite unspoilt and lack luxurious accommodation options. On the other hand, a lot of untouched nature, primitive and practically deserted beaches. 

Isla Carenero

Best beaches to enjoy in Panama

Photo: dronepicr / Wikimedia Commons

Located in the Bocas del Toro archipelago, Isla Carenero is the closest to the city of Bocas Town, capital of the Panamanian province. Despite being small – it is possible to walk all over the island in less than an hour – it is a great option for those who want a cozy and peaceful climate, outside the tourist circuit of beaches in the region. 

However, there are good hotel options, as well as great restaurants for those who enjoy seafood. The beaches are famous for surfing, but it is also possible to rent kayaks or SUP to explore their beauties.  

Cayos Zapatillas

Photo: dronepicr / Wikimedia Commons

One of the main beaches of the archipelago Bocas del Toro, on the northern coast of the Panamanian Caribbean, Cayos Zapatillas offers two small islands for visitation, Zapatilla I and Zapatilla II. In both, the scenery is the best you would expect: coconut trees, white and soft sand and a sea with incredibly crystalline waters, perfect for snorkeling. In addition, several trails with untouched vegetation, tropical forests and mangroves make the scenery even more attractive, leading to several practically deserted beaches. 

Coiba Island

Best beaches to enjoy in Panama

Photo: Roman Königshofer / flickr

Coiba is the largest island within the Coiba National Park, a true ecological sanctuary located on the Pacific coast. The park, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, maintains more than 80% of its preserved nature. Limited access is provided through tourist agencies in Panama that carry out the tour. 

Arriving there, the visitor finds several species of animals, some of them threatened with extinction and others endemic to the region. Practically uninhabited and with beautiful beaches, it is possible to go hiking, diving and being surprised by dolphins, turtles and other marine animals that inhabit Coiba Island. 

Contadora Island

Photo: dronepicr / Wikimedia Commons

Isla Contadora is a place not yet well known by Brazilians. However, if you have a trip to the country planned, you should consider visiting this one, which is one of the best beaches to enjoy in Panama. 

Located in the Las Perlas Archipelago, which has more than 200 islands, Isla Contadora is a favorite among tourists. This is because it offers the greatest infrastructure in the region and, in addition, it also offers more than 10 paradisiacal and practically deserted beaches. In some of them, it is even possible to observe dolphins and whales.  

island colon

Best beaches to enjoy in Panama

photo: Shutterstock

Isla Colón is the most famous of the Bocas del Toro archipelago, where Bocas Bocas Town is located, the capital of the place and where the main options for accommodation and restaurants are located. However, the island offers several beaches with natural pools and surf spots. 

One of the must-see beaches is Playa Estrella, which offers a sea of crystal clear waters adorned with an infinity of starfish. For those who prefer a less crowded option, Playa Bluff is quieter and popular with surfers, especially from December to March. 

How to visit the best beaches in Panama 

As they are located in isolated areas full of nature, the best beaches in Panama can be visited by hiring a country transfer service. Tours can be booked directly in Panama City, from where most tours depart. CONEXÃO PANAMÁ, based in the Panamanian capital, is an agency specializing in itineraries around the country and offers guides who speak Portuguese. It is possible to book tours while in Brazil, even before your trip. 

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