From north to south, discover the best beaches in Florianópolis for a trip full of adventures, sea, sun and cold water to energize 

Florianopolis, also known as “Magic Island”, is a surfers paradise, for having in its territory several beaches with seas that favor the formation of waves, however, the place is also a diversion for tourists, in search of party and beauties natural areas, which will hardly be disappointed, with so many options for tours. The island is capital of Santa Catarina and despite so many attractions, is only 54 km long, that is, it is possible to walk along beaches from north to south without any difficulties. 

To get around the region, you can use public transport, such as buses that run through all the tourist spots, or use taxis and ubers, which are a good option and there is a wide range of vehicles in the city. Just be careful, because during holidays and especially New Year, traffic gets chaotic. Now, an important factor to consider is the style of the beaches: in the north of the island the waters are usually warmer and more pleasant, since they are in the ocean and the depth is smaller. Now, in the south and east are colder waters, because they have contact with the open sea and receive cold currents more easily. But with so many options, it's impossible not to find one that has more to do with your style. 

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Best beaches to visit in Florianopolis

Joaquina Beach 

best beaches in florianopolis

Photo: Camilla Costa Gonçalves / Wikimedia Commons

It is impossible to visit Florianópolis and not know the Joaquina Beach and its dunes that make the look of the place even more special. It is a place frequented by surfers, since the sea is very rough. With an extensive waterfront, it is also an option to spend the day relaxing and enjoying the view, without missing out on the nearby bars and restaurants.  

» Options for hotels and inns in Praia da Joaquina.

Praia Mole 

best beaches in florianopolis


Despite the name, Praia Mole is not easy, on the contrary, as it is located in the open sea, the waves are very strong, which makes tourists happy and is a great option for a paragliding tour. It is a wilder and more preserved beach, ideal for disconnecting. 

» Options for hotels and inns in Praia Mole.

Praia dos Ingleses

english floripa

Photo: Jefferson Felix / Wikimedia Commons

If you don't like the cold sea, the Praia dos Ingleses It's going to conquer, but don't expect warm waters either, since we're talking about Floripa. In addition to this attraction, the beach is part of a neighborhood of the same name that guarantees good options for restaurants, shops and even accommodation for tourists, which leads many to flee the most common and central places in exchange for tranquility.

» Options for hotels and inns in Praia dos Ingleses.

Barra da Lagoa

Barra da Lagoa

Photo: Oscar Fava / Wikimedia Commons

Simplicity and a lot of charm, that's what tourists find in Barra da Lagoa, a small district of Florianópolis. On the sand, there is a good structure of tents and restaurants to enjoy the day. In addition, the sea is usually calmer in a part of the beach, which makes it a good place to take children. Another attraction are the natural pools of Barra da Lagoa, which can be accessed by a small trail. 

» Options for hotels and inns in Barra da Lagoa.

Mozambique beach 

best beaches in florianopolis

Photo: Adriana Cigognini / Wikimedia Commons

Praia de Moçambique is a continuation of Barra da Lagoa, as there is no physical barrier separating it from one another. It is the longest coastline in Florianópolis, with 8.5 km long, so it is suitable for those who want peace and avoid crowds. Unlike its sea, which is very rough, with wide waves, as it is an open sea beach with untouchable beauty. 



Photo: Alles Klar / Wikimedia Commons

Another beach with an extensive shore, 3 km of pure natural beauty and also an option for those looking for peace and rest on a trip. Its waves are also strong and it is very frequented by tourists, who show their skills in this greenish and crystalline sea. Even those who do not practice the sport take a break to watch this mixture of landscapes, which make Campeche even more special. 

» Options for hotels and inns in Praia do Campeche.

Campeche Island 

best beaches florianopolis

Photo: rediscoveringtheworld

considered one of the best beaches in Florianopolis, Campeche Island has crystal clear waters and snorkeling, tourists can see different types of marine animals, since its nature is very preserved and few people visit the place daily, because access is difficult. In fact, an important detail is how to get there. You have to go by boat or schooner, with tours departing from Praia do Campeche, Armação or Barra da Lagoa. 

Jurerê Internacional

floripa beaches

Photo: Tiago Vidal Dutra / Flickr

Jurerê Internacional It is one of the best known places in Florianópolis, as it is frequented by many celebrities. It is a luxurious condominium, full of mansions and chic hotels, which give this part of the coast an air of Miami Beach.

In high season, accommodation options are scarce, as there is a lot of demand for tourists from various parts of the globe. Another feature of Jurerê are the electronic music clubs, which fill the beachfront and promote parties with lots of champagne. Now, the beach, open to the public, has a calm sea and a very small shore, which is usually taken by stalls. 

» Options for hotels and inns in Jurerê Internacional.

Galheta beach

Florianopolis beaches

Photo: Oscar Fava / Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking to live a different experience, Praia da Galheta is the right place for that, as it is frequented by people who are adept at naturalism, however, there are no restrictions to attend the place. The visit is worth it, because it is a beach with clear waters, of untouchable beauty. There are only 950m of coastline, but with rustic and preserved airs, without any structure, ideal to take a moment of peace and quiet.

Access also requires minimal effort, you need to take a short, easy-level 20-minute trail that starts at Praia Mole. Now, if the objective is adventure, there is another, longer, medium difficulty way from Barra da Lagoa. There's something for every style of traveler. 

Armação Beach

Photo: AlexandreMachado / Wikimedia Commons

one more of beaches in Florianopolis for those looking for peace in the midst of nature, Praia da Armação, despite having a structure of kiosks and restaurants, is usually less frequented by tourists, which gives it an air of tranquility, especially because it is located in a fishing colony. In addition, it is a starting point for some famous boat trips on the island, such as Lagoinha do Leste, Praia do Matadeiro and Ilha do Campeche. 

» Options for hotels and inns in Praia da Armação.

Lagoinha do Leste

Photo: Pxhere / Wikimedia Commons

Last but not least, Lagoinha do Leste is another option for a tour in Florianopolis. It is another beach with difficult access, which guarantees an air of exclusivity and preservation. With soft and very white sands, it cannot be missing in any travel itinerary. Now, stay tuned, because to get there, you can go by boat, or if you prefer to add a touch of adventure to the tour, go by trail. One of them starts in Pântano do Sul and the other in Praia do Matadeiro. Just choose, it is worth remembering that both are in dense forest, which will require a lot of physical effort, but the reward is an untouchable landscape, which you will not find in many places. 

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