Beaches in Porto Seguro: travel with hustle and bustle! Discover the best beaches in one of the main destinations in Bahia. 

THE Bahia is very popular with tourists from all over the world, because it hides many magical places, such as safe harbor, where our country was discovered. Pedro Álvares Cabral was extremely lucky to disembark from his voyages in the region and still enjoy all the best that it has to offer: abundant nature and paradise beaches. Porto Seguro is a landmark in the history of Brazil and for tourism as well, as in addition to being one of the most cost-effective options in the Northeast, it has attractions that appeal to different audiences. 

Located almost 700 km from Salvador, safe harbor has a historic center that is listed by Iphan (Institute of National Historic Heritage) and which is divided between Cidade Alta and Baixa and brings together some tourist attractions, such as Marco do Descobrimento, churches and the famous Passarela do Descobrimento, also known as Passarela do Descobrimento. Alcohol, the hottest spot for nightlife. However, despite housing such important places for our history, visiting the destination and not knowing its beaches is undoubtedly a great waste. 

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Check the best beaches in Porto Seguro and choose the one that best suits your travel style. 

Taperapuã beach  

Photo: Marcio Filho / Flickr

Where the hustle of Porto Seguro lives! If you are looking for a beach in Porto Seguro that has fun, Taperapuã is the right place and it is just 7 km from the city center.

Its calm and warm waters contrast with the mega structure of the tents that surround the shore, such as TôaTôa, Axé Moi and Barramares and offer lunch, drinks and lots of entertainment with music, shows and even lambaeróbica. It's hard to stop. Now, learn more about these tents, so sought after. 

Axé Moi

Travel to Safe Harbor: Axé Moi. Photo: reproduction

As its name suggests, what is not lacking in this cleisure complex is axé and lots of partying! It is the largest structure, 200 m inside a beach in Brazil and offers visitors shows that last all day with artists and dance companies. Boredom passes away when tourists choose this tent to have fun and enjoy Bahian cuisine. 

Tôa Tôa

Photo: Marcio Filho / Flickr

The competition from the stalls in Porto Seguro is great, TôaTôa it is the closest to the center and offers guests umbrellas, sun loungers and a lot of comfort. It has a stage where all-day performances by artists, dance classes and even a humor show take place. All this with a view of the beach of Taperapuã in the background. 


Porto Seguro Beaches

Photo: Marcio Filho / Flickr

Located between a river and the sea, Barramares is a mandatory stop in Porto Seguro. It is the last tent on Taperapuã beach and its structure is considered one of the biggest in Brazil. It has wooden bridges for visitors to cross to get from one point to another. And of course, Porto Seguro is synonymous with partying, in Barramares it would be no different. There are shows, luau and lots of dancing. 

Santa Cruz de Cabralia

Porto Seguro Beaches

Photo: reproduction

Santa Cruz de Cabrália is a city that is 23km from Porto Seguro and, unlike its neighbor, it is a destination for those looking for peace and tranquility. Comprised of bucolic villages and 35 km of coastline, it is truly a hidden paradise. Its almost deserted beaches have very clear waters and are protected by reefs with natural pools. For those looking for an option to spend the day, Praia Coroa Vermelha is recommended, as it offers some tents along its length. Now, surfers and windsurfers are present in Arakakaí, where the sea is rougher. Now, if the goal is to be isolated, be sure to visit Lençois and Mutá beach.

Muta Beach 

trip to safe harbor

Travel to safe harbor: Praia do Mutá. Photo: reproduction

Praia do Mutá is in Porto Seguro, on the border with Santa Cruz de Cabrália, unlike urban beaches, it is quieter and has a few options of tents or kiosks to spend the day. It is ideal for taking a bath in the sea and even reading on the sand to relax. A good choice for families with children. 

red crown

trip to safe harbor

Photo: reproduction

Recommended for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Porto Seguro's tents, it's a place to rest your mind, with no sign of axé. It is formed by a cove of calm calms and clear, in addition to having a center with craft shops and churches. It was there that the first mass was held in Brazil.  

Arraial d'Ajuda

Porto Seguro Beaches

Photo: reproduction

Arraial d'Ajuda is a neighboring district of safe harbor. To get there, just cross a ferry and that's it, you'll be there! It is a place where many people choose to stay, as it offers good and more economical options. In addition to having a lively nightlife, with many bars and restaurants. And, of course, its beaches are the main reason for tourists to visit. It is worth mentioning Praia do Mucugê, which is the closest to the center, but urban with a good structure of tents. Now, for an impressive look, be sure to include in the list Pitinga and Taípe, which offer a blue sea and cliffs, very common in the region. It's a tour to enjoy the best and most beautiful things about nature. 

Mirror Beach

trip to safe harbor

Travel to safe harbor: Praia do Espelho. Photo: Marcio Filho / Flickr

Located in the district of Trancoso, which is 47 km (by ferry) and 77 km (by road) from Porto Seguro, the Mirror Beach It is a place for those looking for rest and contact with the pure beauty of the place, which is famous for its natural pools. Not to mention the cliffs of different colors that form the perfect setting for a complete photo book. It is even more beautiful when the weather conditions are favorable, as the sea really looks like a mirror, hence its name. Is enchanting! 

In addition, it is a beach to spend a quiet day, as the options of bars and restaurants are located in its neighbor, Praia de Curuípe. There are some inns in the area, but be willing to pay a good amount for accommodation, as it is a more expensive location. Most people stay in Arraial d' Ajuda and take a day trip to the beach. 

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