Discover the best cities to visit in the Czech Republic. Check out 7 charming destinations in the country:

THE Czech republic it has become a favorite tourist destination for many travelers yearning for something outside the traditional European destinations. It is a favorite destination for those who enjoy ancient architecture, partly because this small country was largely untouched during the world war and partly because the area has been owned by many different nations with different architectural influences over the last millennium. The result is an enchanting step back into a fairytale world. Discover the best places to visit in the Czech Republic.

Cities to visit in the Czech Republic


The fourth largest in the Czech Republic is known worldwide as the home and birthplace of pilsen beer. For those looking for tours to admire the city's architecture, St. Bartholomew's Cathedral and the Great Synagogue are must-see attractions. Another program that cannot be missed is visiting the local breweries, such as Pilsner Urquell, one of the most famous in the city.

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Cities to visit in the Czech Republic

Cities to visit in the Czech Republic. Photo:Michal Ritter / Wikimedia Commons


Litomichl is a town in the Pardubice region. The city has a well-preserved historic center and its castle and gardens have been classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1999.

Cities to visit in the Czech Republic.

Cities to visit in the Czech Republic. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Olomouc is one of the most beautiful cities in Moravia in the east of the Czech Republic. The city was founded next to the Morava river as a royal city at the beginning of the 13th century, its oldest settlement and has outstanding monuments, such as the Episcopal Cathedral of Saint Wenceslao and the Episcopal Palace that draws attention from afar with its typical windows of the romanic period.


Cities to visit in the Czech Republic. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is the second most visited destination in the country after Prague. The city hosts an important international film festival and has been the scene of several films. Crooked cobblestone streets and old-fashioned facades with bright colors make Cesky Krumlov a very beautiful and original destination. Its streets are full of interesting shops, succulent food that conveys all the charm that the Czech Republic has to offer.

Destinations in the Czech Republic.

Destinations in the Czech Republic. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Kutna Hora

This small town 66 km from Prague experienced a long period of economic decline with the end of the region's silver exploration in the 17th century and, thanks a little to that, it still keeps its Gothic and Baroque architectural ensemble completely intact. A walk towards Santa Barbara Cathedral, a ten-minute walk from the city center, is one of the best ways to experience the melancholy atmosphere of the city, which is also on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Destinations in the Czech Republic. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Cesky Krumlov

One of the most picturesque places in Europe, this small medieval town surrounded by the Vltava river has a unique atmosphere and incomparable beauty. The grand 13th century castle dominates the landscape, punctuated by a sea of red roofs. It has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1992.

Czech Republic destinations

Cities to visit in the Czech Republic. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


This gem of the Vltava River has a culturally large and important history. Prague was the capital of Bohemia and the Roman Empire. The city flourished both during the Gothic and Renaissance eras. Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic and one of the most culturally rich and diverse in all of Europe, being among the 10 most visited on the continent.

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