From the south to the north of the country, discover charming destinations to visit on your July vacation in Brazil

on account of school recess, many Brazilians decide to take the deserved vacation during the month of july. Brazil offers numerous attractive tourist destinations that range from tropical deserts to incredible idyllic beaches.

Whether to enjoy the heat of the northeast or to catch a chill in the south, we selected a list with the best destinations in Brazil to visit in July. Choose the place that best suits you and set out to explore Brazil.

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National destinations to visit in July

Lençóis Maranhenses – MA

National destinations to visit in July

Photo: Artur Warchavchik / Wikimedia Commons

If you've been waiting for the moment to visit the Maranhão sheets, enjoy the time of July vacations. During this period, the lagoons in the middle of the dunes are full, due to the rains of the previous months. In addition, the heat is not so intense, so you can enjoy and walk around the place calmly.

Piaçabuçu – AL

Photo: Foz Lighthouse Ecotourism

One of the places to go on vacation in july It's Piaçabuçu, the famous mouth of the São Francisco River, which contains dunes around it. As the city is quite small, it is a good idea to visit during the high season of the holidays, because the flow of people is greater and tourists can find information about the tour of Velho Chico more easily.

Historic cities of Minas - MG

National destinations to visit in July

Photo: Kelvin Martins / Wikimedia Commons

Among our tips places to travel on vacation could not miss the historic cities of Minas, how diamond, Black gold, straps, Mariana, Sabará and São João del Rei. In addition to the charming colonial architectural sets, the cities are surrounded by nature, offering outdoor walks on trails that provide access to incredible waterfalls and viewpoints.

Beautiful – MS

National destinations to visit in July

Photo: Marcel Favery / Wikimedia Commons

With a pleasant heat during the day and a chill at night, Beautiful joins our list of where to go on vacation in july. This period of winter is the dry season, that is, there is almost no rain and the rivers are more crystalline, making it easier for anyone to experience the fluctuations.

Monte Verde – MG

Photo: Disclosure

Monte Verde is known for its architecture inspired by European buildings and for its gastronomy. Located high in the mountains, the city is at its peak during the July vacations during the winter season, because it brings all its culture of production of cold clothes. In addition, for ecotourism lovers, enjoy the moment without rain and explore the forests that surround the city on the various trails available or on the incredible ride on quad bikes.

Hot Park – GO

Photo: Disclosure

Water parks are good any time of year, but the one with natural hot water is even better in winter. THE hot park works with different entertainment scenarios, from more extreme attractions for adventurers, to calm rivers and environments for adults and children to have fun.

Embaú Guard - SC

Photo: Vinicius Cruz / Wikimedia Commons

To enjoy a different environment and not leave the beach aside, even in colder times, an option of places to go on vacation in july and the Embaú Guard. Accessed through a river, the most isolated spot is great for surfing and is close to the capital of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis.

Nobles - MS

National destinations to visit in July

Photo: Renata Menezes Severiano / Wikimedia Commons

To escape the winter a little, very similar to the city of Bonito, nobles part of our tips where to go on vacation in july. The place is marked by the natural aquariums, where visitors can swim and float alongside marine species, in addition to discovering more about the local fauna and flora.

Jericoacoara - CE

National destinations to visit in July

Photo: Anderps / Wikimedia Commons

Whoever thinks that is wrong Jericoacoara it's a place just to be visited in the heat. In fact, during the July holidays, the dry season occurs, so it rains less and visitors end up enjoying the beaches and dunes scattered around the environment much more.

Natal, RN

Photo: Luiz Antonio Mendes / Flickr

Known for its immensity of dunes, Christmas It is one of places to travel on vacation, because it is not in the rainy season like in the summer. But in addition, the breezes remain pleasant and the sun is strong, so it is possible to enjoy the beaches and lagoons near the capital of Potiguar with tranquility.

Morro de Sao Paulo - BA

National destinations to visit in July

Photo: Marcos Dias / Flickr

Sao Paulo hill It is one of national destinations most visited in July holidays.The island is close to Salvado and has calm and idyllic beaches full of natural pools. In addition to the scenic landscapes, the island also stands out for its fun nightlife.

Capitol - MG

Photo: Leonardo Augusto de Moura Martins / Wikimedia Commons

To get to know Lago das Furnas, you don't have to go only during the summer, Capitol It is one of places to go on vacation in july without fear. Of course, to take a dip in the cold waters of the waterfalls, maybe a little courage is needed, however, nothing prevents you from getting to know the city, exploring the cuisine and handicrafts.

Piranhas - AL

National destinations to visit in July

Photo: Marcelo N Valente / Wikimedia Commons

like the heat in piranhas It is intense, during the summer it is very difficult to bear the high temperatures of the Alagoas hinterland. Therefore, the July vacations are the ideal time to visit the city, being able to walk through the Historic Center and walk through the Cangaço Route peacefully.

Costa do Conde - PB

Photo: Cacio Murilo / MTur

THE Costa do Conde is one of the most famous destinations in the Paraíba, as it has paradisiacal beaches and offers tranquility for visitors. It is one of places to travel on vacation because the sun is not so strong and the sea water never looks so cold.

Beach Park – CE

National destinations to visit in July

Photo: Disclosure

Next to Strength, who never dreamed of venturing into the Beach Park? The place offers radical and other more gentle activities for those who want to relax. As during the winter the tours to the place are reduced, the number of queues for the attractions is consequently smaller and the park is more empty.

Serra Gaúcha - RS

Photo: Disclosure

Thinking where to go on vacation in july, a Serra Gaúcha could not miss. With a European winter climate, the place has temperatures that are often negative, and who knows, some frost. Take the opportunity to enjoy the winter festivals and drink lots of hot chocolate and wine.

Campos do Jordão – SP

National destinations to visit in July

Photo: Disclosure

Like Monte Verde, Campos do Jordão is located high in the mountains and is one of the highest regions in the country. It's definitely one of places to go in july, because there you can enjoy ecotourism and discover the shopping center, which bears traces of classic European architecture.

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