Best destinations to celebrate Mother's Day: We list amazing destinations to visit with your mother and keep great memories

Travel with your mom it can be an incredible experience and a moment of great complicity to be kept in memory. After all, nothing is more incredible than taking the ones we love to enjoy the most beautiful places that this world has in store for us.

Sunday is the day of celebrate mother's day, a moment to enjoy and celebrate this very special date. But how about booking a few days, a weekend or even the next vacation to embark with your mother for a dream destination?

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This, without a doubt, would be an opportunity to live new experiences, discover new places, cultures and attractions. We list some perfect destinations to enjoy with your mom.  

Campos do Jordão

Campos do Jordão It is located at the highest point of Serra da Mantiqueira, in São Paulo, which guarantees a cozy climate and thermometers that can register negative temperatures. your mother will love stroll through the charming city which features houses with Swiss and Norman architecture. Bustling, the city has a lively nightlife and varied cuisine. In addition, there are many natural beauties and a scenery with beautiful mountains.

Photo: Marco Ankosqui / Mtur


If your mother appreciates charming places, she will certainly be enchanted by San Carlos de Bariloche. Located in the south of Argentina, it is a charming destination that brings together lakes, snowy mountains and natural beauty. full of attractions. Can you imagine taking your mother to enjoy a Argentine tango with an amazing view of the city lit up at night? Other than that, she can risk ski lessons on one of the many ski slopes in the region.  

Photo: Buenaventuramariano / iStockphoto


Traveling to Paraty is like traveling back in time. the charming city on the coast of Rio de Janeiro brings together historical buildings and nature in a stunning setting. Your mother will be delighted with the historic center of Paraty and its cobblestone streets. Another option is to take a schooner ride along the crystal-clear sea that bathes the city and, finally, have dinner in one of the charming restaurants in Paraty.

Best destinations to celebrate Mother's Day

Photo: Rogério Cassimiro / MTUR


In Curitiba, Paraná, there is no shortage of options to please your mother. The city has several attractions, from a leisurely stroll through one of its parks, to a visit to museums with incredible exhibitions. One tip is the city's Botanical Garden, a true postcard that yields beautiful photographic records. Others must-see places are the Wire Opera, Tiradentes Square and the Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

Photo: Renato Soares / MTUR


Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions of italy, with medieval towns, beautiful vineyards and an enchanting landscape. Have you ever thought about taking your mother to see this real movie scene? There are many things to do in the region, such as visiting Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, and departing from there to small and charming medieval towns, full of charming houses, churches and squares.

Best destinations to celebrate Mother's Day

Photo: Jenifoto / iStockphoto


THE french capital concentrates art, history and glamor in one place. Just imagine taking a walk with your mother on the River Seine and having an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower in the background? Nothing compares to the Louvre Museum and all its impressive works. At the end of the afternoon, the tip is to visit one of the many Parisian cafes and enjoy all the atmosphere and charm that only one of the most beautiful destinations in the world can book.

Best destinations to celebrate Mother's Day.

Best destinations to celebrate Mother's Day. Photo: Mariamichelle / Pixabay

Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires capital is one of the cities most vibrant in South America. Buenos Aires will certainly surprise your mother with the diversity of attractions, whether for the bustling nightlife, the richness of the gastronomy or the beautiful buildings that give the city an air of a European metropolis. There are museums, parks and must-see places to visit. A tip is a walk through the classic Plaza de Mayo or a stroll through the oldest residential neighborhood in Buenos Aires, San Telmo. Don't miss out on a wonderful Argentine tango show.

Best destinations to celebrate Mother's Day.

Photo: SamyStClair / iStockphoto


If your mother loves nature Bonito might be the perfect destination. The city, which is located in Mato Grosso do Sul, is a true sanctuary of exuberant natural beauty. You can't help but be impressed by the possibilities of tours around the region, such as floating down the Sucuri River, one of the most crystalline in Brazil. Another must-see is the Macaws Hole, a place for contemplation of animals and observation of nature.

Best destinations to celebrate Mother's Day.

Best destinations to celebrate Mother's Day. Photo: Disclosure Sucuri Agency

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