Whether in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, on the beach, in the mangrove or in the sertão, you can live unforgettable experiences on the best ecotourism tours in Paraíba

Are you a nature-loving traveler who likes destinations that focus on contact with the environment? So, you need to read this post with tips on the best ecotourism tours to discover in Paraíba.

THE Paraíba has incredible landscapes, with several natural attractions that enchant both for their beauty and diversity. Whether in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, in the sertão, on the beach or in the mangroves, there are options for all types of travelers who love the ecotourism.

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You can go climbing, abseiling and trekking, as well as exploring archaeological sites, with cave inscriptions and unusual rock formations. In addition, it is possible to visit the manatee preservation site or tour the beautiful Costa do Conde, with its incredible beaches. There are so many options that it is difficult to choose which one to see first.

That's why we've prepared these tips to help you know which ones are the best. ecotourism tours to discover in Paraíba. In this way, you will be able to put together a very nice itinerary for your next trip. Let's go?

Discover the best ecotourism tours in Paraíba

Itacoatiaras do Ingá


Photo: Claudio JJ / Wikimedia Commons

one of five largest archaeological sites in Brazil, at Itacoatiaras do Ingá are impressive rock inscriptions on a large stone – petroglyphs. The place is also known as Pedra do Ingá and is 38 km from Campina Grande and 96 km from João Pessoa.

The Itacoatiaras do Ingá archaeological site was the first to be protected in Brazil and can be visited every day of the week. Take the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum, which brings together objects related to archaeological research, fossils and a replica of a mummy. In addition, when visiting the petroglyphs, you will have the opportunity to see curious rock formations, resulting from the action of the river waters on the stones.

APA of Barra do Rio Mamanguape

ecotourism in paraíba

Photo: Lena Bezerra / Wikimedia Commons

Created to protect 5,700 hectares of mangroves, the Environmental Protection Area (APA) of Barra do Rio Mamanguape It is a great option for those who enjoy ecotourism. It is located in Rio Tinto, 64 km from the capital of Paraíba, João Pessoa.

The site is the habitat of the manatee and hosts the National Center for Aquatic Mammals, related to the Manatee Project, which aims to preserve this species. In addition, the APA of Barra do Rio Mamanguape gathers beaches, Atlantic Forest, restinga, beach lagoons, estuary, sandstone reefs and cliffs. It is worth knowing the work of preservation of the area, as well as enjoying all the beauty of this place.

Lajedo Marinho

paraíba ecotourism

Photo: Disclosure

Among the best ecotourism tours to discover in Paraíba, it is worth visiting the Lajedo do Marinho. Full of rocks – some with very unusual shapes – the place is a great option for those who like to camp and enjoy beautiful landscapes. Lajedo do Marinho is located in the city of Boqueirão, 45 km from Campina Grande and 207 km from the capital João Pessoa.

There is a rural camping site that welcomes tourists from all over the world. Several tents take over Lajedo do Marinho and, at night, there is always a bonfire with a conversation circle to enjoy the beauty of the place. During the day, there are several trails to walk around Lajedo. It is the perfect environment for those who love ecotourism.

Lajedo do Pai Mateus

nature in paraiba

Photo: Ruy Carvalho / Wikimedia Commons

Located in the heart of the Paraíba hinterland, Lajedo do Pai Mateus impresses with its unusual beauty: a large rocky base full of giant stones (more than 100), some up to 4 meters high. The stunning setting is an archaeological site located in the city of Cabaceiras, 200 km from João Pessoa.

The boulders, as the rounded blocks of rock are known, are about 500 million years old. Before buried, they emerged to the surface with the action of time and formed an incredible landscape. Some rocks have cave inscriptions attributed to the Cariri Indians, who inhabited the area 12,000 years ago.

It is worth making many clicks at Lajedo do Pai Mateus. To visit the area, it is necessary to pay a fee and be accompanied by a guide from the Hotel Fazenda Pai Mateus.

Crossing the Matacões

João Pessoa ecotourism

Photo: Disclosure

The Crossing of the Matacões is a trekking amazing that, in addition to allowing you to see beautiful landscapes, reveals cave inscriptions and prehistoric vestiges of people who inhabited the Cariri region, in the south of Paraíba.

It is the perfect tour for those who love ecotourism. The Travessia dos Matacões begins at Lajedo Salambaia – the largest in Latin America – and continues through surprising places, such as the Muralhas do Cariri. It's a 15 km walk. The entire route is done within the Cariri Environmental Protection Area (APA). Located in the city of Cabaceiras, Travessia dos Matacões is 200 km from João Pessoa.

Pedra da Boca State Park

ecotourism destinations in paraiba

Photo: Ruy Carvalho / Wikimedia Commons

THE Pedra da Boca State Park is another excellent option for an ecotourism tour in Paraíba. It is located in the city of Araruna, 100 km from Campina Grande and 165 km from João Pessoa.

The park has impressive rock formations, including Pedra da Boca, Pedra da Caveira (or Pedra do Anselmo), Pedra do RN, Pedra do Carneiro and Pedra do Letreiro. Therefore, it is a perfect place for abseiling and climbing. In addition, the Pedra da Boca State Park has numerous rock inscriptions associated with the people who inhabited the region thousands of years ago.

Costa do Conde

Photo: Bárbara Gondim / Wikimedia Commons

THE Costa do Conde It is one of most beautiful scenery in Paraíba. With 20 km of extension, the region has a rustic look, with cliffs that reach 40 meters in height and many coconut trees. It is just 30 km from João Pessoa and can be visited on day trips from the capital of Paraíba.

This is an option for those who like ecotourism and the beach. This is because Costa do Conde is made up of seven different beaches: Praia de Gramame, Praia do Amor, Praia Carapibus, Praia de Jacumã, Praia de Tabatinga, Praia de Coqueirinhos and Tambaba.

Whether on the beach, in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, in mangroves or in the sertão, the best ecotourism tours to discover in Paraíba are fantastic. So you need to try at least some of them. And don't forget to tell us how it went!

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