Combining sophistication with rusticity and integrating nature into its spaces, discover the best hotels and inns to stay in the Northeast

Personalized service, respect for the environment, rustic and cozy structures in stunning settings sculpted by nature itself. These are certainly some elements found in hotels and inns that offer the best guest experiences in the stunning Brazilian Northeast.

In fact, if the beaches and natural landscapes of this region of the country are already wonderful, these spaces manage to add even more comfort and beauty to the best destinations in the world. North East.

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Discover the best hotels and inns to stay in North East.

Best hotels in the Northeast

House on the Beach – Jericoacoara – CE


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Located within Jericoacoara National Park, 300 km from Fortaleza, Casa na Praia is a beachfront hotel with a private beach space. In addition, with simple and cozy decor, full of local handcrafted pieces, the accommodation is the perfect union between rustic and sophistication. Therefore, the inn, which is undoubtedly one of the best to stay in the Northeast, fully integrates with the stunning landscape of the region, as well as the calm and crystalline sea. With spacious and well-equipped rooms, it offers a swimming pool facing the sea and a breakfast with fresh food.

BGK - Barra Grande - PI


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Surrounded by the shadows of a large coconut grove, Pousada BGK is located on the seafront in Barra Grande, Piauí, a place known for its strong winds and dense natural scenery. The inn fully integrates with nature and was built with regional materials. In addition, the place offers a beach bar, stand-up-paddle, kayak, massage space, as well as a swimming pool, lounge with TV and a great breakfast. For those who want to improve their practice in nautical sports, the inn offers the structure of the BGKite School, a kitesurfing school.

Pousada Aldeia Beijupirá – Porto de Pedras – PE


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In Porto de Pedras, on Praia do Laje, Aldeia Beijupirá is one of the Best B&Bs to stay in Northeast and a haven away from the hustle and bustle. In this way, the bungalows in the small village recall the huts of the Mediterranean, the rustic charm and comfort of the malocas that guarantee an exclusive space in this private paradise. The accommodations receive a special touch, being divided into 5 categories with names inspired by still existing Brazilian tribes.

UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa – Trancoso – BA


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In the heart of the Quadrado, in Trancoso, one of the most popular places in the region, is UXUA. Rustic, sophisticated and with 5-star service, the Hotel & SPA offers a unique experience in peaceful holiday homes restored with materials recovered by local artisans and Dutch designer Wilbert Das. In this way, integrated into the space are the SPA, lounge and restaurant, in addition to the atmosphere full of history and authenticity.

Gungaporanga – Barra de São Miguel – AL


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The Gungaporanga is located on top of a giant cliff, overlooking Praia do Gunga and Lagoa de Roteiro, in Barra de São Miguel, and has also joined our list of best inns and hotels to stay in the Northeast. There are 18 spacious bungalows, with a terrace and undeniably incredible views. The hotel also has a deck with a swimming pool and panoramic views, as well as a gym and games room.

Canto das Águas – Chapada Diamantina – BA


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In the heart of Chapada da Diamantina, the Hotel Canto das Águas was built entirely from reused wood, respecting the exuberant nature that surrounds it. In accommodation, each space is unique and surprisingly personalized, so different elements are found in rooms of the same category. Ideal for those who want to reconnect with nature, the hotel offers an extensive green area, swimming pool and restaurant.

Nannai Resort & Spa – Porto de Galinhas – PE

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Located on Muro Alto beach, in Porto de Galinhas, Nannai Resort & Spa is fully integrated with nature in an area with lots of forest, coconut trees, mangroves and a large natural pool that reaches 10 meters deep. The place, which is one of the best accommodation options in the Northeast, is also certainly suitable for the practice of water sports and for those who want more privacy with their family. Nannai resort SPA features cozy tropical architecture and bungalows with private pools. In addition, the space also houses one of the largest L'Occitane Spa in Latin America.

Jaguaribe Lodge Hotel – Fortim – CE

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Located by the sea in Fortim, Jaguaribe Lodge and Kite, offers luxury and nature and harmony. Surrounded by dunes, coconut groves and mangroves, it is still located in front of the Maguaribe River, which opens to the ocean, providing a perfect spot for kitesurfing. With walkways over the sand that make guests feel like they are in the middle of nature, the hotel also offers a complete SPA, kitesurf school, bar and a restaurant overlooking the sea. All lodges are suspended on stilts and overlook the sea.

Pousada Teju-Açu – Fernando de Noronha – PE

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The elegant Teju-Açu Ecopousada is 1 km from Praia da Conceição, in Fernando de Noronha. Undoubtedly, one of the best inns in the Northeast, perfect for those looking for tranquility, comfort and respect for nature, Teju-Açu Eco Pousada was built with minimal interference with the ground and with reforested wood. Surrounded by exuberant nature, its architectural design used spaces in harmony with the natural settings. The accommodation has personalized services, for example, an outdoor pool and a great breakfast. All available bungalows are equipped with a balcony and a hammock, which makes the inn truly one of the best to stay in northeast.

Pousada Camurim Grande – Maragogi – AL

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Camurim Grande is situated on the seafront in the incredible Maragogi. Surprisingly, an old family home opened its doors, expanded the space and currently welcomes guests with all the hospitality and warmth in the midst of a paradisiacal and welcoming setting. In the project, only 5% of the 5-hectare land is occupied by the construction of the inn, leaving a large area of preserved nature and a lot of biodiversity. Accommodation is divided into bungalows, cabins and chalets. In addition, the hotel also offers several activities integrated into the natural environment, such as stand-up, slackline, bicycles and kayaks.

Boutique Hotel Marlin's – Pipa – RN

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Located in the center of Praia de Pipa, the Boutique Hotel Marlin's is one of the best hotels to stay in northeast offers private access to the beach. There are two buildings that house the accommodations, that is, some of them with an exclusive view of the sea. In addition to a large swimming pool, the hotel offers several leisure and rest areas, with all its environments decorated in a delicate way. Finally, there is also a bistro led by Chef Altemar Cardoso and exclusive services.

Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort – Barra de São Miguel – AL

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Located in Barra de São Miguel, Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort maintains a sophisticated structure and intimate service without being intrusive. A trained team determines the guest's preferences, that is, offering a totally personalized service, while maintaining the privacy of each one. Totally exclusive, luxury blends with the natural beauties of the place. The place offers an outdoor pool, lots of nature, restaurants, a private beach and extra services.

Hotel Villa Balidendê – Peninsula de Maraú – BA

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Located in Barra Grande, on the south coast of Bahia, the Hotel de Charme Villa Balidendê has an exotic and mystical atmosphere that refers to the Hindu culture, combined with a quiet climate, cozy infrastructure and lots of nature. The Balinese decor with Bahian warmth is also present in the apartments, which are spacious and equipped with every comfort. In this way, the hotel, which is one of the best accommodation options in the Northeast, also offers a range of spa treatments, including aromatic baths and therapeutic massages. 

Pousada do Outeiro – Porto Seguro – BA

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Located on top of a cliff, Pousada do Outeiro is in front of Praia do Outeiro, one of the most exclusive beaches on the Bahian coast. Surrounded by native beauties and beaches untouched by man, the inn overlooks several of these wild paradises by which it is surrounded. Its structure has several accommodation options, some with sea views. The place also undoubtedly has a wide leisure structure and access to Clube do Outeiro, facing the beach and with bar, swimming pool and restaurant service.

Vila Chuá – Camaragibe Pass -AL

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The Vila Chuá condominium is located in a closed condominium on the seafront of the amazing Praia do Marceneiro, in Alagoas. The space consists of three houses available for hosting. All have the same structure of five suites, two of which have a balcony facing the sea. The ground floor is integrated with kitchen, dining room, living room with TV and balcony. The outdoor area has individual gazebos with benches for barbecue and swimming pool.

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