Are you going to travel to the capital of Paraíba and don't know where to stay? Discover the best neighborhoods to stay in João Pessoa according to your traveler profile

If you are programming a trip to Paraiba and still don't know where to stay, we prepared this special post with tips on best neighborhoods to stay in João Pessoa. Also known as Jampa, the capital of Paraíba is an incredible destination, full of attractions and beautiful places to visit.

If that wasn't enough, it has neighborhoods with different characteristics that appeal to any type of traveler. It has an option for those who enjoy action and do not give up the convenience of having all services close by, as well as there are quieter regions, with a beachy interior climate for those looking for peace.

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Therefore, whatever your traveler profile, João Pessoa is one of the best choices for traveling in the Brazilian northeast. Well structured, the city has hotels and inns of the most varied types, a lot of services and tours, as well as stunning scenery, with beaches with warm and crystalline waters and breathtaking landscapes.

So you want to know what are the best neighborhoods to stay in João Pessoa? Continue reading this post and discover what best suits your travel desires.

Discover the best neighborhoods to stay in João Pessoa

We have prepared tips on four main neighborhoods of the capital of Paraíba that, in addition to providing the best experience on the beach, also offer great accommodation and services to make your trip complete and unforgettable.


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Tambaú is a great option for the traveler who, in addition to enjoying the beautiful beaches of João Pessoa, enjoys entertainment and leisure. Well structured, the neighborhood is rich in services, both entertainment and necessity. There you will find many restaurants and bars, several shops, nightclubs and a large number of hotels.

The Tambaú boardwalk is one of the busiest in João Pessoa, both during the day and at night. Through it, you can explore the neighborhood well and still be dazzled by the beautiful view of Tambaú beach. Furthermore, it is on the boardwalk that the famous Tambaú Craft Fair it's the Paraiba Craft Market, two perfect places to find that indispensable travel souvenir.

Another advantage of staying in Tambaú is the ease of finding tours to stunning places, such as the Picãozinho Natural Swimming Pools. The boats that take tourists there depart from Tambaú beach and can be hired at the Paraíba Tourist Boat Owners Association (Apetep).

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Neighboring Tambaú, separated only by Avenida Epitácio Pessoa, Cabo Branco is the most touristy neighborhood in João Pessoa. A little quieter than its neighbor, Cabo Branco is an excellent option for those looking for a place to stay in the capital of Paraíba with great infrastructure and quieter – especially at its southern end.

As in Tambaú, the Cabo Branco boardwalk is full of kiosks and has a bike path that is popular with cyclists, runners and skaters. The beach, with more than 3 km long, is busiest near Tambaú and very quiet to the south, where the Cabo Branco Lighthouse is located.

Another positive point of Cabo Branco is that you will find all types of accommodation, from more luxurious and refined hotels to simpler inns. That's why it's one of the best neighborhoods to stay in João Pessoa if you're traveling on a tighter budget. For those who want to enjoy both Cabo Branco and Tambaú, the tip is to stay on Avenida Epitácio Pessoa, from where you will have quick access to the attractions of both neighborhoods.


Manaíra is a more commercial and central district of João Pessoa, with a great offer of services, but less tourist attractions. Well served by stores, it houses the two malls in the capital of Paraíba: Mag Shopping, which is on the waterfront, and Manaíra Shopping, further away from the beach.

Despite not being so touristy, it is an excellent accommodation option for those looking for less hustle and bustle on the beach. The waterfront has a beachy interior, with small shops, many ice cream parlors and benches to sit and enjoy the sea. The boardwalk is exclusively for walking and there are no kiosks on the beach, only a large restaurant near the border with Tambaú.

The accommodations in this neighborhood are mostly small inns located by the sea or on the streets close to the beach. But you will find luxury hotels in Manaíra, among them some of the most famous in João Pessoa.


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Located north of the capital of Paraíba, the neighborhood of Bessa is more residential and less touristy. It is among the best neighborhoods to stay in João Pessoa due to the tranquility and beauty of its beach, perfect for bathing.

As it is further away from the central beaches, the waters of Bessa beach are crystal clear. In addition, just 900 meters out to sea, are the beautiful natural pools of Bessa, located in the midst of a coral formation. With warm and crystalline waters, they are full of colorful fish and great for diving.

The waterfront has few kiosks, so it is the best option for those who want to enjoy the sea with more peace and privacy. Restaurants and hotels are located on the seafront avenue and its side streets.

As it is not a tourist district, Bessa has one big advantage over others: the value of accommodation. There you will find great accommodation, with excellent services and more affordable prices, compared to Tambaú, for example.

But if you want to explore more of the capital of Paraíba, when staying in Bessa you will have to rent a car to travel to the other neighborhoods and beaches, otherwise you will have an excessive expense with transport and you will waste a lot of time in displacements.

No matter your traveler profile, Jampa has options for places for all tastes and budgets. So, when going there, follow our tips on the best neighborhoods to stay in João Pessoa and choose the place that best suits your travel desires.

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