New York It is known worldwide for its imposing skyscrapers and monumental buildings.

Melissa Freitas do @maladememorias, has visited the city several times, and in this article, she comments on the best places to see the city from above. Check out!

New York It's the city that left me sighing every time I visited. I could say that it is my place in the world, the rush of people, the movement, the lights, the shops, the countless options of restaurants, everything in that place fascinates me. I've been there a few times and in this post I'm going to share with you about the best observatories in ny, from my point of view.

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Photo: Melissa Freitas

visit some gazebo is always in my itinerary around the city, the possibility of seeing the famous and imposing new york buildings that contrast with the nature of Central Park makes me return to the Top Of The Rock every time I visit the city. The imposing and wonderful One World Trade Center It left me speechless on my last visit to the city, I didn't expect such a beautiful view and such a nice structure as the one I found. And lastly and of course the most famous of all the Empire State Building, which is one of the city's postcards.

One World Trade Center

You know that surreal place that you don't even expect so much but end up being surprised? That was my reaction when I climbed to the top of the One World Trade Center, a place that gave me the best experience of my trip.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

Upon entering the elevator, you can already feel the grandeur of the attraction, LED screens create a movie that shows the construction of the tower until reaching the observatory. The climb is so fast that when you see it, you've arrived and the movie is over. Upon exiting the elevator you go to a dark room, where you watch a short movie about the place again and at the end, when you least expect it, everything opens up and you have a spectacular view of the city, an incredible experience.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

After this triumphant entry to the floor of the gazebo you can walk around the two observation floors and take pictures from various angles of the city. Choose a very open and sunny day to visit the attraction, as that makes all the difference, seeing the sun reflecting on the Hudson River and on the buildings of New York was so amazing that I spent 3 hours just enjoying the view from that place. Entrance to the attraction starts at $34 on the observatory's official website.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

top of the rock

THE top of the rock is another must-see place in New York, I like it so much that I have already visited it 4 times, and I will keep going every time I set foot in New York. The coolest thing about this observatory is the view of Central Park, and it doesn't stop there, from there you can also see a little of Times Square and have a pretty cool view of New York as a whole.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

already visited the top of the rock at different times, in the morning, afternoon, sunset and night. Of all these times, I recommend visiting the place at sunset, so you can enjoy the daylight for photos and still have the wonderful view of the city at night. Take some time to calmly enjoy the attraction, it is worth staying for a few minutes just contemplating that view.

Empire State

Photo: USA-Reiseblogger / Pixabay

I couldn't stop talking about Empire State, one of the symbols of New York and one of the most famous buildings in the world. Although striking and iconic, its view is inferior to the others. One of the reasons that led me to this conclusion is due to the fact that it is surrounded by bars, which greatly damages the view and the photos. In addition, one of the most striking buildings in New York is the Empire State itself, that is, from above it is not possible to contemplate it. The ticket price varies depending on the date and time chosen, but the standard ticket starts at $38.15.

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