Are you thinking of taking a luxury trip to Resorts in Rio de Janeiro? We have a list of the 13 best Resorts in RJ so you can stay and enjoy your stay

Go to Rio de Janeiro it is one of the best vacation and holiday schedules. You can enjoy and stay in the capital, visiting and getting to know the most famous tourist spots such as Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain and the beaches of Copacabana and Barra da Tijuca. Or, you can also explore the rest of the state and discover new things.

For any of the options, we have separated a list with the best resorts in Rio de Janeiro. So, regardless of where you go, you can enjoy your free time without stress, enjoying all the comfort and exploring the natural beauties of Rio.

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Vila Gale Eco Resort Angra


Vila Galé Eco Resort Angra is one of the best Resorts in RJ. Photo: Disclosure

Known as a haven, the Vila Gale Eco Resort Angra located in Angra dos Reis is one of the best hotels in Rio de Janeiro to rest and get in touch with nature. The place is responsible for sustainable practices, since it is located in the middle of the Atlantic Forest and facing the salty waters of the sea. There you can enjoy a SPA, go to massage rooms, enjoy a Turkish bath and eat well in the five restaurants.

Village Le Canton


Village Le Canton stands out among the Resorts in RJ. Photo: Disclosure

If you like to take advantage of the commemorative dates of the year, the Village Le Canton in Vargem Grande, is one of the best resorts in Rio to visit. The place works with constant events such as parties and activities, so it's a great place to go with kids. Some areas are intended for entertainment only, for example the water park, the medieval castle, the sports complex and the equestrian center.

Eco Resort Serra Imperial


This Resort offers from extreme activities to peaceful attractions. Photo: Disclosure

One of the resorts in RJ that makes you disconnect from everything is the Eco Resort Serra Imperial. There you can try extreme activities in the mountains and waterfalls, but if you are a more relaxed person, you can just visit and hike on the trails around. In addition to all this, saunas, whirlpools, games room and gyms are available for everyone to use.

Hotel Portobello Resort and Safari


Hotel Portobello Resort and Safari offers several tours for guests. Photo: Disclosure

Have you ever thought about having a Safari right in your backyard? THE Hotel Portobello Resort and Safari gives you that experience. The site contains more than 500 free animals around the grounds and offers tours for guests to meet camels, ostriches, monkeys, llamas and more. It is considered one of the best resorts in Rio de Janeiro because it also offers comfort like luxury apartments and restaurants.

Quinta da Paz Resort


Quinta da Paz Resort stands out for its convenience. Photo: Disclosure

Right in the middle of the mountains is located the Quinta da Paz Resort, another one of best hotels in RJ. The word that defines this place is: comfort. Even with luxurious rooms and suites, the atmosphere has not lost its “farm” touch, with simple and rustic decorations. The great strength of this hotel is the gastronomy, which is present in every corner of the perimeter.

Angra Promenade


Promenade Angra is one of the best resorts in RJ. Photo: Disclosure

THE Angra Promenade is part of a hotel franchise that is spread throughout Rio and Minas Gerais. Therefore, many who visit already know the accommodations. But, in case you don't know, the place offers luxury suites and many leisure environments such as SPAs, massage rooms, swimming pools, and beaches. In addition, ambie is pet-friendly and offers transfers if necessary.

Hotel Ferradura Resort


Hotel Ferradura Resort draws attention for its leisure options. Photo: Disclosure

Surrounded by nature but with complete infrastructure is the Hotel Ferradura Resort in Búzios. Just like the best resorts in Rio de Janeiro, Ferradura offers leisure services such as swimming pools, whirlpools, space for children and a wide range of cuisine. But the differential of this place is in the variety of accommodations, you can choose some simpler or more luxurious ones.

Eco Resort Brooms


Vassouras Eco Resort offers varied attractions in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Disclosure

THE Eco Resort Brooms It is one of resorts in Rio de Janeiro that is worth knowing. The place has everything you need, from relaxing SPA activities to adventurous ecotourism in the waterfalls and trails. You can choose a massage alone or try out a game of paintball with friends. But another strong point of the hotel is that nightlife is also present, with nightclubs and cinemas.

Caminho Real Resort


Caminho Real Resort has ecotourism. Photo: Disclosure

For those who enjoy relaxing environments, the Caminho Real Resort works with neo-colonial style chalets right in the middle of nature. In this way, ecotourism is among the great attractions, such as tree climbing, zip lines and pedal boats on the lake. But the option of just enjoying the environment is also viable, with the restaurants and various events in the ballrooms.

Buzios Beach Resort


Búzios Beach Resort offers convenience for guests. Photo: Disclosure

One of the best hotels in Rio de Janeiro and the Buzios Beach Resort. The environment is located about 15 minutes from the city center with all the tourist attractions, but it also has many activities for those who just want to enjoy it inside. For example: games room, archery, sports courts and mini golf. Remembering that the place also offers promotions and typical parties at certain times of the year, such as holidays.

Porto Marina Mont Blanc Resort Itacuruçá

This Resort is distinguished by hosting major events. Photo: Disclosure

one more of best resorts in Rio that is part of a franchise is the Porto Marina Mont Blanc Resort Itacuruçá. The place is known for hosting large events and having a meeting room. However, entertainment is also guaranteed, as it is close to Angra dos Reis it's from Big Island, both popular destinations for tourists.

Bomtempo Resort

Bomtempo Resort offers activities for the whole family. Photo: Disclosure

Located at Serra do Rio de Janeiro, The Bomtempo Resort undoubtedly brings a feeling of being on the farm to its guests. As the environment is very present in the decoration, the place is great to rest in a hammock or take a walk around the lake. If you want to go with children, several swimming pools are available, as well as activities such as rock climbing and a sports court.

Jabaquara Beach Resort

Jabaquara Beach Resort is one of the best options among resorts in RJ. Photo: Disclosure

Located in Paraty, the Jabaquara Beach Resort is certainly one of best hotels in Rio de Janeiro, because it brings all the architecture of colonial Brazil into the establishments. Inspired by the city, the accommodations are all traditional, remembering that the place also has swimming pools and is close to beaches and restaurants in the region.

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