Brasilia there are so many postcards on the same avenue, which makes the tourist have the impression of knowing it even before arriving in the city. But don't let that affect your judgment, there's a lot more to do besides seeing the buildings on the Monumental Axis. Including, there is a range of restaurants for all yummy.

In just one hour it is possible to travel all over the Monumental Axis: National Congress, Cathedral, Planalto Palace, Museum of the Republic and JK Memorial, in these places you can take many beautiful photos of our federal capital. After a full day visiting the city, you need to know one or more restaurants to match all the places you have visited. See below 7 suggestions for restaurants to visit in Brasilia:

Best restaurants in Brasilia

Trattoria Da Rosario

THE Rosario's Trattoria is the right restaurant for those who want to try tasty dishes of Italian cuisine in Brasilia. With 17 years old, the restaurant presents its customers with recipes that combine flavor, simplicity and that have become the house's signature.

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In 2013, when it turned 10, Trattoria Da Rosario launched a special menu made up of the most requested dishes throughout its history. They are pastas, meats and risottos that call attention for their beauty, and certainly for their flavor as well. In October 1993, Rosario Tessier arrived in Rio de Janeiro, coming from Italy, at the invitation of fellow countryman Maurizio Ruggiero, who together with his partner bought O Enotrio, in Copacabana and transformed it into Vin Santo, with a menu rich in pasta, fish and meat.

Best restaurants in Brasilia for a gastronomic itinerary

Photo: Disclosure

After one Mediterranean food festival at the Sheraton hotel, the chef was “discovered” and invited to go to Brasília. It was there that his journey began in the city, until he reached Trattoria Da Rosario. You can see more of the dishes and learn more about the restaurant by accessing the Instagram from Trattoria.


  • Address: 213/215 Fashion Park Building Bl. H, s/n, Brasilia – DF
    Phone: (61) 3248-1672


In social networks, the mangai calls itself “the largest Brazilian cuisine restaurant in the country, representing João Pessoa, Natal, Brasília, São Paulo and Recife”. At the moment, the restaurant's official website is being updated, releasing only the services of all branches. But, through the networks we can have access to photos and the menu. With that, we can see that the restaurant offers beautiful dishes.

Right off the bat, the two restaurants in Brasília offer four menu options – the official one, the wine list, the children's menu and the dinner menu. happy hour. The menu offers the best combinations of Northeastern foods, from starters, plates with different types of meat and seafood, couscous, manioc bread (or cassava) with various fillings and main dishes to share. Among the options are three types of moqueca, three types of shrimp, in addition to the famous baião de dois, among others.

Best restaurants in Brasilia for a gastronomic itinerary

Photo: Disclosure

For those who enjoy tapioca, the restaurant also pleases, and a lot! There are two pages on the menu with different types, divided into “salty”, “fit” and “sweet”. That was all drinks and desserts. To learn more, you can access the Instagram from the restaurant.


  • Mangai Brasilia – Lake
    Telephone: (61) 3252-0156
    Address: SCE Sul, s/n - Lot 2, Asa Sul
  • Mangai Brasilia – Shopping ID
    Contact: (61) 99559.4373
    Address: Q SCN QUADRA 6 Block A,b,c, Via N2 

NAU Seafood

the website of SHIP was also being updated until the publication of this text, however, when accessing the menu we have three options: the wine booklet, the happy hour and the official one. An interesting addition is that on the first page of the menu, the restaurant states that it provides a list with the ingredients of each dish on the menu for allergic and intolerant people, just ask the waiter for it.

If you like shrimp, you'll jump right into the starters. If you don't like it, don't worry, you can also enjoy a delicious crab shell, a codfish cake, among other options without shrimp. Those who enjoy a good salad are not left helpless either, the NAU offers six types with different combinations with seafood, one tastier than the other. 

Best restaurants in Brasilia for a gastronomic itinerary

Sophisticated shrimp – sautéed in butter with creamy cream and mustard sauce, curd cheese and hearts of palm Photo: Disclosure

Executive dishes are divided according to the protein you prefer or if you prefer pasta. Then we come to the dishes to share, there are four pages in which you just have to choose what made your mouth water the most! To the curious, you can access the menu through Instagram from the restaurant. Through social networks we can see that the NAU has a beautiful view and a very cozy interior.


  • Telephone: (61) 3252.0155
    Address: Sports Clubs Sector Sul, Asa Sul Section 2, Brasília

Oscar Restaurant

The restaurant is inside the hotel Brasilia Palace, which was conceived by the architect Oscar Niemeyer. The place is surrounded by a large garden, with a view that takes you to the shores of Lake Paranoá. The restaurant will present you with several options between starters, main courses, desserts and drinks. Like the other restaurants already mentioned, you can order from the wine list and there is a second menu, but this one is for breakfast only.

Best establishments for a gastronomic itinerary in the federal capital

Sorrentino with plantain with grilled prawns Photo: Disclosure

Inclusive, the restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan dishes and the translation of all items into English on the right side of the menu. The view and the interior of the restaurant also leave nothing to be desired, the cozy, elegant atmosphere and impeccable decoration invites everyone to have lunch or dinner watching the view outside.


  • Address: SHTN Section 1 – Asa Norte, Brasília
  • Telephone: (61) 3306-9000

Rubaiyat Brasilia

The restaurant is a branch of the famous Figueira Rubaiyat, in Brasilia. The meats, which are the house specialty, will not disappoint you. The restaurant is located on the shores of Lake Paranoá and is ideal for business meals, celebrations with family or friends.

The hall, all in glass, has the capacity to accommodate 330 people. The tables on the balcony are the most popular places for the view and comfort they provide. Integrated with nature, the plants on site are all native to Brasília to give a special touch to the environment.

Best establishments for a gastronomic itinerary in the federal capital

Wild Funghi Risotto Photo: Disclosure

On the menu, two sessions draw attention. The house classics, all with fish or seafood and a funghi risotto that makes your mouth water; and Farm Meat rubaiyat, which make the eyes of those who really like a good cut of meat shine.


  • Address: 1 Sports South, St. of Sports Clubs Sul, Brasília – DF
  • Telephone: (61) 3443-5000

Taypa Flavors of Peru

With a menu totally focused on Peruvian cuisine, the restaurant pleases everyone who likes the spice of the country. Those who don't know, have a great opportunity to try something different. THE Taypa Flavors of Peru is the first Peruvian food restaurant in Brasilia, chosen in 2011 by the government of Peru as the best Peruvian restaurant in Brazil.

Brasília is following trends, as world cuisine has chosen Peruvian food as one of the best in the world. The menu includes delicacies such as “Asian Duck” with duck, ginger honey, curried rice and asparagus, and oyster “Oyster Ceviche”, with tiger milk and sriracha pepper, among others.

Best establishments for a gastronomic itinerary in the federal capital

Octopus on the Grill Photo: Disclosure

THE taypa has capacity for 80 people inside and 30 people on the balcony, in addition to the space reserved for smokers. Reservations can be made any day of the week, except Friday to Sunday.


  • Address: St. of Individual Housing Sul QI 17 BI.G, Lj.208 – Lago Sul, Brasília
    Telephone: (61) 3248-0403

Saveur Bistrot

Chef Thiago Paraiso's restaurant was twice considered the best bistro in Brasília by Correio Braziliense in 2018 and 2021. Saveur Bistrot offers a unique experience from booking to the last dish. It stands out for being specialized in tasting menus, the restaurant received nominations for the Best Restaurant in Brasília in 2019 and 2021. Open from Tuesday to Saturday, it is important to remember that the bistro works exclusively with reservations.

At the age of 30, chef Thiago Paraiso went through some renowned restaurants to get where he is. They are: Le Vin (Brasilia/Brazil), Barrafina Tapas (Sydney/Australia) and Domaine de Chateauvieux (Satigny/Switzerland), the latter with two stars in the Michelin Guide. Since 2016, he has commanded the houses of Grupo Saveur, where he was nominated for Revelation Chef by the Encontro Gastrô Award, in 2017, and Chef of the Year by Veja Comer & Beber magazine in 2018 and 2019.

Best establishments for a gastronomic itinerary in the federal capital

Roasted termite with manioc puree and glazed carrots Photo: Disclosure

In addition to a la carte dishes, the restaurant offers a degust menu.exclusive action in nine stages with reinterpretations of great classics of Brazilian gastronomy, such as sago, feijoada, moqueca, barbecue, among others. The only addendum, important so that no one gets frustrated, is that the menu is served exclusively at dinner with reservations, must start before 9 pm and requires everyone at the table to participate. Another tasting menu, which also requires the participation of everyone at the table, is the “Banco do Brasil”, in which all dishes have Brazilian influence and ingredients.


  • Telephone: (61) 99116-3211
    Address: SMDB Set 10 Lot 1, Lago Sul. Brasilia DF

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