Best time to visit Bariloche: When to go? Check out the best time to enjoy the magical scenery of Argentine Patagonia

Yes, many people believe that the best time to visit Bariloche it is during the winter, after all, just mentioning this destination to imagine snow-covered mountains and popular ski slopes, but the truth is that the best time will always be the one that matches what the tourist is looking for.

For example: did you know that the city also has several trails to be explored and the possibility of practicing water sports?

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Yes the tourism in Bariloche appeals to different audiences.

When is the best time to visit Bariloche?

Best time to visit Bariloche. Photo: David / Wikimedia Commons

Do you seek fun in the snow?

So without a doubt winter will be the best time to go to Bariloche, but be careful: even with this season going from June to September, often keeping the ski resorts open until the beginning of October, the snow itself doesn't usually have the right month to arrive.

But, in general, in the middle of July it is already possible to enjoy winter sports a lot, and it is always good to remember that this is the main month of the season, with much higher prices. To save money, prefer to travel at the end of June or August.

Winter temperature in Bariloche

the city in this time of the year it has a minimum of 2.5ºC, on average, but with luck you can spend a slightly warmer day, around 8ºC. In the mountains, however, there is no escaping the negative temperatures.

In fact, early mornings in bariloche can easily reach -16ºC of thermal sensation, making many tourists prefer to travel in summer.

In this season it is not possible to find any “mega heat”, but the possibility of doing dozens of other activities makes up for it.

Trekking lovers, for example, find many trails to do, while those who just want to relax will find the lakes a great option for rest. For the brave, it's even worth swimming in the waters that still retain remnants of the coldest season of the year.

Summer temperature in Bariloche

The hottest days in this destination have a temperature of up to 20ºC, perfect for outdoor walks, with the general average being 14ºC.

The hours of sunshine are a factor that can make this the best time to go to Bariloche, since it gets dark around 10 pm, and there is yet another positive point in traveling from December to February: the low prices, as found in other months, such as March and April.

But beware: this is one of the most popular destinations in Latin America for New Year's parties, which makes prices high in the second half of December.

How to go to Bariloche

Best time to visit Bariloche. Photo: David / Wikimedia Commons

Having chosen the month, it is important to know how to go to bariloche, especially if you don't really know the city yet.

And here's the good news: located in the south of Argentina, the city can be accessed by flights departing from Brazil with a connection in Buenos Aires (from there to Bariloche it takes 2 hours by plane), and also by direct flights, which operate in High season.

You can find out more about going to Bariloche here.

Arriving at the final destination, enjoy every second, regardless of the chosen station. The Circuito Chico, for example, which takes tourists to discover the entire region, can be done all year round. And, of course: dinners with classic tango shows are the right choice for any itinerary and any season.

Discover more places to visit in Bariloche here.

And so, now that you know the particularities of each season, which one considers the best time to go to Bariloche?

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