Discover the best time to go to the Pantanal to enjoy the best of the region, including the observation of animals such as the jaguar.

Mato Grosso do Sul has some of the most impressive beauties in the country, which includes the Pantanal region, which spreads through the municipalities of Ladário, Corumbá, Aquidauana, Anastácio and Miranda, considered by many to be its main gateway. But in the end, what is the best time to go to the Pantanal?

There are basically two answers to this question, which we will present below.

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What is the best time to go to the Pantanal: in the dry season or in the rainy season?

Best time to visit the Pantanal

Best time to visit the Pantanal. Photo: Filipefrazao / Wikimedia Commons

Who intends to travel to the Pantanal and you want to know the best time to do so, you don't necessarily have to worry about the temperature. In fact, it is difficult to mention it when doing this type of research.

We are talking about the largest floodable area in the world. Therefore, there is only one determining factor to be considered: the rain.

Travel to the Pantanal in the rainy season

Best time to visit the Pantanal. Photo: mfrigatto / Pixabay

Rain is present in the region from October to May, and this is definitely the best time to go to the Pantanal to appreciate it in its most famous landscapes: lots of green, sumptuous rivers and hundreds of animals to observe, such as alligators and storks.

Getting to this paradise is an adventure in the itinerary during these months: it is not uncommon to reach the accommodation only by boat or single-engine plane.

The aquatic plants, such as the water lily, also give a beauty show on their own, which can be contemplated even on horseback or 4×4 rides, with much more adrenaline than in the dry season.

Travel to the Pantanal during the dry season

Best time to visit the Pantanal. Photo: chx69 / Pixabay

From May to September, the green provided by the rains gives way to a drier, but equally beautiful landscape!

It is the perfect time for hiking and enjoying the flowering ipês, as well as, of course, participating in safaris in search of local mammals, including the jaguar.

For those who like to fish, this is also the best time to go to the Pantanal.

So, which period best suits what you want to do in this destination?

Oh, and an amazing tip: it is possible discover the Pantanal and Bonito in the same trip, since approximately 150 km, only, separate the two locations. Therefore, your itinerary can include not only the flooded plains and wildlife observation, but also waterfalls and caves that will form unforgettable memories.

The best way to see the famous jaguar in the Pantanal

Best time to visit the Pantanal

Photo: Bart van Dorp / Wikimedia Commons

If your focus trip to the Pantanal is to observe the jaguar, the best thing to do is to hire one of the river safaris in the region, through which it is often possible to find these animals in a few minutes of navigation.

Some itineraries for this purpose last up to 5 days, including several attractions such as typical breakfasts and the sunrise reflecting on the river as the starting point of the adventure. Learn more by clicking here.

For more information about the region, in addition to the best time to go to the Pantanal, visit the Mato Grosso do Sul Tourism Portal.

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