Planning a trip to Gramado? Check out the weather in the city and find out the best time to visit the destination

Lawn is one of the main tourist destinations gives Serra Gaúcha. Located about 130 km from Porto Alegre, offers endless options of activities and tours for all styles and at any time of year. A small town that enchants all visitors for its beautiful landscapes, parks, museums, European colonial architecture and cuisine that you can't find in any other corner of Brazil.

Its sophisticated streets, but with a slight hint of countryside, attract the largest number of tourists during the winter season, but those who think that only in this season of the year are there good attractions to visit are wrong. We've put together some tips to help you plan your trip to Lawn, whether in the heat of summer or the mild temperatures of spring.

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The city's calendar is marked with several events throughout the year, but none compare to the famous Christmas light, held from November to January. At that moment, the streets are full of decorations and the Christmas shows begin to happen, bringing truly magical moments to the public.

Best time to visit Gramado

lawn in summer

be in spring, at the Winter or not summer, travel to Lawn it's always a good idea in all seasons of the year. The city's calendar is marked with various events throughout the year and there is no shortage of tour options.

On warmer days, for example, the city is more crowded due to the end-of-year festivities, which are an attraction of the region, in addition to the school holidays. The famous Christmas Light, held from November to January, it is the moment when the decorations take over the streets and the Christmas shows deliver a true magic show to the visitors.

The days are marked by higher temperatures and rain showers in the afternoon.  

lawn in spring

Gramado is well known for hosting many parks that, during spring, surprise with the colors of their flowers decorating the landscape. During this period the park Le Jardin It is an unmissable tour in the itinerary. In it, you will be able to appreciate the beautiful lavenders that bloom everywhere.  

lawn in autumn

Having the experience of being in Europe without even leaving Brazil is one of the characteristics of autumn in Gramado. Leaves in shades of orange and yellow fall from the trees transforming the landscapes. Thermometers during this period are around 20°C and the rains are not so intense.

If you pass through the city during Easter, be sure to participate in the Chocofest. The event attracts tourists and residents to taste delicious chocolates and enjoy music and dancing in the streets.

lawn in winter

THE Winter, for sure, is the season that attracts more tourists to Lawn. The low temperatures that get to be negative and the little rainfall are true invitations to relax and enjoy what the city has to offer.  

There is nothing more pleasant than walking through the streets with warm clothes and a good hot chocolate in hand. During the night, enjoy a sequence of fondue, Italian food or taste one of the many chocolate options produced in the region are essential activities in the script.

not yet winter period, fans of the seventh art will have fun at film Festival, accomplished in the month of August. The festival brings together national and foreign films that can be enjoyed by participants and, at the end, there is an award for the best productions in each category.

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