Planning a trip to Alter do Chão? Check out the weather in the city and find out the best time to visit the destination

The main tourist attraction in the western region of For, became world-renowned when the English newspaper The Guardian highlighted Alter do Chão as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Since its discovery, the place has attracted thousands of travelers who want to enjoy this famous freshwater beach and discover the beauties of the Pará Amazon.

Alter do Chão, once a fishing community, appears to be small at first glance, but is large in variety of attractions and culture. It's not just the beautiful beaches that make the friendly village such a desired destination. Bordered by the crystalline waters of the Tapajós River, Alter is exactly in the middle of the largest aquifer in volume of water in the world, called Aquifer. Alter do Chão. Just to give you an idea, it is twice the size of the Guarani Aquifer and covers part of the states of the For, Amazonas and Amapá. Due to the great concentration of permeable rocks, there is constant formation of springs, water tables and rivers of mineral water. You will hardly find cleaner water than this anywhere in the world.

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Alter is a district in the port municipality of Santarém, the third largest city in the state. Unlike other parts of the Amazon Rainforest, Alter do Chão is surrounded by beaches popularly known as the “Amazonian Caribbean”, the village that lives up to its name really provides beaches that resemble the Caribbean. Almost always deserted, the beaches of Alter do Chão are white sand and offer baths in clear water with pleasant temperatures. The rivers that are always long and wide, with horizons as far as the eye can see, also remind us of the ocean.

Best time to visit Alter do Chão

Best time to visit Alter do Chão. Photo: David Rego Jr.

Best time to visit Alter do Chão

As in much of the northern region of Brazil, there are basically only two seasons during the year, being six months of summer with sunny weeks and fine and occasional rains from June to November, and six months of winter with heavier rain showers and time a little more closed, being from December to May. Depending on the amount of rain, it may not have as many beaches in the months of April and May. However, there are also tours to get to know Alter in this other scenario. Regarding the climate, it is hot all year round and at the beginning and end of the rainy season, it is normal to see the weather close only at night and in the early morning.

Between the months of August and December, the level of tapajós reaches its minimum level, it is during this time that the beaches in the region are available for swimming.

During the floods, it is possible to see some beaches, however, the strip of sand is much smaller. In the period of higher water level, the landscape changes completely, making it possible to explore a part of the flooded forest.

In September, Alter do Chão is even more colorful due to the traditional Festa do Sairé. During the festival, which mixes Jesuit Christianity with the indigenous customs of the Borari tribe, processions are held, the traditional raising of the poles and the festival of dolphins, with the dispute between the folkloric groups Boto Cor-de-Rosa and Boto Tucuxi. This is the biggest party in Alter do Chão and attracts a large number of visitors from Brazil and abroad.

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