Discover the best time to visit Maceió: see the best month to visit the capital of Alagoas and plan your trip

Owner of one of the most beautiful coasts in Brazil, Maceió offers its visitors great beaches with clear and warm waters. The historic center of the city is the perfect place for those who are passionate about old buildings, such as churches and mansions from the 19th century, a legacy of Portuguese colonization.

Going to the Northeast and not tasting the delicious cuisine of the region is like wasting the trip. To avoid this risk, go to Jatiuca beach, where there are several restaurants with typical regional food.

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Maceió receives the nickname of “Brazilian Caribbean” due to the impressive blue tone of its sea, perfect for relaxing on the beach, always with high temperatures. Before jumping into this piece of paradise, it is important to take into account some issues, such as rainfall, high season and, of course, the tide tables, which influence all outings on the high seas.

Best time to visit Maceio

When to go to Maceio? discover the best time to discover the city. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


There's no denying it: summer is the best season to plan your trip to Maceio.

The sea of blue and green tones becomes even more transparent during this season. It is in this high season that the largest number of tourists head to the region to enjoy the beaches, especially during New Year's Eve and the famous Carnival of Barra de Sao Miguel. Because of this, the period of December to Carnival causes prices to go up and you need to book your hotel in advance.

Fall and spring

If you want to escape the crowd and still enjoy the lowest prices, it is worth going to Maceió during the months of October, November and March. During this period the weather is usually firm and with lower temperatures than other seasons.

A good alternative for a walk during these seasons is to walk on the huge boardwalk along the shore or ride the 40 km cycle path. These outdoor activities are great for the period as the sun is not so scorching.


Many think that visiting Maceió in winter is not a good alternative, but it is during these months that accommodation prices tend to to fall and where the traditional June festivals take place with typical foods, dances and lots of joy.

In winter it usually rains more often, especially between April and July., but the temperatures remain pleasant and it is possible to take several tours of the capital of Alagoas.

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