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THE Chapada Diamantina, at Bahia, It has a multitude of attractions. Caves, waterfalls, mountain trails and on top of that a beautiful view of the entire mountainous region of the state. It is one of best destinations to visit in Brazil, as it also offers colonial architecture and a touch of Brazilian history in nearby cities.

The location is one of ecotourism centers the country, so many people choose to stay in nearby cities, such as Linen and mucugé. It is important to keep in mind that the attractions and activities are a little far from each other, so the ideal is to go by car or hire a tourist agency to help you with the tours.

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But when we are planning a trip, we always worry about the month and date that we are going to visit that place. Check out a guide best time to visit Chapada Diamantina according to your personal interest.


Photo: Rodolfo Bazetto / Wikimedia Commons

For people who take a vacation in the summer, this is definitely one of the best times to meet the destiny. Chapada Diamantina has a large number of waterfalls, so the famous “summer rains” help in the flow of water, resulting in a greater amount. In addition, the heat makes it easier to adapt to the icy waters of the waterfalls, you can dive without fear.

THE Buracão waterfall It is very popular at this time of year, as it has a waterfall of 85 meters and is located in the middle of a canyon, even if you do not want to go into the cold water, it is worth walking around and enjoying this view.

Another very visited waterfall is the Smoke Waterfall, one of the largest waterfalls in Brazil. However, to get there, it is necessary to face a two-hour trail.


Best time to go to Chapada Diamantina. Photo: Cleide Isabel / Wikimedia Commons

Autumn can be considered one of the best times to visit Chapada Diamantina. From the end of March to the beginning of June, the climate is at its best in relation to nature. In addition to thinking that this season is out of season, so tickets and stays end up being more affordable.

in the region of Chapada Diamantina, this is the time to enjoy all that nature has to offer without any problems, as the rains decrease, the trails are drier and there is still a little bit of summer sun, which you can dive deep into the waterfalls.

Therefore, visit Smokey Waterfall, which needs five hours of hiking, and enjoy all this view. Along the way, you can enjoy nature to the fullest, seeing native and preserved species, in addition to having a whole sense of calm provided by the environment.


Best time to visit Chapada Diamantina

When to go to Chapada Diamantina. Photo: Rodrigo Almeida Fernandes / Wikimedia Commons

Winter has a milder temperature, it's not too cold but at the same time it doesn't offer as much sun. Therefore, it is best time to visit Chapada Diamantina if you want to go hiking and delve into what nature has to offer. But remember that it can dawn with drizzle and an icy wind.

At this time it is also possible to see the incidence of the sun entering the caves. Among them are the Blue Well, well known for its blue and crystalline waters, where it is possible to float, and the Enchanted Well, over 60 meters deep. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the best of Chapada Diamantina.


Best time to go to Chapada Diamantina. Photo: Kennedy Silva / \Wikimedia Commons

Spring is very similar to autumn weather, but most of the time the waterfalls are drier due to the lack of rain. Therefore, it is interesting to visit the city where you intend to stay, in addition to listing all the places you want to know in Chapada Diamantina.

A great place to have fun and try some extreme activities is the Pratinha Grotto, where you can mix the best of all worlds. If you like more exciting things, you can go to zipline, but if you prefer to be more relaxed, why not swim in the cave waters and in the river that exists nearby? That way, you can enjoy everything the region has to offer.

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